Ultimate Guide to Amazing Skiing Holiday in Slovenia

Skiing in Slovenia is among the favorite national pastimes. Once winter hits, you can expect Slovenians to flock to the different mountains and ski slopes. If you’re visiting over winter, Slovenia is a comfortable, fun place to get a fantastic skiing holiday.

Compared to neighboring countries like Austria, Italy, Switzerland, or France, Slovenia’s ski resorts can look meager. They may lack apres-ski facilities and sophistication, but they’re catching up quickly. The low cost, short queues, and fun-loving locals are nothing to scoff at.

If you’re looking for the most enjoyable, mind-blowing skiing holiday in Slovenia, this is for you. This guide will help you navigate around Slovenia and get the best ski deals. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why You Should Ski in Slovenia

Skiing rivals hiking as among the most popular outdoor activities in Slovenia. Hiking only gets around because Slovenians can’t ski all year round. As many as 300,000 people, or 15% of the population, ski regularly. More visit the country for some of the best slopes in the region.

Skiing is so beloved in Slovenia that some locals think it was invented in the country. It is a national pastime in Slovenia, so it’s no surprise to see the slopes buzzing with activity once the season begins. 

Once the first hint of snow hits, people are ready to hit the slopes and trails. It’s also encouraging how the government treats the sport.

Slovenia’s ski resorts are not as grand as those found around the Swiss Alps. Even then, the facilities and slopes are not even close to shabby. They have amazing views, excellent facilities, well-maintained slopes, and modernized transport.

A ski holiday in Slovenia is a matter of perspective. If you’re the type who loves snow, the cold, and playing around in it, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find yourself knee-deep in glittering powder and find forests capped by fresh snow.

The entire event is magical – something that you’ll only see in big fairy tales like Narnia or Snow White. If you’re vacationing here, it’s never absurd to take in the fresh air and enjoy it in glee.

You’ll likely find yourself at the edge of a slope, probably looking towards majestic vistas. You have a never-ending number of places you can visit, from the steel-blue Lake Bohinj to the Julian Alps.

What Are The Advantages of Slovenian Ski Resorts?

Slovenian ski resorts are not for people looking for five-star hotels on top of unbelievably technical slopes. Most of Slovenia’s ski areas can be small and relatively unchallenging.

Compared to the Alpine resorts of France, Switzerland, and Italy, Slovenia is not for people looking for death-defying feats. Even then, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing in here for everyone. There are many advantages with ski holidays in Slovenia over what other countries offer. These include:

  • Lower prices
  • Easy, convenient access
  • Family-friendly facilities
  • Variable slope difficulty
  • Authentic Slovenian food and drinks
  • Authentic traditional experiences

The snowy peaks of Slovenia can compete with some of the best ski resorts in the world. What Slovenian ski resorts lack in extravagance, they make up for sheer benefit to the average vacationer.

Lower Prices

Slovenian ski resorts offer some of the lowest prices when it comes to winter activities. The most common complaint with skiing in the French and Swiss Alps is the sheer price of admission. Most French and Swiss ski resorts are super-rich enclaves that work as gatekeeping.

Slovenia offers decent quality ski resorts for a much lower price. The admission price varies, but the cost goes from anywhere between a few euros to less than 35 euros. This amount covers the day ticket during the primary season.

Slovenians love skiing because it’s accessible for everyone. Rather than having ski resorts accessible only for the rich, ski resorts in Slovenia are for the entire family. Even if you decide to visit on a whim, you’ll be able to afford a quick visit.

If you’re traveling to Slovenia to ski, you can bring the entire family too. There are low-cost accommodations in and around many ski resorts. They offer not only a warm place to stay but a quality you can’t find at their price points.

Families can enjoy skiing without worrying about their budget. If you’re a ski enthusiast, you can also stay far longer in Slovenia due to the lower cost of living. Combined with the low cost of Slovenian skiing, you’ll surely enjoy the winter.

Easy, Convenient Access

Many outsiders believe that visiting ski resorts is an arduous task, mostly due to logistics. Many ski resorts in Italy, Austria, and France are out of the way. It takes around half a day to access them from most major cities, which can be a bummer.

Slovenia is different due to its unique geography. Most of the Julian Alps and many other slopes are within 1 to 2 hours away from Ljubljana. Many visitors can even access ski resorts and not spend more than an hour traveling between each other.

