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9 Top Things To Do in Slovenia in May

Discovering the country at this time of the year will guarantee you a quality trip. May is not the best Spring month to visit Slovenia, but it still has some exciting and unique highlights. Be prepared to assist in the numerous cultural, artistic, and historical events that are held annually […]

Slovenia Insiders Hints: 48h Trip to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, and it is the first city you must visit if you are a tourist in the country. Ljubljana is the heart of Slovenia, both geographically and culturally. There, you will be less than two hours from every dream destination in Slovenia, and you will get to […]

What are the Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Slovenia?

That is the first thought coming to your mind when you hear the word “Slovenia”? Ljubljana? Mountains and lakes? The Adriatic Sea? Most probably, you might know all those places if you were already there? However, what about the most significant feature? France has the Eiffel Tower. Germany has the […]

Which Sea Borders With Slovenia?

Direct access to the sea is tremendous for both a country as well as people who live in that country. For the first one, it gives economic and political perquisites. Regarding citizens, people like when the seaside is really close to their homes. There is only one sea that borders […]