Slovenia’s Dating Etiquette: All the Tips You Need to Know

Slovenia’s dating etiquette is a crucial part of forming romantic relationships in Slovenia. Locals value a relationship that starts on the right foot every time. Whether you’re looking for short-term companionship or a long-term partner, you need to know what to do.

Slovenia’s dating etiquette revolves around the general values that people have in their daily lives. Simple etiquette like being punctual is much appreciated, but you would also want to do more. Some old rules are still vogue, while many others crumbled to the winds of time.

Are you looking for love in Slovenia? Slovenians are some of the kindest, most passionate lovers on this side of Europe. Here are all the tips you need to know to navigate the country’s dating space.

General Etiquette In Slovenia

Successful dating in Slovenia starts with proper etiquette. Slovenes are big on etiquette and care a ton if you can present yourself appropriately. Even in the modern-day, people want others who know their limits and how to be sensitive about others.

Knowing general etiquette is valuable. It can help you with business primarily, but it can also make you friends and find relationships. These can make that first introduction much easier for you. Let’s take a look.

Keep Your Personal Hygiene Golden

The smell of old sweat on clothes, greasy hair that emits a smell – all this is unacceptable, disrespectful to you and others. You want to be remembered after a sympathetic smile, eloquence, or intelligence instead of an unpleasant smell, right?

You could almost include body posture here: keep yourself upright and upright – head up, chest out, shoulders back, belly in. A proper posture shows pride and self-confidence, and with it, you say a lot about yourself.

At the same time, personal hygiene belongs at home (or at least in toilets). Brushing teeth with a toothpick, pinching and filing nails, combing hair, etc. – Do it all at home.

Be Punctual

Punctuality = respect. Respect for the one you get along with (and his time) and you, as you show seriousness and professionalism. Being late is rude and a show of disrespect.

Being late has no proper excuses other than force majeure. You would miss a date if the quake had a magnitude of at least 7. Delays are also allowed in the event of a tornado, snowstorm, fire, or severe drainage problems. 

Everything else can be quietly crammed under the category of frivolity. If a person is late for a date because they have been testing clothes for 30 minutes, that’s a problem. If someone has been posing for social media 18 times in the meantime, then you want to address that.

Be at your dating place on time or a few minutes early. If you’re going on dates in Slovenia and they see you waiting, you gain points for trying.

Know When You Should Pay For An Invitation

If you’re the one inviting, it’s vital to inform who is paying. If you specifically give a formal invitation, people will expect that you’re the one paying for it. If you’re on a group date or with a group of friends with your date, you only need to pay for yourself and your date.

There used to be a rule that a man had to take care of his companion and settle the bill after a joint drink or dinner. That has changed, and more and more women offer to pay the bill or at least half of it. This is not strange, as they are all more independent and know how to take care of themselves.

Even then, the feminist revolution in Slovenia developed strong, independent women. Many will be more than happy to share the bill and split it. It’s still best to offer to pay up and then see if they are willing to share.

Greet Everyone

If you are walking with someone and meet a person they know and do not, you greet them.

No matter who and what you are – a director of a large company, an academic painter, an elderly woman, or a car mechanic – when you step into a room where there are already other people, you are the one who greets first.

The handshake should be firm, not as if you hung a dead fish on someone’s arm. Of course, don’t go to the opposite extreme: some men and women – almost break bones when they shake hands. Both are disrespectful and show a lack of self-confidence.

Table Manners Matter

During dinner, you want to eat with as much politeness as possible. Don’t smack your chops. Never leave your elbows on the table. No speaking with a full mouth. Do not put too much food in your mouth at once.

In a woman’s presence, a refined man will smoke only with her consent. A well-mannered man will always be respectful to a woman. Hiccups and remarks for passing women? Never, if you don’t want to look like a primitive who doesn’t have basic manners.

Tips To Slovenia’s Dating Etiquette

Now that we have the basics down pat, you want to get yourself a proper Slovenian date. Finding new love can be a big problem. Not only because most are full of doubts, prejudices, and fears, but not everyone is as confident as they can be. 

Modern dating has a few rules that can help make things easier. It will help simplify everything, but you still have to try your best. It turns out that some old traditions are still in vogue, while others have been erased by time.

Make First Impressions Last

To assess the chemistry between the two on a date, some people say that they know in just a short amount of time if they’re compatible with their dates. Many usually believe they know whether they wanted to continue socializing with their dates or whether the first meeting was also the last.

Many say 15 minutes is enough, but why? Slovenes tend to go with their emotions and their gut feeling. Unlike many countries, dating is much more of a gut feeling than some logical list of pros and cons.

Many still care about long-term relationships and use this as a springboard for a future connection. It’s vital to make the first impression last, as many believe it’s a crucial part of Slovenia’s dating etiquette. 

Be Upfront With Your Feelings

Do you enjoy their company? Or you don’t think you’re the right match with each other? So tell them that. Slovenian people think it’s much better if the other party simply says they’re not interested in further socializing.

There’s a culture in some parts of the world where people keep lines blurred. Some keep people in some type of limbo with an ambiguous relationship. Slovenes are straight with how they deal with people and will likely tell you if you have a chance.

Be Patient When Dating Around

If you’re the type looking for a quick lay, it’s best to keep it in your pants for a while in Slovenia. While there’s a good chunk of Slovenes who don’t mind going out casually, many are still looking for the right person. Many are still looking for true love.