Why is this a good thing? For starters, if you’re staying in Ljubljana, a quick visit to Kranjska Gora or other locales is easy. It’s also easy to go back, so it’s not a big task to bring friends and family with you to ski.

If you’re the type who’s hard to satisfy with ski resorts, many other slopes are easily accessible. You can move from one ski resort to another without wasting too much time.

Many also talk about the lack of apres-ski in Slovenia, but this is not true. Villages and towns are developing quickly around ski resorts, which offer many big cities. If you don’t want to linger around, a quick 1-hour drive to Ljubljana or Maribor is all you need to do.

Family-Friendly Facilities

Slovenia prides itself on its family-friendly ski resorts. Due to the low cost of skiing in Slovenia, parents and children tend to visit more often. Ski resorts have many facilities that cater to the needs of entire families.

For starters, it’s easy to rent equipment, so families don’t need to haul bags of equipment with them. All they need are some winter gear, and the skis are available at the counter.

Children and newbies also have access to cheap ski lessons. Some are even targeted towards small children, making their first lessons easy with fairy-tale style classes.

Variable Slope Difficulty

Slovenia does not have the most technical slopes in the world. Even then, it’s hard to deny the sheer variety when it comes to slope choices. There is a ski resort for everyone – regardless of their age, fitness level, or ski skills.

The majority of ski slopes in Slovenia go from anywhere between green, blue, and red. These colors signify learner to beginner/intermediate slopes that are perfect for the average skier.

There are also several black slopes that you can find around Slovenia. These are great for people who have extensive experience skiing and are confident with their skills.

Authentic Slovenian Food and Drinks

The idea that Slovenian ski resorts have little apres ski is both right and wrong. Sure, Slovenia’s ski resorts have a limited number of places to party and even unique experiences. That’s par for the course, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; you only need a sharp eye to find them.

Among the proudest apres ski in Slovenia is food. There’s nothing like delicious Slovenian grub after a tiring day of ski activities. Authentic Slovenian food and drinks are some of the best after a day’s enjoyment.

Delicious Kranjska Klobasa or Carniolan sausage and craft beer should easily hit the spot. There are also different grilled meats in Slovenia like ćevapčići available to those who want some good protein to ward off the cold.

Authentic Traditional Experiences 

Slovenia loves its winter, and with winter comes many local traditions. While you’re mainly interested in skiing, it’s also not hard to enjoy the local events once you wind down. Slovenian winter has many authentic experiences that you can only experience here.

If you find yourself around during the advent season, you can visit any nearby village or town. Maybe you’ll find yourself in Bled, Maribor, or even Ljubljana if you have time. Once you head there, you’ll see many Christmas traditions that are unique to the locale.

Events like the Christmas Lights-On Festival, Miklavž, and the Maribor Christmas Market are unique experiences you can enjoy. Even without going too far from your lodging, you’ll likely see village folks enjoying themselves and sharing these experiences.

When To Go Skiing in Slovenia

Before you even reach Slovenia, it’s crucial to check for the schedule of the ski season. By knowing when to go, you can ensure that you don’t waste your time at all. It will also help you decide on the types of activities you can do.

The ski season in the Julian Alps lasts from December to April. Ski season starts differently every year, so it’s crucial to check the conditions at each resort. You want to know the snow cover and if the lifts and slopes are operating.

The usual start of ski season is anywhere between the first to the second week of December. The ski season lasts 100 days or more, depending on the weather. There were some years where the snow lasted as far back as May.

Before you start visiting ski resorts, check for the upcoming snow forecast. Look for signs of a recent snowfall or if snow is coming within the next week. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s smart to start skiing from late December to early January. It’s even advantageous to start early January altogether.


Slovenians are busy during the week of Christmas Eve, all the way to New Year’s Eve. The two weeks after the 21st of December marks several national holidays. The last thing that you want is to lack access to necessary facilities when everyone is celebrating.

There will be years where many ski resorts would have a bad start. Some will have as much as a foot (30.48 cm) of snow and light snowfall. This much is only enough to keep ski resorts partially open.

The Ski Pass

If you find yourself skiing in Slovenia, it’s unlikely that you’ll stay in a single location. Every ski resort in Slovenia offers something different for everyone, so what you want is an all-in-one payment solution. Cue the Julian Alps Ski Pass.

The Julian Alps Ski Pass works to encourage visitors to visit multiple ski resorts at once. The pass will allow you to see almost every ski resort in Slovenia without shelling out money every time. It can save you both time and money too.

