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Hot Air Balloon: A Magical Trip To See Ljubljana Differently

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird and dreamt of discovering the landscapes you have seen on foot from the sky? If you are a tourist in Slovenia and have a bit of money on the side, then the perfect activity for you in Ljubljana is a hot air balloon trip over the city.

Hot Air Balloons trips are a beautiful way to see a country in a completely different way. In Ljubljana, you can book a one-hour hot air balloon flight for 180€ per person. It is an intimate and magical journey for everyone, and you will never forget your experience.

You might have many questions before embarking on a hot air balloon, and it is perfectly normal. Here are all the answers you need before deciding whether hot air balloons are made for you.

Why should you go for a hot air balloon ballad over Ljubljana?

Hot Air Balloons are a unique experience that you cannot miss. It is the perfect reason to try something completely new to make all of your friends and family jealous. Everyone who has taken a trip on a Hot Air Balloon came back amazed and wanting more.

Besides, you will never get better viewpoints of Ljubljana than directly from the sky. It is the perfect occasion to breathe some fresh air, get a break from walking, and take a lovely souvenir picture.

Also, traveling by Hot Air Balloon stays an outdoor activity, perfect for children and for those who prefer staying outside. You will feel like a bird flying through the sky and experience Ljubljana from a different and completely new perspective.

There are different spots to begin the adventure and take off for the journey. However, no matter what, you will see some of the most beautiful, fascinating, and out of this world landscapes.

Around Ljubljana, there are several sceneries for you to enjoy. From the forest to the plains, passing by the mountains and the rivers, you will never have enough. The only way to truly see the Ljubljana Basin in its entirety is to go up in the clouds.

The breathtaking panoramic views you will get from the Balloon are unforgettable and magnificent. You will be able to observe the lovely city-center of the Slovenian capital, marvel at the castle on top of the hill, and wonder at the Ljubljanica running down the city.

Ljubljana from the sky is an entirely different city. You will understand its history in a new way after observing the Roman settlements from up above and the many environments surrounding the beautiful Ljubljana.

The Balloon will take you to the Ljubljana Marshes Nature Park, where fauna and flora develop significantly. This area is one of the most historical places near Ljubljana, where prehistoric men used to live and build pile-dwelling houses.

The Balloon will also take you to see the Kamnik, the Julian Alps, and the Ljubljana Moors. The trip ends after one hour of flight.

Once you get on the ground, do not worry, the party is not over. You will be offered a Balloon Ceremony, and drink a glass of premium Slovene sparkling wine and a hot beverage. After the Ceremony, you will be given the Certificate of an Honourable Baroness or Baron and brought back to the location from where the trip began.

Is a hot air balloon trip dangerous?

Hot Air Balloons are not a typical way to travel, so you might wonder whether it is dangerous. Do not worry, the flight is completely safe. It is the most reliable air sport in aviation, according to the FAI (Fédération d’Aéronautique Internationale).

The Balloon goes up between 50 and 500 meters (about 170 feet). It is high enough to see the landscape correctly without being frightening. Evidently, the weather has a significant impact on how high the Balloon will go. If there are clouds, going too high ll be useless since you will not be able to enjoy the scenery.

What is excellent about Hot Air Balloon is that even people afraid of heights can take the trip. Indeed, while being in the Balloon, you will realize that the ground is very solid and stable, you will almost feel like standing on the actual ground.

You will not even feel the wind blowing and be scared since the wind is moving the Balloon. You will really feel protected in the balloon basket. This experience does not feel like standing up on the terrace of a high building or crossing a rocking bridge.

How Much Does The Trip Cost?

The only downside of a Balloon journey is its price. You will need to have some savings to afford going, even for just two people.

The price is 180€ to 190€ per person, including children. In the price is included more than the one-hour trip in itself.

You will also have a transfer from the departure point to the flight take-off point and the return. Is also included the Ceremony with the beverages and the certificate. Finally, and it can reassure more than one, you have travel insurance included in the 180€.

The tour is possible in different languages, including Slovenian, English, Croatian, and Serbian.

To begin the journey, you need a minimum of two participants and a maximum of 12 members. However, the trip is not suitable for everyone. Some people have health conditions that could worsen when in the air, we advise you to ask your doctor if you are not sure of your risk.

The Balloon is also forbidden to people with risky pregnancies, or more than six months pregnant, for children under six years old, or people shorter than 110 centimeters (3,6 feet). Finally, you cannot travel under the influence of any alcohol or drug.

If you want to take a particular flight, you can book a private flight or a Wedding Balloon Flight. The private flight is perfect for a group of friends or a family looking for a trip among themselves.

The Wedding flight is an ideal way to propose to your loved one. Embark on this intimate flight and propose up in the sky for an unforgettable memory.

Duration Of The Trip

The Hot Air Balloon flight in itself is only one hour long, but the whole experience lasts for four to five hours.

It takes about 30 minutes to prepare the Balloon before the flight, and the same after landing to put it away. During this packing-up time, after the end of the one-hour in the sky, you can enjoy the Ceremony and beverages. You could even take some pictures. Afterward, it will take another 30 minutes to take you back to the departure place or to your accommodations. 

You might want to fly for a longer time, but the Balloon has only enough fuel for about an hour. Of course, weather conditions and the balloon basket’s weight have a high impact on the duration. 

You can book a Hot Air Balloon trip from April 1st to October 31st. The tours are always early in the morning.

However, you have to be aware that the journey can be canceled in case of too intense precipitation or wind. 

Where Else Can I Take A Hot Air Balloon Trip in Slovenia?

After your Hot Air Balloon journey in Ljubljana, you will obviously want to take another one. If you are looking for new landscapes, you can take a Balloon trip to Bled and the Julian Alps.

The trip over Lake Bled is 200€ per person. The itinerary for this trip is Bled – Lesce – Radovljica – Podvin – Brezje (or the opposite). It will allow you to observe the Lake, Bled Castle, the valley with Sava River, small and lovely towns, and even the oldest Golf course in Slovenia built-in 1937.

After the Lake Bled journey, you will also have a lovely ceremony with sparkling wine or champagne. You will even get the famous Bled Cake as dessert. 

The journey to discover Julian Alps is 480€ per person. This expedition will allow you to observe mount Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, from the sky. You will also see the Karavanke Alps, Dolomites, and the Gulf of Trieste.

This journey is one of the best ways to see the Alps if you are not a hiker or do not have time to go for a long walk inside the mountains.

Fly High on an Air Balloon

A Hot Air Balloon is the ideal experience for originality seekers and lovers of outdoor activities. It is an absolutely unique way to discover Ljubljana and its surroundings. You will necessarily love this very safe journey as you marvel at the hundreds of landscapes everywhere. The only things you need for such a trip are money and four hours to spend the head in the clouds, feeling like a bird.

Now that you are convinced do not hesitate and book your Hot Air Balloon flight right now with Balonarski Center Barje.

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