Which Sea Borders With Slovenia?

Direct access to the sea is tremendous for both a country as well as people who live in that country. For the first one, it gives economic and political perquisites. Regarding citizens, people like when the seaside is really close to their homes.

There is only one sea that borders Slovenia. It is the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, Slovenia only has almost 47 kilometers of coastline. On the other hand, this small area includes a lot of seaside activities, beaches, picturesque towns, and many more.

Easy access to the seaside means good emotions and lovely time spending, especially when you can drive an hour or two and enjoy the beauty of a sunset over the sea horizon. Furthermore, it is profitable in economic matters as well, because if the country has ports, seaside tourism attractions, etc. people live in a wealthier environment.

Slovene Riviera

The coastline of the country is called Slovenska obala in the Slovenian language and is translated as Slovene Riviera in English.  It is located on the Gulf of Trieste, by the Adriatic Sea. The coastline is part of the Istrian peninsula and is only 46.6 km long.  On the other side, all the possible things to do are located largely in one location. Therefore, it becomes the perfect place for tourism.

Slovene Riviera is located in Slovene Istria, the most southwestern part of the country, and in the historical region of the Slovene Littoral. Also, it belongs to the Coastal–Karst Statistical Region, which has a unique feature of mixing marine and mountain landscapes, fauna and flora, culture, weather, and so on.

Therefore, it is bordered by Italy to the north, and by Croatia to the south. It’s the most northern point, the Debeli Rtič, near the Gulf of Koper, and the most southern one is Sečovlje village, near the Gulf of Piran, which is located just several minutes from the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park.

Thus, the three best most popular seaside towns of the Riviera are Koper, well-known for its medieval history, Izola, a place of an incredible quantity of good restaurants, and glorious Piran, that is the target point for lovers of Venetian Gothic architecture.

Of course, these places are highly crowded during the time of summer. On the other hand, for people who would like to experience a calm and lonely weekend, there are other 11 settlements on the coast that live their daily routine life near the Adriatic Sea. They all are divided among municipalities such as Ankaran, Koper with Bertoki, Izola with Dobrava and Jagodje, and Piran with Fiesa Lucija, Parecag, Portorož, Seča, Sečovlje, and Strunjan.

Transportation is developed here, starting from a number of ports in Koper, Izola, Piran, Lucija, and Portorož. Moreover, there are Portorož Airport located near Sečovlje and Koper railway station. Therefore, you can reach the coastline in the most comfortable way for you, even flying from your country. To mention car roads, the biggest motorway is the national road 111, which connects the A1 motorway at Koper, so you can easily reach it from Ljubljana or Maribor.

The weather here is unique for Slovenia. The Mediterranean climate is only in the Istria region that borders the Adriatic sea. This meant such features as the average summer temperatures are 27 °C and winter ones are 10 °C, and sometimes rains can reach 381 mm per month. To compare, the other parts of the country live in the continental climate, with no critical temperatures and overabundance or absence of precipitation. The average winter temperature is from 0 °C to -2 °C in flat regions and from -4 °C to -6 °C in the mountains. The average summer temperature is 18–19 °C in foothills and 15-17 °C in the mountains. The precipitation level is 950 mm per annum, whereas 2000 mm in mountainous regions.

Best Beaches of Slovenia

Portorož Beach

The main marine destination of Slovenia. Of course, it is surrounded by grand resorts, top restaurants, shops, and cafés with fresh Mediterranean food. Visitors say that the sand is the softest in Slovenia here. Therefore, for people who like the most relaxed and fancy seaside holidays, this is the perfect place.

Piran Beach

Located at the pearl of Slovenian towns, Piran. Here, the edge of a narrow peninsula straightly jumps in the Adriatic Sea. Thus, it is important to mention that this is not a sandy beach. Nevertheless, locals are visiting it almost every day in the summertime. Facilities for swimming are presented here, so why not?

This one will suit people who want to see not only beaches and water but a beautiful architecture and the feeling of old Europe. Piran is well-known for its romantic views of the Venetian and Austrian architecture in the old town of the city.

Mesečev Zaliv Beach

This means Moon Bay beach in the Slovenian language, and it is the definitive representation of what you will find here. This one is considered as the real hidden gem of Slovenia. Moreover, it is part of the Strunjan Nature Park, so everything you will see is preserved by officers and organizations. Those include crystal clear water, wild animals, and indigenous plants.

The Moon Bay is one more place to be intrigued. It can be accessed only on foot, so no lousy noises will be keeping you from enjoying the perfect sea music and observing the most beautiful sunsets of your life. Therefore, this will be the most suitable for lovers of nature and peaceful time spending. No crowds of tourists and crowded beaches as well.

Mestna Beach

This beach is situated in Koper, which is the largest coastal town in Slovenia. This is a very charming one, not so far from the border with Italy. Thereby, the two cultures mixed here, creating the indigenous compilation of Slavic and Roman personalities. This is the perfect destination if you have only one day to stay in Slovenian Riviera. The small beach near the old town definitely will impress you with its coziness. Also, from here, you can easily get to the Koper marina and Koper beach.

Izola Beach

Izola is the old fishing village with its own romance of local people and culture. Furthermore, it is located not so far from the mentioned above Strunjan Park. It stretches deep into the sea, hence providing adorable landscapes on the Slovenian Riviera. You will observe beautiful shorelines, fishers doing their duty, and the marvelous lighthouse from those spots. Moreover, this is the perfect place to try fresh seafood and local Slovenian wines.

Must-Do and Must-See

  • explore some pretty stone hill towns of the coastline.
  • walk on the beautiful Strunjan cliffs, observing the Gulf of Trieste on one side and olive trees on the other one.
  • reach the Bay of the Moon on foot.
  • try local seafood at the seaside of the Izola town.
  • find frescos dating back to 1490 at the church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje.
  • take a day trip to Venice from Piran by boat across the Gulf of Trieste.
  • explore vineyards and wineries of the Slovenian Riviera.
  • taste the region’s best-known wine – Refošk.
  • see the magnificent medieval old town of Koper.
  • take some salt from The Sečovlje salt pans, the main producer of salt in Slovenia, and also the coastal wetland with its unique flora and fauna.
  • stay an unforgettable day in the fancy hotel of Port of Roses.
  • swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea.
  • try jet skiing the first time in your life.
  • dive into the deepest underwater point of 39m near Piran with scuba diving instructors.
  • try water skiing and waterboarding if you have enough courage.
  • visit the distinctive annual Izola Ribiški Praznik (Fish Festival) and try seafood there.

Swim or Not to Swim?

Slovenian Riviera is a unique place in the country. If the rest of the territory is full of mountains, continental climate, and different activities, this one can be a perfect place for summer relaxation. You have a number of beaches to visit, 14 settlements, each one with its own story and memorable places, and a lot more around to explore.

You can choose luxury Portorož Beach, beautiful Piran with Venetian and Austrian architecture, Mesečev Zaliv Beach with its distinctive flora and fauna as a preserved part of the Strunjan Nature Park, or the town of fishermen, Izola, with its indigenous beach.

Moreover, Slovenia has distinctive wine and seafood that will impress even professional gourmands. Here are available all the water activities, including jet-skiing, scuba diving, waterboarding, and many others.

Even locals consider it better to go for local beaches than driving to Croatia or Italy. Because only here you can find mountainous cliffs falling right to the sea, creating the atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, and having a good time.

Therefore, we highly recommend visiting the Slovenian Riviera. The only thing that can connect you from those places is several clicks of your computer mouse.

See you there!

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!


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