The ski pass covers most Slovenian ski resorts, plus a few options in Italy and Austria. You can also pick how much skiing you’d want to do throughout the season. 

Many ski passes offer unlimited uses for 2 to 7 consecutive days. Some passes provide entry from the official start of ski season until it ends. You can even pay for your entire family, add it with a package, and get discounts for children, youth, and seniors.

You can buy the pass online or buy it in several locations, including the Infocenter Triglavska roža in Bled. If you’re the type who doesn’t like going around several resorts, you can also opt for a single resort pass that offers unlimited uses for some time.

Expect barely a line at ticket booths due to the sheer number of locations you can get the ski pass. You’ll only see a line when particular conditions are very conducive for skiing, or there are world-class winter games nearby.

The ski pass cost varies every year, with an individual season adult pass at 610 euros. Children, youth, and seniors will get deep discounts, ranging between 100 to 200 euros each.

Seasonal family ski passes will cost anywhere from 800 euros for one parent and one child to 1,750 euros for a family of 6, with two parents and four youths. 

If you don’t plan on skiing the entire season, a two-day ski pass costs around 65 to 70 euros. A seven-day consecutive pass will cost about 200 euros, while a five-day anytime per season is at 165 euros.

Where Can You Ski in Slovenia?

Slovenia’s slopes have long attracted many skiers who are looking towards controlling their budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that skiers in Slovenia are settling for less. A sizable number of people still enjoy the beautiful slopes of the Julian Alps for a reason.

The go-to locale to ski is the Julian Alps, located south of Austra and east of Italy. It is known to catch a good pile of snowfall, usually assuring at least 100 days of ski season per year. This opens up skiers country with many small to medium resort options.

Slovenia’s best ski resorts lie near the alps, with only 1 to 2 hours’ drive apart. People are known to spend one day in Cerkno and move to Vogel the next day. This advantage offers a sheer variety of choices for those willing to ski around.

Even then, not all Slovenian ski resorts are created equal. There are resorts set at low altitude, which can be a problem when a season does not have good snowfall. Low altitude means there is a lower chance that the snow won’t be reliable.

When this happens, many ski resorts add artificial snow to their slopes. It’s rare to see the event, but they usually can supplement whatever snowfall they get.

There are more than a dozen different ski resorts in Slovenia. The most famous of these are Kranjska Gora, Bohinj, and Krvavec. Among the three, Kranjska Gora is known to provide world-class facilities. Here are some of the best places where you could ski.

Kranjska Gora  

Kranjska Gora Ski Center is the most famous among the ski resorts in Slovenia. It’s located in northwestern Slovenia and offers a world-class ski experience to all visitors. If you’re planning to ski in Slovenia, this is a must-visit for its World Cup experience.

The resort is the host for the Alpine Skiing World Cup and known to be top 5 among ski organizers globally. The length of the ski runs up to 18.6 miles (30km), with a guaranteed 100 days of skiing every season.

Vogel Ski Center

From here, you can also visit Vogel, which you can find inside the Triglav National Park. It is close to Bled, so it’s easy to access if you find yourself in the area.

There are as many as 11 miles (18 km) of slopes to traverse in the area. You can also be sure to get consistent snow here, as some slopes go as high as 5,906 ft (1800 m). Vogel is a perfect ski resort for those looking for a fantastic, thrilling experience.

Apart from skiing, Vogel has a family-run hotel nearby and has a fantastic view of Lake Bohinj. The apres-ski in this resort is impressive due to its proximity to Bled.

Krvavec Ski Resort 

Krvavec is one of the most popular and a favorite for people hailing from Ljubljana. It’s closer to the capital than any ski resort and is only a 30-minute drive away. Some even take the bus here after work to blow off some steam.

Krvavec has some of the best ski resort facilities in Slovenia, mainly due to its accessibility. It gets the vote as the best ski resort in Slovenia every year, and it’s perfect for the average visitor.

Krvavec Ski Resort offers slope difficulties that are perfect for all skill levels. It has a maximum difficulty that will challenge average to experienced skiers to get the adrenaline pumping.

Apart from skiing, the ski resort offers several apres ski. They have snow parks for snowboarding, bars, restaurants, and more. It has an equally breathtaking vista of the alpine meadows. 

Cerkno Ski And Mountain Resort

Cerkno is a generally family-friendly ski resort, a bit distant from Bled compared to other resorts. Cerkno Ski & Mountain Resort is among the most modern ski resorts in the country, with as many as 11 miles (18km) of ski slopes.

