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Where To Eat The Best Pizza in Ljubljana?

Pizza is an inescapable dish if you want to visit Slovenia and eat like the locals. It is not only a solid value that will prevent you from weird experiences: it is a true institution in the country that is deeply influenced by its Italian neighbor. This lunch or dinner option is eaten at every time of the day in Ljubljana. Pizza is at the same time a convenient, quick, easy, and delicious meal that will not disappoint you and that 

Tasting a wonderful pizza while visiting the capital of Slovenia will also allow you to overview the Slovenian culinary tradition. Ljubljana is the focal point in the country to discover the best pizzas and tastes. You will find there dozens of dedicated places, and every traditional restaurant serves this delicacy.

Let’s dive into Ljubljana’s impressive pizza offer to discover which place will suit you the most and see if they can propose you the best pizza experience you ever had! Here is a top of the best options that these Slovenian restaurants have in store for you, considering many parameters such as price, quality of the products, and distinctiveness.

Pizza Tradition in Slovenia

Some may tell you that pizzas in Slovenia are even better than Italian ones. I do not want to offend my fellow Italian readers by saying it is true, but they may be one of the best replicas in the world. You will then find many pizzerias and pizza options in the country since they have turned into a real institution there.

You have to know first that most of the places in Ljubljana close around 22 so you will have to keep it in mind for your pizza diners. Do not worry about social constructs such as eating with hands or with forks: you will rapidly found out that everyone has its own habits, so just concentrate on enjoying your pizza at its most!

Eating pizza in Ljubljana is also a great pleasure because they have normalized the fact of sharing a big pizza for two or more, allowing you to eat just what you need and also to spend less. Moreover, the pizzerias in the capital are mostly located alongside the Ljubljanica, so it will also offer you a great view. Dober tek! Good Appetite! 

1. Pop’s Place Pizza

Paying a visit to Pop’s Pizzeria will both offer you a great taste of the Slovenian everyday life and a -almost- free trip to Napoli. Located in a lovely establishment at the corner of Novi and Breg Trg, Pop’s is your go-to if you are looking for a gorgeous restaurant in the old town. Indeed, the location is nice, alongside the river, and the place is always full which gives it a really nice atmosphere. 

This place is the most authentic Neapolitan pizza provider in town, thanks to well-tried Italian fabrication methods. Indeed, this restaurant mixes Napolitean and Brooklyn influences but above all, it stands out thanks to its top quality and simple products. 

The dough’s making process follows ancient rules that remain unchanged. First, it has to be kneaded by hand, to rise for 48 hours, and not be overcooked: the dough only stays in the oven -or rather in the authentic wood fire- for about a minute and a half. This results in a thin dough that does not exceed 3 millimeters.

The price range is appropriate and definitely worth it, and, most of all, it comes with a great and quick service, which is surprisingly rare in Slovenia. You may have to wait a moment for a table but it is worth the wait. Vegetarians are also welcome, and the whole menu is amazingly innovative and delicious. It is an absolute must-try and justifies by itself a visit of Ljubljana!

Pops Place Pizza,
Breg 2, Ljubljana
1000 Slovenia
mail: popsburgerbar@gmail.com
phone: +386 (0) 598 28480

2. Capriccio Ristopizza

On Trubarjeva 52, you will find yourself transported to Italia. Besides, Stefano Rado, its owner, also owns two popular and similar restaurants in Italia, as a proof of success. The Ljubljana’s place is just as acclaimed either by tourists or locals. 

Capriccio will indeed answer all of your caprices, but always in the frame of affordable prices: the pizzas generally cost between 6 to 12 euros, and every cent of it is worth it. However, it has one downside: it is not open all week and often closes soon, so make sure to check the open hours that vary a lot:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11:30 to 16 – 17:30 to 21
Wednesday: 11:30 to 16 – 17:30 to 21
Thursday: 11:30 to 16 – 17:30 to 21:30
Friday: 11:30 to 22
Saturday: 12:30 to 21:30
Sunday: 12 to 17

This Italian restaurant is also one of your best options in town if you are looking for vegan or vegetarian pizza: they have many different options. Besides, one of their specialties is the creamy four-cheese pizza, so vegetarians will be able to enjoy it as well! Also, some of their staff members speak French, for the pleasure of the many French tourists!

Capriccio Ristopizza,
Trubarjeva cesta 52,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
mail: rezervacije@capriccio.si
phone: +368 (0) 64 293 988 

3. Fetiche Gourmet Pizza

Fetiche, a traditional French patisserie, might not seem, at first, like THE place where you will taste one of the best pizzas of your life: however, you cannot be more wrong! Just as the bar/restaurant, the pizzas in Fetiche are gourmet, exciting, and surprising. 

