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10 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana

New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana is among the most-awaited events of the year. Looking forward to the upcoming year by looking back into the previous one is quite an enjoyable time. New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana is one of the most memorable experiences, but only if you know where to […]

Campervan Traveling, the Best Way to Explore Green Slovenia

Campervan traveling is enjoying increasing popularity in Slovenia. To do this, you need an appropriate driver’s license. During the journey with the campervan, all occupants must be buckled up in their seats. Spending the night in the campervan is permitted at campervan rest stops and campsites. Do you like to […]

Ultimate Guide to the Caves of Skocjan: All You Need to Know

Slovenia has as many as 7,000 caves within its entire system. If you like the outdoors, the Caves of Škocjan are a must-visit locale. You likely heard of Postojna, but Škocjan, while lesser-known, is still among Slovenia’s most important natural treasures – and maybe in the world. The Škocjan caves […]

Full Guide for Cycling Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia is the country that every biker would dream of. Cycling as a mode of transport is one of the most famous options for locals. Now, cycling holidays in Slovenia are also a better, greener type of activity that you can do as a tourist. Slovenia has kilometers upon kilometers […]

Full Guide For LGBTI Tourists in Slovenia

For the LGBTI community, Slovenia is not as famous of a destination around its borders. Even then, there is a growing gay scene and LGBTI acceptance culture in this beautiful country. The country’s gorgeous green mountainsides, serene lakes, and architecturally rich capital of Ljubljana offer a reprieve for LGBTI tourists […]

Unofficial Guide to the Predjama Castle: Seen With Your Eyes

For visitors finding themselves in Postojna, the first attraction that comes to mind is the Postojna Cave. Even then, Predjama Castle is another must-see attraction around these parts of Slovenia. Its awe-inspiring beauty may have inspired a few modern epics we know today. The Predjama Castle or Predjamski grad is […]