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14 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Ljubljana

For the past few years, Slovenia and especially Ljubljana have taken a green turn that also resulted in a significant advance for the vegetarians and vegans there. If only about 1% of the Slovenian population has declared to be vegeta*ian, a lot of people benefit from the excellent veggie offer in the capital, especially tourists.

While visiting Ljubljana as a vegetarian or vegan tourist, you will not have to worry about finding veggie options during your trip. Your only concern will be to choose between the vast number of restaurants, cafes, and street food stands that will serve you local specialties and delicacies from all around the world. 

Here is a quick guide to the best veggie restaurants the city has to offer, but also of the best options for the vegeta*ian travelers who have to eat in not totally veggie places.

9 Best Vegan Restaurants or Vegetarian with Vegan Options

In Ljubljana, you will find every type of food, and they are all worth tasting! There, you will find specialties from all around the world, from more veggie-friendly food cookings like Indian and Thai foods, but also many traditional dishes adapted to your diet. This way, you will also be able to taste Slovenia’s best specialties!

Barbarella Arkade Bistro and Juicebar

One of the best restaurant locations in town, houses Ljubljana’s best vegan bistro, under the arcades of Plecnik’s Central Market. The Barbarella Arkade offers an almost all-vegan menu, with the exception of drinks that sometimes contain dairy milk. You can eat between the columns and see the uproar of the market, but also take away or order it on Wolt.

However, this beautiful place is vegan heaven that proposes multiple choices of burgers, rice or quinoa bowls, soups, salads, and sandwiches. The Barbarella Bistro serves you with tasty, healthy, and colorful food. You can also find delicious quiches and savory tarts, but I also recommend you to try one of their breakfast, while the city is still peaceful. 

They also have a wide range of yogourt and acai bowls, lattes, and many amazing tasteful desserts. It is one of the only places in town that offers you the taste of the most famous Slovenian pastry, the potica, in a vegan version. If you are craving a fresh juice or smoothie, go to their Barbarella Juicebar, located on Slovenska ulica 38. However, if there is to be a downside, it would be the prices: they are not particularly cheap, but they are worth it.

Barbarella Arkade Bistro and Juicebar,
Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 3 nasproti pokrite, 1000 LjubljanaWebsite: 
Contact: +386 (01) 620 88 40

Loving Hut and Loving Hut Express

It might seem like this restaurant has a fringe location, but it is actually a perfect place to go when you need to pass by Ljubljana’s bus or train station. The Loving Hut is part of an International Vegan Chain. Still, each location is owned and operated locally and individually, preserving the soul of the place: and the Ljubljana location was the first establishment to open in 2013. Now, you can find two other places in the city if you are eager to taste all of their great dishes. 

This cute restaurant is the real highlight of the neighborhood, with its all-vegan menu. Everything in there is plant-based, from the beverages to the desserts. You can try all kinds of dishes in their beautiful buffet spread, but there is definitely an Asian accent in their chart. Besides, their staff is pretty cool, and the prices are quite affordable, so Loving Hut is an absolute must taste!

Loving Hut, Trg Osvobodilne fronte 14, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (68) 126 970 / 

Loving Hut Express, Koprska ulica 72, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (70) 631 500 / 

Gaudi & Naan

Now relocated and changed from Gaudi to Gaudi&Naan, this place will satisfy your Asian vegan food cravings every day from 10 to 9, except on Sundays. Located on Trubarjeva 7, it is a beautiful place with a great location in the city center to eat spicy food but also sweets.

Everything about this restaurant is excellent, from the size of the generous portions to the quality of the service, but also the particularly low prices. The whole menu is indeed about 12 euros. Everything is also really well presented and makes you want to taste all that there is on the list. 

You cannot go wrong with any of their dishes that are always tasteful and delicious, but be prepared to have a fantastic variety of choices there, which is pretty rare even in vegan places! You will find different dishes such as pad thai, buddha bowls, soups, and moussakas, and I guarantee you that you will want to come back and taste everything!

Gaudi & Naan, Trubarjeva cesta 7 vhod iz Malega trga, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (41) 662 073 / 

Holyfood Delight

Ideally located near Slovenska, this cozy vegetarian restaurant offers a wide variety of choices, including many different vegan options. This place is great because it allows you to taste some traditional Slovenian specialties such as bürek or the local pancakes, without the taste of animal suffering. Then, it makes it also great for nonvegan or vegetarian.

