10 Best Cross-Country and Downhill Skiing Spots in Slovenia

Finding the best cross-country and downhill skiing spots in Slovenia is not hard. The snow-covered landscape is a beautiful, magnetic sight to behold. These are some of Slovenia’s most beloved activities, so it only makes sense to know the best spots.

Slovenia has some of the best cross-country skiing spots in the world, with some of the best-arranged skiing trails in the world. It also has beautiful downhill skiing spots, from Mariborsko Pohorje, the Upper Sava Valley, and more.

Skiing in Slovenia is one of the best experiences in the world. If you’re looking for the right cross-country and downhill skiing spots for you, you’re in luck. This is the only list you will ever need.

How To Enjoy Cross-country And Downhill Skiing in Slovenia

Cross-country and downhill skiing is one of those winter activities in Slovenia that everyone can enjoy. True cross-country enthusiasts and beginners can visit trails without a ton of lessons, providing hours of and fun in the snow.

Whether you got to try cross-country skiing all over the world or not, there are a few details that signify a great skiing destination.

Snow conditions should feel fresh and powdery, with beautifully maintained trails. While crowds can be there, you should have only a small one at a time. You want dramatic scenery with fantastic villages every now and then.

Slovenia checks all these marks, and for a reason: Slovenia loves its winter activities. Beyond becoming the 2016 European Green Capital, it’s also one of the best skiing locales in the world. It’s not as prestigious as some locales like the Swiss and Italian Alps. Even then, it’s one of the best for its verdant landscapes.

Its beautiful, pastoral land with ragged peaks is perfect for cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. With that said, let’s see all the beautiful places you can visit for some cross-country skiing.

1. Pokljuka Plateau 

If you like long walks along with nature, Pokljuka Plateau and its 12 miles (20 km) of tracked trails are for you. With soaring spruce trees and different pastoral locales, you can expect different views.

The plateau is only a 30-minute ride from Bled, one of Slovenia’s most popular resort towns. Its beautiful glacial lake and its 11th-century castle is part of the vista every time. Pokljuka is a paradise for the loner and people who want to getaway.

Pokljuka can be devoid of crowds when it’s a weekday. Even during the weekends, you can expect fewer people. They will likely be in the top ski resorts like Kranjska Gora, so you can expect the magical feeling from top to bottom.

The Pokljuka Plateau is the place to visit for everyone who loves cross-country skiing. All trails receive regular maintenance, and everything is interconnected. If you want to do more activities, there is a nearby sports center at Rudno polje.

Rudno Polje itself is a venue for the biathlon world cup competitions. You can ski through the spruce forests, and the pastures are beautiful. You’ll even see the Julian Alps, which gives some of the most stunning views.

If you’re staying in the area, you can visit the nearby Hotel Center to watch for biathlon athletes. You can even enjoy some delicious Slovenian wine, together with the best Slovenian pastries like the world-famous Bled Cake

2. Bloke Plateau

It’s hard to imagine wearing skis for anything other than vacation, but it’s a matter of life for the historical locale of Bloke Plateau. Cross country skiing and downhill skiing in this place is more than simply enjoying nature.

Farmers at the Bloke Plateau were innovative and resourceful, inventing “skiing” by accident. The first skiers of Bloke started doing so in the year 800, and you can relive their history without the pain.

You can find the Bloke Plateau at the edge of the Notranjska region, between the valleys of Lož and Ribnica and Cerknica Field. By visiting the locale, you can see their way of living and see beautiful pastures. You can also learn many things, including their ways of life, like their unique skiing techniques.

The citizens of Bloke Plateau are proud of what is called “Bloke skiing,” which is part of their identity. Once you give the plateau a visit, they’ll teach newbies and children about their heritage and their secret technique.

If you’re around on the first Sunday of February, you can join the celebration of their tradition. The Bloke cross-country ski marathon is an annual race organized by the local municipality since the ‘80s. It’s quite a sight to see, even if you decide not to participate.

3. Kranjska Gora

There is nothing more beautiful than cross-country skiing through the winter landscape. Kranjska Gora and its surroundings offer daily groomed cross-country trails that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced cross-country skiers.

Kranjska Gora is famous for some of the best ski slopes in the world. It’s also a great place for cross-country skiing, where spruce trees look beautifully dressed in snow. The spruce forest goes as far as possible across the entire ski trail, all the way to Tamar.

