Antonio’s Slovenian Experience as an Italian Journalist

For the past two decades, Slovenia and especially Ljubljana have started to become a popular destination for European citizens who want to discover this whole new country. The capital city is an important hub between Southern Europe, Central Europe, and the Balkans.  Antonio is an Italian journalist who lives and […]

Working and Living in Slovenia: Erman’s Story

Promotion at work is one of the popular reasons for internationals to relocate abroad. This is a great chance to develop professional skills in collaboration with other nations and to learn about yourself in unusual situations in a new environment. Erman had been living in Turkey and for some time […]

Clara’s Journey: From Ireland to Slovenia for Love

Slovenia is a small country nestled in the heart of Europe. Although it has a small territory, it also has a rich culture and a diverse nature. Slovenia is the ideal country to move to for many people, and if you are thinking about relocating somewhere in Europe, maybe it […]