Cerkno hosts some of the most modern lift systems in Slovenia, and the fastest too. There are almost zero wait times if you plan on visiting here. Novice skiers can find a fine selection of green and blue runs, with a variety of tree runs for intermediate skiers. There’s only one slope for advanced-skilled skiers, which makes it unattractive to those looking for adventure.

Straža Bled 

Straža Bled is one of the smaller ski slopes close to the town center of Bled. It’s one of the best resorts to visit if you’re a newbie skier due to its relative simplicity. 

The slope’s angle is not too steep, with the snow going thick and comfortable to ski on. Even then, it lacks intermediate to advanced slopes, making it relatively low-cost. 

The snow in Straža Bled is generally artificial when the snow season is not dropping enough. If you want a ski lesson, this is a good starter ski resort near enough to civilization.

Where To Go For Ski Equipment Rentals

When looking for ski resorts in Slovenia, equipment, and lodging can be a primary concern. Many visitors tend to not have full skiing equipment with them when they visit. That’s not a usual problem, considering excellent access to equipment rentals.

Many major cities have their ski rental stores, which is great if you’re making a multi-day trip. You’ll likely have no trouble if you’re in Ljubljana or Maribor, but expect some issues when you visit smaller locales like Bled.

Intersport Ljubljana offers a ski hire service that you can fill up online. It’s also crucial to remember that it’s only the Ljubljana branch that offers ski equipment hire. There are many stories of tourists visiting other branches like Intersport Bled, only to find out they only retail.

There’s also Alpinsport Rental Store near Vogel who is well-known in the area. They also provide some of the better equipment around the Vogel Ski Resort. Kompas is also another good option.

Another way for you to rent ski equipment is on the resort itself. Upon arrival, most ski resorts will have ski equipment rentals that double as ski schools. You usually don’t need to book in advance, so no worries. The only downside for this is the potential for wait times during peak season.

Finding Lodging Around Slovenian Ski Resorts

Finding the right lodging can be a challenge when you’re looking for ski resorts in Slovenia. Depending on where you are, you’ll likely have access to a nearby village that caters to skiers for the season. You can pick from a variety of inns, hotels, apartments, ski chalets, and cottages.

In most resorts, you have a pick between an apartment, catered chalets, or hotels. In some areas, traditional cabin-style cottages are also available for authentic experiences. The price range for each varies, depending on the bells and whistles you want.

For starters, hotels are, by default, bigger, with more facilities that you can use for apres ski like pools and restaurants. Catered chalets are generally less expensive than hotels but feel more personalized than a hotel. These chalets also offer good facilities to their customers.

Catered chalets provide you food and drink every day except for one day of the week. They usually have traditional Slovenian food you can eat, including wine. Some chalets even offer generalized Balkan cuisine to accommodate visitors from nearby locales.

Another advantage of a catered chalet is your hosts’ local knowledge. Even among ski resorts, locals know the slopes the best. They know the best slopes for different times of the day and where you can party locally.

After you ski, it’s also exhausting to do chores like cooking for yourself. If you have the budget and you’re expecting to be at the slopes all day, you want someone to make your bed and cook your dinner.

Apartments are the cheapest as you self-cater with them. This works best if you’re in a group and need to be on a budget. Prices can stack up like crazy if you eat out a lot, especially with the allure of mountain restaurants.

Resort supermarkets are generally more expensive and limited in options. You would want to pack up for the trip if you’re hiring a vehicle for But prices can stack up if you eat out rather than cook – it can be hard to resist the lure of the mountain restaurants and stick to your packed lunch. Resort supermarkets are expensive, so if you’re hiring a car, it’s worth stocking up en route before reaching the ski resorts.


Having an amazing skiing holiday in Slovenia is a matter of preparation. You need to be ready with the nitty-gritty details to make sure everything is ironed out. Slovenia is a great place to ski as much as you can, especially for a much lower cost.

Slovenian ski resorts are not only for skiing. Their proximity to civilization makes them outstanding for apres-ski activities too. Being there at the right time and the right place can give you the best ski holiday of your life.

Are you ready to ski around Slovenia? There are more things you can do during the winter holidays beyond skiing. You can also take part in Slovenia’s Christmas celebrations and even join them for the new year. 

If you’re looking for a fun holiday in Slovenia, there are so many things you can do. Whether it’s winter, spring, or summer, Slovenia has something for you. Check us out now.

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