At Holyfood Delight, you can taste multiple dishes usually consumed by Slovenian, like many veggie or vegan pizzas with vegan cheese, but also usual veggie specialties such as seitan and tofu-based sandwiches. They will offer you free coffee or tea, and propose a different daily vegan meal every day. 

It is also an excellent place for taking away or dessert: they have not so many options for each dish or street food, but they are affordable and tasteful so that you can go there without a doubt in your mind.

Holyfood Delight, Igriška ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (1) 251 13 84 

Kucha and Kucha Arkade

Kucha is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in town. There are always a lot of people in there, and they are often nonvegetalians, on the contrary to the food served there. They make some fantastic European and Slovenian food that will convince even your most stubborn relatives. 

The place is neat, calm, and beautiful, just like the food that is always well presented. You will have the chance to eat great products, super fresh and well seasoned, and most of all, they have a fantastic range of possibilities. 

They offer everything you can think of, from plant-based sausages to cheeses, yogurts, and many different beverages. The adorable staff will serve you with joy, one of their most popular specialties, the Serdo sandwich, but do not hesitate to ask them questions about the food. They will always help you and smile!

The food is not the least expensive, but all of the upsides of the place make the prices worth it. Besides, the restaurant also has parking, which is quite rare in the Slovenian capital.

Kucha, Mašera – Spasićeva ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (68) 176 316 / 

Kucha Arkade, Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana


There are plenty of things to say about Veganika, one of the most renowned vegetalian restaurants in town. It seduces both locals and tourists with its extensive menu that offers many inventive creations or twists on traditional dishes. This great spot is a fusion restaurant that will satisfy any of your demands.

One of the most plebiscited dishes in Veganika is their excellent vegan mac and cheese, but I recommend you keep some space in your stomach for their beautiful desserts. They serve an impressive quantity of pies and cakes, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. However, I heard a little voice saying that their matcha and raspberry pie is to die for. You will also find some fantastic candy, but their savory food tastes just as good.

In a nutshell, this place is a growing hipster landmark that will not disappoint you! It is the best place to go for breakfast or lunch, and the value for money is unbeatable in Ljubljana. 

Veganika, Komenskega ulica 30, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (71) 228 718 / 

Radha Govinda – Street Food

Radha Govinda is a great restaurant that serves lunch but also breakfast and sweets in the afternoon until 7. Ideally located next to Tivoli Park and the Union Beer Brewery, it will offer you a considerable quantity of generous vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts.

The products used in Radha Govinda are fresh and of quality for a short amount of price. You can easily eat there for less than 10 euros and be full. The main upside of the place is the buffet, where you can taste most of the fantastic Indian, Italian, and many other specialties. The dishes have many flavors, but they are not particularly spiced, so do not be afraid.

Do not hesitate to stop by, even if it is only for a dessert: they make lovely cakes, pies, and creeps that are definitely worth tasting. 

Radha Govinda, Žibertova ulica 23, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (51) 308 725 / 

Gourmet Vegan

The Gourmet Vegan restaurant will quickly become your headquarter if you are looking for a very natural place to eat. This bistro offers vegetarian, vegan, and many gluten-free options. The place specializes in zero kilometers and garden to plate products so that you will eat very local products picked in nearby farms by Slovenian farmers with organic certification. 

On the menu, you will find everything from fresh smoothies to sandwiches, like coffee, freshly squished juices, hand made croissants, but also delicate wines. The restaurant is located on Nazorjeva ulica 3, next to the University of Ljubljana: you can go there without the shadow of a doubt since everything tastes excellent and is particularly inexpensive!

Do not hesitate to visit their fantastic websites, where you will find all of the information you need about their products, menu, but also about the concept, and many photos and videos of the food that will make your mouth water!

Gourmet Vegan, Nazorjeva ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (31) 884 844 / 

5 Best Restaurants with Veggie and Vegan Options

If you do not have the chance to travel only with vegetarian or vegan friends and family members, you probably have to face the struggle of eating where they want. However, you are lucky to be in Ljubljana: even the usual restaurants have many options for you, and even if it is more complicated for vegans, you still do not have to worry about it.

