Author: Nazar K.

Snow on Ljubljana’s Christmas Lights: the Advent Goes Live

The magical time is coming! Let’s play an imaginarium game. Sit comfortably. Imagine garlands on the Christmas tree. How does it smell? The tree, not the lights! Yes, the scent of pine needles, tangerines, hot chocolate. Then look down, under the tree. Presents! Do you remember this excitement? Now you […]

In Which Province is Located Ljubljana? Discover it Now!

Slovenia is a small country. It has only 20,271 km2 of the total area. This creates a good possibility of precise local governance. At first glance, the municipal division should be simple in such a situation. However, Slovenia is not that simple. Here, political, historical, geographical reasons mixed and created […]

Ljubljana’s Open Air and Historical Jazz Festivals

Jazz became one of the fathers of modern music. Some people still enjoy the sound of live instruments that play in swing using blue notes, visiting events, and concerts. Some others listen to some modern genres like pop, electronic, or rock. Interesting enough, but if you like any of the […]

Slovenia and Estonia: Two Political Geography Similes

At first glance, it seems that Slovenia and Estonia have nothing similar. The first one is partially Central European, partially Balkan country with Slavic origin. The second is a Baltic country’s official language of which is not even in the Indo-European language family. Different worlds, but not really. In fact, […]

Is Slovenia part of the Balkans or not?

People are often confused about Slovenia. The very first confusion is between Slovenia and Slovakia, as well as between their capitals and languages. However, there are some more. For example, they are not aware whether Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia, and where it is located: in the Balkans or […]