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11 best places for Sunday Brunch in Ljubljana

Enjoying Slovenia and Ljubljana like a true Slovenian is easy: you only have to let yourself be carried away by the peaceful national lifestyle. Take a seat at a sunny terrace to enjoy the delicious local food and an excellent Italian or Turkish coffee. On Sunday (or anytime in the […]

Where to Eat Local Food in Ljubljana?

Slovenia is a small and relatively unknown country. Still, I can assure you that it deserves to be put on the top-notch culinary tradition map, thanks to ethnic and authentic foods and high-quality products. As a tourist, your best chance to taste the best of Slovenia’s local food is to […]

Recipe: Traditional Potica, the Famous Slovenian Nut Roll

National dishes are one of the main objects defining a culture. Throughout history, people cooked what they could in some definite environment. This includes a region, a mentality, a way of living of those people. The best national dish has been transmitted from generation to generation. In general, potica is […]

Top 14 Ljubljana Cakes and Slovenian Dessert Tradition

Desserts in Ljubljana are one of a kind. They combine the best of what Europe has to offer, together with native bakes and pastries. If you have an incredibly sweet tooth, visiting Ljubljana will be a treat for you. Ljubljana hosts some of the best cakes and desserts the country […]

honey and tea on a tray

All You Need To Know About Slovenian Honey and Beekeeping

All You Need To Know About Slovenian Honey and Beekeeping Even if Slovenia remains a particularly unknown country, you may have recently heard about the nation that introduced the World Bee Day in 2014. It reminds of the importance of beekeeping but also of its long history in Slovenia. The […]