Yet, if you are looking for a cheap and easy pizza, skip the most expensive one: the star pizza of the menu, Wagyu Tartare, is about 20 euros. However, if you are ready to let go of the chance of tasting a gastronomic revolution, the basic Margherita, which is also really good, is more reasonable – about 9 euros. 

Nevertheless, the pizzas you will taste there will offer you an amazing and unique experience that you will probably remember more than any of the others on the list. The dough is particularly remarkable as it is made of whole wheat, corn, but also sunflower seeds and barley. The pizza itself is served not too hot and without cutlery. A whole new experience.

Good news for vegans and vegetarians, the pizzas at Fetiche are always customizable, so you will find something to suit your needs, even if there is only one written vegan option on the menu (it is rather expensive compared to other places but it is worth it!). If you are eager to taste their pizzas, know that the restaurant is open every day up to 1 in the morning.

Cankarjevo nabrezhje 25,
Ljubljana, 1000 Slovenia
mail: romeo.plus@siol.net 
phone: +386 (0) 40 700 370

4. Verace

In this Neapolitan restaurant located on Streliška ulica 22, not far from the open market, the pizzaiolo Fabio Caruso promises to offer you THE pizza heaven thanks to amazing products imported from Napoli and his craft handed wood oven. The cute and authentic place is open every day from 12 to 22 so make sure to not show up too late. 

You can also keep in mind that one of the best pizzas in Ljubljana can be enjoyed at home since they have recently start proposing a delivery service. The chefs will probably advise you to taste the two only true Napolitean classics, the Marinara and the Margherita because they are the more authentic and they allow you to enjoy the wonderful dough. Plus, they are remarkably inexpensive: the classic pizzas only cost between 5 and 8 euros. 

There seems to be no downside to this amazing place, that combines affordable prices, a great and really quick service, and a wide range of pizzas. Plus, most of the menu is vegetarian, and the chef Fabio has created some original recipes for the restaurant. 

You definitely have to stop here while visiting Ljubljana. However, make sure to reserve a table before coming, as the place is often crowded and the terrace even more. Reservations are easy to make, the staff will be really nice to you and might even take time to teach you some about the Neapolitan tradition of pizza.

Streliška ulica 22,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
mail: pizzeria@verace.si
phone: +386 (0) 16202448
website: http://www.verace.si/ 

5. Trappa Picerija & Bar

A new pizza institution has opened its door in Ljubljana about a year ago, by the beginning of 2019. This restaurant slash tapas bar specializes in a new trend: the sourdough pizzas, which are considered as the “neo-Napolitean” pizzas. Plus, their oven is a combination of wood and gas so the overall experience might be quite different from the other pizzas you ever ate. 

This fancy place is nested in Koprska ulica, at number 94. However, do not come here for the decoration, that could really be bettered, and the menu only counts a dozen choices but overall the pizzeria is really nice: you can be assured that you will not be disappointed.

The Trappa Pizzeria is open every day from 9 to 22, except on weekends where it opens at 12, so you will be able to satisfy your pizza craving there for every meal of the week if you want to!

Trappa Pizzeria & Bar,
Koprska ulica 94,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
phone: +386 (0) 59 040 010
website: trappa.si

6. Pizzeria Trta

The famous picerija Trta is considered by many Slovenians as the best place to eat pizza in Ljubljana, and it mostly deserves it. Your main concern after passing through Trta’s doorways will be to choose between the place’s range of more than 40 different pizzas. 

Located on Grudnovo nabrežje 21, on the south of the city center along the right bank of the Ljubljanica, the place offers a lovely frame with its cute yellow facade and its wonderful view on the river.  

The dough is quite thick compared to most other best pizzas in Ljubljana, so it is the place to go if you crave more crunchy pizzas. But to be able to taste it, be aware of the opening hours: the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but open from 12 to 22 every other day.

Pizzeria Trta,
Grudnovo nabrežje 21,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
phone: +386 70 700 928
website: https://www.trta.si/ 

7. Rustika Pinsa

The Rustika Pinsa Pizzeria also specializes in thicker pizzas that look more like focaccia pizzas, soft, light, and crispy at the same time. Their dough is not Neapolitan but more of Roman tradition made with a personal recipe that includes 48 of rising which makes it really digestible.

They only offer about a dozen varieties but the menu evolves a lot every few weeks. Plus, the combinations of tastes and products are always innovative and surprising, including a lot of mixes between sweet and salty: with the addition of mango chutney for example. 