There is always a sufficient amount of natural snow in the area, so you don’t need to worry about losing trails. The trails here also lead to other areas like Gozd Martuljek and Zgornja Radovna. For the night owls, you can go behind Hotel Kompas and find well-maintained cross-country ski trails beautifully lit by spotlights.

If the weather is great, you can go cross-country to almost anywhere! You can go to Mariborsko Pohorje, Kope, or Cerkno without having to stop. The trails are beautiful, and the locals are friendly to visitors. You can also access Bloke Plateau from here.

If you want a true adventure, Kranjska Gora is always a great place to visit. If you get tired of cross-country skiing, there are more activities you can do in the area. The mighty peaks of the Julian Alps are here, overlooking you.

4. Planica Nordic Center

Twenty-five miles (40 km) of intertwining trails run around Kranjska Gora. You will see the beauty of nature through the Planica Nordic Center. Everything is well-maintained, and you can see the low-key, quaint ski village in the locale.

Planica is a favorite across athletes for its multiple ski jumping hills of all sizes. It is also a favorite for cross country skiers who want to see all the fun. While skiing around, you might even get a glimpse of the Ski Jumping World Cup if you get there in time.

The Nordic Center is a must-visit if you’re a newbie. Apart from the history of ski jumping, there’s an indoor cross country ski training area. It has over half a mile (800 m) of snow-covered tracks where you can practice. You can even try the ski jump simulator and enjoy the vertical wind tunnel.

If you want to go around, you can do some cross country skiing and enjoy the atmospheric Tamar Valley route. 

You can find several mountain huts at the high peaks and see coniferous ascents. Everything looks beautiful, with an overlook of the majestic Julian Alps.

If you’re visiting the locale on a mid-week, you can expect to have the entire trail for yourself, seeing different glaciered boulders along the trail. You can even lodge in the area for a very authentic Slovenian cuisine experience.

You can expect some delicious traditional Slovenian food, including barley soup, pork ribs, and even buckwheat mash. You can even enjoy a tasty blueberry struklji as a tasty dessert.

5. Gozd Martuljek

As we said before, Kranjska Gora is among the most complex and intertwining trails for cross-country and downhill skiing. If you visited the Planica Nordic Center, you could also visit the trails along Gozd Martuljek, Mojstrana, and Zgornja Radovna.

The trails here are beautiful, and the view is stunning if you’re doing the trails at night. You can even go cross-country skiing in Rateče and tease the Italian border. Once you reach the flat surface at the border crossing, you can enjoy easier tracks.

Rateče even has a 4.3 mile (7 km) stretch of trail, with tracks rising 853 ft (260 m) towards Tamar. If you’re in the ski resort at Gozd Martuljek, you can play around and train along the slopes. Beside it are some of the most beautiful forest trails you can find.

You can also enjoy downhill skiing at Gozd Martuljek. The slopes are easy and enjoyable, which is a great place to visit with the entire family.

6. Bohinj

If you plan on leaving Pokljuka, a good direction to go is towards Goreljek and Gorjuše. If you start going to this area, you’ll notice a paradise that any cross-country skiing enthusiast will love. When the conditions are right, you’ll see as many as 43.5 miles (70 km) of country trails in the Bohinj area.

In addition to the trails of Pokljuka, the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valley has expansive cross-country trails. There are also shorter trails that show off the majesty of the valley. You’ll see the inspiring mountain view of Vogel and Soriška Planina.

The locale is quite famous, so you can expect great services like equipment rental, ski repair, and cross-country skiing schools. Favorable weather will open up the tracks too, so you’d love to visit them. They are not the longest, but they’re picturesque enough to awe.

If you find it, you can go to Senožeta Ski Slope for an almost 2-mile (3 km) trail. The trails will be lit up at night, which means you can enjoy cross-country skiing during the night too. The tracks arrange into circles, so you can both skate and use classic cross-country skiing techniques.

7. Log Pod Mangartom

One of the beautiful secret cross-country skiing spots in Slovenia is Log Pod Mangartom. While many people would want to get to their ski locale, getting to the village itself is half the fun. You can visit the locale, and it’s an hour away from Planica, but the drive itself is enjoyable.