Abi Falafel

This restaurant specializes in Middle East food and will definitely make you want to come back. Most of its menu is vegetarian and can easily be made vegan. This place has everything: enormous portions (do not take the most significant sizes if you have eaten during the past few months!), fresh products, an amazing and incomparable taste, and low prices!

As it is said in the title, their specialty is their amazing falafels, served alone, in wraps, or in plates. However, they have many different kinds of falafel sandwiches suitable for vegetarians, and many other dishes and street foods such as creamy hummus, tajines, and salads. 

They also make different Middle Eastern desserts such as baklava, inescapable in Slovenia: the country has got a lot of traditions implemented since the Ottoman occupation that took place a few centuries ago. 

Abi Falafel, 1000, Trubarjeva cesta 40, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (41) 640 166 / 


The Namaste restaurant and its Express branch are serving the best Indian food in town, traditional cooking that is mostly vegetarian and vegan-friendly. About half of the menu is vegetarian or vegan so that you will feel really included. The prices are affordable regarding the quality of the products and the cooking’s authenticity, which will take you right to India.

In the well-decorated restaurant or in its adorable terrace, you will have the chance to eat the best Indian dishes you can wish for. They have vegetarian tandoori, rice patties, lentil soup, vegetable Daahls, and again samosas and diverse rice pancakes. They also offer a variety of lassis, pastries, and puddings. 

You can enjoy the place either for lunch or diner since the atmosphere is great during the evening alongside the river, but they have a special, less expensive menu for lunch that you should definitely go for.

Namaste, Breg 8, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (1) 425 01 59 / 

Bazilika Bistro and Café

This is a cute and cozy bistro located at Prešernova Cesta 15, with a beautiful terrace where you can relax and appreciate a wide range of vegan options. The restaurant is open on weekdays from 7 am to 11 pm and for the traditional Sunday brunch since the place is most known for its vegan breakfasts and desserts. 

This is not the most affordable place in Ljubljana, but it is beautiful, and you can find something for every purse. This is a very cozy restaurant that will enchant the quiches and tarts enthusiasts.

Bazilika Bistro, Prešernova Cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana 
Contact: +386 (41) 883 488 

Bazilika Café, Miklošičeva cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (31) 261 785


A lot of people review the place as one of the best restaurants they ever ate in. Vegans and vegetarians are not left behind at Fari’s: they have an option for you for about every dish. For example, they do a tasteful and appealing entirely vegan starter plate that is to die for, with falafels, onion rings, fries, and nuggets.

They also have some falafel bowls and wraps, a beyond meat burger and many vegan burgers, and a lot of sweet potatoes-based meals that are worth the sight. They also propose a lot of vegan boxes with different appetizers, sandwiches, vegans baklavas, and even new beverages such as Kombucha. 

Lucky you, all of these are available for taking away or delivery, so do not hesitate to share this with your relatives on Tivoli Park, on the park of Lubljana’s castle, or alongside the river Ljubljanica. 

Fari’s, Miklošičeva cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (40) 825 533 / 

Gostilna Vida

In Gostilna Vida, you will find vegetarian and vegan…EVERYTHING. There is all you can imagine in this restaurant, from amazing vegan breakfasts with many yogurt bowls, sweet and savory vegan sandwiches and burritos, but also pancakes and smoothie bowls. 

You can also eat many different appetizers, bowls, sandwiches, wines, coffees, and sweets that are often vegan and always delicious. This is an excellent place for alternative and modern fusion cooking, especially for people with a healthy lifestyle. The restaurant is always at least half full, as a lot of locals frequents it: it is a fantastic place to socialize.

They also have a range of Asian dishes and many meals that include avocado that taste like Heaven. This is one of the best places to eat in Ljubljana, so do not miss it! This is the only gostilna that offers that many vegan options, so this is an unmissable opportunity.

Gostilna Vida, Gornji trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: +386 (64) 298 660 / 

Enjoy Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Ljubljana!

As we saw it together, the most challenging part of your food journey will be to choose the best restaurant for your taste. Like many vegans and vegetarians, I had almost lost the ability to choose what dish I would take, and usually settled for the only veggie options. In Ljubljana, you will not only be able to choose amongst many different options but also between about 50 different restaurants!

If you want to learn more about vegan cooking in Slovenia and Ljubljana, do not hesitate to stop by the Vegafest Festival, or even to discover the capital’s best restaurants and specialties by booking a veggie tour of the city!

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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