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Experience Balkan Food at the Ljubljana Christmas Market

For many years, the Ljubljana Christmas Market stands have become an institution for Ljubljana every holiday season. Their countless food and drink stalls offer some of the most sumptuous gastronomic delights. Among their best sellers are Balkan foods that you’ll only find in this region of Europe. Known as the […]

Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Seed Oil Tradition in Slovenia

The pumpkin seed oil tradition in Slovenia is among the most enduring in the country. The use of this dark oil has a colorful history that is unique to the country’s vast array of outstanding culinary produce. Tourists always wonder how Slovenes’ love story with pumpkin seed oil started.  Pumpkin […]

All You Need to Know About Ljubljana Street Food

For the longest time, Slovenia and Ljubljana did not know what street food was. Since its introduction to Slovenian culture, Ljubljana’s street food scene is one of the best in the world. With Slovenes’ knack for quick and easy meals, street food has become a part of the current zeitgeist. […]

What Are the Most Common Supermarkets in Slovenia?

If you’re staying in Slovenia, there’s a likely chance you’d need to visit the supermarket. Whether you’re staying for days or months, an easy to access supermarket is super useful for you. So, what are the most common supermarkets in Slovenia? Slovenia has a chain of several supermarkets available like […]

What Is Slovenia Orange Wine and How Does It Taste?

You may have never heard about orange wine, but in Slovenia, it is very popular. Well-known as the “fourth” color of wine, we are not talking about Spritz but about this very special and tasty wine which intrigues the tourists a lot. Indeed, it has a lot of secrets to […]

Where to Eat the Best Potica in Ljubljana?

Slovenia is renowned for its unique and diverse culinary tradition, and especially for its fantastic pastries and desserts. The queen of them all is without a doubt the delicious Potica (to pronounce Potitsa), Slovenians’ traditional holiday cake. This ancient rolled cake is quite difficult to make, but it is really […]