Soča Valley has a beautiful but steep hairpin road that has a beautiful glacier vista. The mountain view is spectacular, which includes Slovenia’s third-highest peak right after the Triglav and Škrlatica, Mangart.

The village of Log Pod Mangartom only has 3.1 miles (5 km) of tracked trails, but they are as beautiful as they come. They loop through a gorgeous meadow and then towards a section that parallels a creek. This goes beside Loška Stena, which is also known as “The Wall.”

The trails are beautiful during the spring, but they are even better during the winter. The 3000-foot mountains are mighty and imposing to anyone who gives it a visit. The entirety of the trip is well worth it with this alone.

Once you visit the narrow valley, you can do a few more apres-ski activities. You can enjoy some delicious local fare from the Hiša Franko restaurant. The homes are also charming, with some of the warmest people on this side of Slovenia. 

You can try the local Pelinkovac, which is a strong, medicinal version of schnapps. You can also then sit down near a wood-burning stove while enjoying some grilled meats.

8. Rogla

For families who want to enjoy some cross-country skiing, Rogla is one of the best choices you can pick. The cross-country ski center has almost 15 miles (24 km) of maintained trails. Some of Slovenia’s top cross-country skiers do their first steps in this resort, and for a reason.

You can enjoy cross-country skiing in the resort with your entire family. If you want a better challenge, the center is beside the ski slopes, so you can get some adrenaline rush the same day. 

If you’re the athletic type, the Rogla Cross-Country Skiing Centre in the Zreče Pohorje Hills is for you. Both world-class athletes and recreational athletes go in the area, so you can see the best of the best at their craft.

The 15 miles (24km) of trails are great for a variety of skill levels. Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran cross-country skier, there is a trail that will suit your needs. There’s even a start to finish arena that is great for practice.

Rogla also has its annual competitions and different types of high-level athletic training. These include the world cup cross-country skiing and snowboarding competitions.

9. Bonovec Medvode 

If you find yourself in Ljubljana and don’t want to go too far, Nordic Center Bonovec Medvode is for you. The place was the host for the 2005 World Youth Championship and is only 20 minutes away from the capital. The place can get packed, with some of the many Nordic athletes training in the local.

For children who are trying to learn how to ski, Medvode gives them a place to ski and enjoy themselves. Medvode is also a beautiful town where many residents of Ljubljana work at.

Once the new snow comes up, you can expect to see as much as 6.2 miles (10 km) of tracked trails. If it’s a particularly bad year with less snow, you can expect the locale to add artificial snow using superb snowmaking equipment.

There are also 1.5 miles (2.5 km) of tracked loops that pass steep into the local woods. You’ll see beech, pine, and spruce trees, with views of the nearby peaks. Many people discourage using ski loops, but they are great for training.

You’ll find locals do the trails, make some loops, then move to the forest. Once you get tired of moving through the tracks, you can enjoy some mulled wine and try the nearby fair-trade coffee shops.

10. Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Jezersko has one of the longest traditions of organized cross-country skiing competitions. They already did similar styles of competition even before Alpine skiing competitions became popular. If conditions are perfect, you can expect as much as 9.3 miles (15 km) of well-maintained cross-country trails.

Located south of the Karawanks, Kamnik-Savinja Alps has many vistas you can enjoy as you do cross-country and downhill skiing. There are many different landscapes and intermittent plateaus, with the Velika Planina being the most stunning.

The trails will lead you through different locales, from mountain huts, natural and even cultural landmarks. If you get tired of cross-country skiing, you can go snowshoeing in the vast wilderness unspoiled by modernities.

The trails stretch far and wide, from Lake Planšar to the end of the valley. You can also go through the main cross-country trails in Logar Valley, located on the other side of the mountains. 

You can see vistas of picturesque Alpine valleys among the 8 miles (13 km) of arranged trails. You can enjoy both classic and skating techniques in the area too, so you can do a variety of activities that you enjoy.


The best cross-country and downhill skiing spots in Slovenia are some of the most gorgeous too. Many are famous among locals and across the world, while some are beautiful local secrets that Slovenians enjoy. Whichever you pick, there will be something for everyone.

Are you ready to traverse the beautiful cross-country skiing spots of Slovenia? There are more winter activities you can enjoy. Slovenia is beautiful every season, so you can visit any time of the year. 

Check us out today and see everything Slovenia has to offer.

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