10 Top Things To Do in Slovenia in April

When April comes, the sun and Spring are already well settled in Slovenia. The outdoors are getting back their green colors that are constitutive of the Slovene identity. April is the perfect moment for outdoor lovers who want to experience temperatures that are getting warmer and days that are becoming […]

10 Top Things To Do and Enjoy in Slovenia in March

March marks the beginning of Spring in most of Europe, but it is particularly impressive in Slovenia. The days start to be longer, the weather gets warmer, and it stops raining and snowing too much except for the mountains. Overall, March allows you to enjoy the outdoors, the Winter activities, […]

Where can I fish in Slovenia? Tips for Fishing Passionate

Connection with nature is an important process in the life of an average person, especially in the life of an average Slovenian. Indeed, this country is a hidden gem of European nature. However, people are different, so we usually obtain this connection in different ways. Some of us like forest […]

10 Best Cross-Country and Downhill Skiing Spots in Slovenia

Finding the best cross-country and downhill skiing spots in Slovenia is not hard. The snow-covered landscape is a beautiful, magnetic sight to behold. These are some of Slovenia’s most beloved activities, so it only makes sense to know the best spots. Slovenia has some of the best cross-country skiing spots […]

Where Can I Go to See Snow in Slovenia During Winter?

Many people go on holiday in summer, seeking warmth. But holidays in winter give a completely different feel. One of the best destinations for a winter trip definitely is Slovenia. During winter, between December and February, Slovenia’s landscapes get covered in white to offer breathtaking landscapes completely different from the […]