However, this is a purely authentic Italian place that is not made for those who want to eat cheap: the prices on the menu correspond to 100g of pizza, so you have to be careful. But if you are willing to spend money on a great pizza, this is your shot.

Pinseria Rustika,
Trubarjeva cesta 44,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
mail: info@rustika.eu
phone: +386 (0) 597 47394
website: http://www.rustika.si/

8. Tia’s Pizza

This brand new pizzeria is bringing a breath of fresh air into Ljubljana’s pizza scene. It is located in the artisanal zone of Črnuče, at Cesta ulica 24. junija 25, right in front of Tobačna Grosista. If you make it there, it will probably be because you are deeply convinced by their moto: eating pizza with your hands.

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or just in love with vegan cheese and Seitan, you must go have a taste of their Vegan Fresca pizza or their more simple vegan Margherita. Overall, they can offer you five different vegan pizzas, a LOT of vegetable and cheese pizzas, and even more meat options.

Their pizzas are always available in two sizes, both really affordable: the smaller one is usually about 5 euros and the bigger ones are around 9. In order to taste these cheap wonders, you will have to come between 11 and 9 from Monday to Thursday or from 11 to 10 on Fridays. It is closed on Sundays but the restaurant opens from 12 to 10 on Saturdays.

Tia’s Pizza,
Cesta 24. junija 25,
Ljubljana 1231, Slovenia
mail: tiaspizza.book@gmail.com
phone: +386 70 776 601
website: http://tiaspizza.si/

9. Pizzeria Foculus

Pizzeria Foculus probably has the most complete pizza menu you will ever find in an entire lifetime. It specializes in more than 60 recipes. Among them, 8 contain seafood and about 20 are suitable for vegetarians, with vegetables, cheese, or both. They are all made of the freshest products, so do not worry: they are all great, even the simplest ones. The dough is always crispy and thin to let you enjoy them at their most.

But the other upside of the place is its wonderful decoration offering you the perfect frame to savor your amazing pizza. This is a very busy and hectic restaurant with a lot of traffic thanks to tourists and locals, so you will probably have to wait for a table but do not turn away, it is worth every second of waiting!

Foculus is located on Gregorčičeva ulica 3, and as, again, another major positive point: it is open every day from 11 to 12 in the evening! The prices are also more than correct, especially if you share a big pizza: the smaller ones are usually more than enough for one person.

Pizzeria Foculus,
Gregorchicheva ulica 3,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
mail: foculus@siol.net 
phone: +386 (1) 251 56 43
website: http://www.foculus.com

10. Pizzeria Ljubljanski Dvor

This beautiful pizzeria ideally located alongside the Ljubljanica will offer you one of the best overall pizza experience in town. The pizza that you will eat there is not the most impressive or creative of your life, but the place has many other upsides that will brighten your meal and offer a great experience in addition to good pizza. 

First and foremost, Pizzeria Dvor is one of the cutest restaurants in Ljubljana and enjoys a wonderful crowded terrace that is mostly frequented by Slovenians which is proof of quality and a great value for money. Indeed, the place proposes a wide range of pizzas that are always available in different sizes. 

The small ones are largely sufficient for one person, the medium is great for two, and the familial ones are perfect for three adults, or two and two kids. In any case, it will not cost you more than 6 to 8 euros for a very good pizza that will definitely satiate you. If you are not really hungry, you can also go to the other side of the pizzeria and buy only one or two slices of pizza for a small amount of money.

You also have to know that they propose between 20 to 30 different pizzas, and almost 50% of them are vegetarian. They also offer one or two vegan pizza that will make you feel included. Overall, Dvor is one of the must-see restaurants in Ljubljana, and if you try it, you will probably want to go back!

In a nutshell, most of the dedicated pizzerias in Ljubljana are great, due to the proximity of Slovenia with Italy, the home country of pizza, and the passion of Slovenians for this simple and tasty dish. I recommend you taste as many pizzerias as you can while in the capital because you cannot go wrong with any of the ones on this top.

Pizzeria Ljubljanski Dvor,
Dvorni trg 1 Center,
Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
mail: ljubljanskidvor@gmail.com
+386 (1) 251 65 55
website: https://ljubljanskidvor.si/ 

There is Always Time for a Slice of Pizza!

It is always a good idea to try discovering Slovenia to the prism of their culinary habits since they have a lovely food tradition and consume great products. You can even book a culinary workshop to learn some true Slovenian recipes that will impress your relatives!

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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