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10 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana

New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana is among the most-awaited events of the year. Looking forward to the upcoming year by looking back into the previous one is quite an enjoyable time. New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana is one of the most memorable experiences, but only if you know where to […]

Experience Balkan Food at the Ljubljana Christmas Market

For many years, the Ljubljana Christmas Market stands have become an institution for Ljubljana every holiday season. Their countless food and drink stalls offer some of the most sumptuous gastronomic delights. Among their best sellers are Balkan foods that you’ll only find in this region of Europe. Known as the […]

Lose Your Senses at Ljubljana’s House of Illusions

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, there are so many entertainment options available. Among the best and most shareable is the House of Illusions. The entire museum is a maze of fantastic optical illusions and wholesome fun for the whole family. The Ljubljana House of Illusions is one of the […]

Slovenia’s Dating Etiquette: All the Tips You Need to Know

Slovenia’s dating etiquette is a crucial part of forming romantic relationships in Slovenia. Locals value a relationship that starts on the right foot every time. Whether you’re looking for short-term companionship or a long-term partner, you need to know what to do. Slovenia’s dating etiquette revolves around the general values […]

Campervan Traveling, the Best Way to Explore Green Slovenia

Campervan traveling is enjoying increasing popularity in Slovenia. To do this, you need an appropriate driver’s license. During the journey with the campervan, all occupants must be buckled up in their seats. Spending the night in the campervan is permitted at campervan rest stops and campsites. Do you like to […]

Ljubljana’s Open Air and Historical Jazz Festivals

Jazz became one of the fathers of modern music. Some people still enjoy the sound of live instruments that play in swing using blue notes, visiting events, and concerts. Some others listen to some modern genres like pop, electronic, or rock. Interesting enough, but if you like any of the […]