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8 slices of pizza

Where To Eat The Best Pizza in Ljubljana?

Pizza is an inescapable dish if you want to visit Slovenia and eat like the locals. It is not only a solid value that will prevent you from weird experiences: it is a true institution in the country that is deeply influenced by its Italian neighbor. This lunch or dinner […]

grape in vineyard

Do Slovenians Produce and like Drinking Good Wine?

Tourists who want to visit Slovenia may ask themselves about the wine culture in the country. As it is a small country of 2 million inhabitants and a young State, people usually do not expect to find here a real paradise for wine lovers.  Slovenians produce a significant quantity of […]

glasses of alcohol

Are Slovenian People Drunkards?

If you wish to come to spend some festive holidays in Slovenia, you may wonder if this is a great country to have fun and go out. Do not worry, the inhabitants of this small country in Central Europe sure enjoy alcohol. Slovenian people are hard drinkers compared to average, […]

plate of goulash

Time to Eat: What Is the Favorite Food of Slovenians?

Slovenia may be a small and entirely unknown country, but it surely deserves to be renowned for its high-quality products and ethnic traditional foods. Slovenia even counts up to 1200 traditional and national dishes. Since 2018, 24 Slovenian dishes and food products are listed as European Union Heritage, such as […]