Sometimes the chemistry is really so strong that it can’t be resisted. Even then, it’s still better to wait a bit before the first jump into bed and go on at least a few dates. Many Slovenes agree that haste is not the best. Sex on the first date is rarer here than in other places.

If the date was successful, there would be no resentment if you call them first and invite them to the next date. The only question is when should you ask them. 

Most Slovene women are immensely delighted if they receive an invitation within 24 hours of a date. Men are more careful because they don’t want to act impatient in the eyes of their dates. Most would wait three days to reconnect with their dates.

To start going steady, some people think it is necessary to wait at least long enough to make sure that the choice is really the right one. Even then, a few weeks of going out exclusively and showing feelings within a month after their first date as much as many will wait.

You want to be fast, but not too fast. You want to be careful, but not too much, that they start losing interest.

Give A Call After The Date

In the digital age, there are countless ways to let someone know you like them. Short messages, emails, chat rooms are some of them, but most Slovenes are happiest with a simple phone call.

Phone calls are perceived to be sincere and personal. They also let the other person hear about how you feel about them – how you smile, how you gush, and everything. Don’t wait the day after to call too; it doesn’t improve your chances.

Feel The Chemistry

The most important thing is chemistry. Some people will say that even if they talk too much or they can be boorish, their kiss should convince you whether you will go on another date with him or not. Don’t believe it.

Always make sure that the other person makes you feel happy. Slovenes still believe that what they think about somebody should be first and foremost. It doesn’t even remotely matter if he’s the sexiest, most witty, prettiest, and most good-looking of all you’ve ever met. 

If nothing feels special when you talk or embrace, it’s best to move on. On the flip side, if there’s some “electricity” between both of you, don’t hesitate to follow through. As long as it’s mutual, you want to be with each other as much as possible.

It’s Ok To Ditch A Bad Date

If you met someone online and went for coffee with them, it’s perfectly fine to tell your friends you met them at a coffee shop. Everyone doesn’t have to be privy to the details of your life, especially if you’re fresh off the first date.

At the same time, don’t waste your time if they’re not your type. Slovenes are honest people, so they don’t linger around on the first date.

Be resourceful. If they show up on a date late, do something that you don’t want, or become generally annoying, you have the permission to pull yourself out of the situation. Pretend like you have urgent errands and say goodbye quickly.

After you get out of there, be straight and tell them that it’s not working out.

Make Sure Your Morals Line Up

The person who’s going to turn everything into sex doesn’t want to seduce you. They’re not there for you but rather for themselves. Slovenes don’t like being shocked into relationships, and they likely won’t let anyone do it.

Make sure that your morals and their morals align. Even if it’s a friend that tries to lure you on a date with one of their colleagues, you want to make sure. What do they have in common with you besides being both single?

Remember, you’re looking for someone who shares the same values with you. Not unless you’re looking for casual sex, your date needs to care about your vindications and vice versa.

Don’t Be Self-Centered

Slovenians care how you act during your date. If you devote just a moment to your cell phone during your date, they’ll think you probably won’t be the most attentive person in the world.

On the flip side, if you pay too much attention to phone calls and text messages during your date, don’t expect them to invite you on another date. Watch out and prevent yourself from being too self-centered. 

Don’t ask something so that you can answer the question. Give the other person a chance to express themselves within a conversation. If you can’t remember a single interesting or witty thing they said the next day, you likely don’t like them. Slovenes will feel the same.

A date should be fun, not boring. Slovenians believe that if they’re in the middle of a date they start dreaming about going home to watch reruns of your favorite series, it’s time to say goodbye. If Slovenes have a good time with you, say so. This will allow them to invite you to another date.

Kiss Only When It Is Appropriate

Don’t panic when you should kiss for the first time. Smile, say goodbye, shake their hand and hold it for a few moments. You don’t want to be too aggressive. If there’s chemistry, try to get one in. Men should ask for permission if they’re not sure. 

If a person does not offer a kiss, don’t force it. Some people wouldn’t kiss after the first date, even if they enjoyed company.

If a kiss happens, be funny or sexy about it. Comment on how good they kiss to let them know that you want to see them again. A compliment will likely make them want to see you too. And then, until the next date, they’ll wonder what other talents you’ll like.

Know Who You Are

To find the right person, you must first know who you are and what you like. You’ll be amazed at how many of those who experience failures on dates don’t know the answer to these basic personal questions.

Before looking for a partner, develop your personal interests and spiritual life. Be able to define who you are, your values, and what kind of people you want to attract. Start writing down who you are and what you are looking for.

People without a strong inner feeling or those who have not taken the time to stop and think about what they are looking for in a partner other than a “perfect match” will often report people with whom they are neither.

Don’t Be Shy Dating Around

Shy people are prone to observation. Instead of taking action, they prefer to hold back and observe when a potential candidate will step into space. They think God will send them the right one, and then they wait too long.

Many face this problem when they graduate and are no longer surrounded by peers. When they get a job, they fall into a pattern that makes it difficult to meet new people. Then you need to work even harder to expand your circles. 

If you’re shy, this can be tricky, but just make an effort when the opportunity arises. Even if you attend a social event and feel that the right person is not in this group, you never know who someone else will introduce you to.

Use Your Hobbies To Get People Interested

Take advantage of all the hobbies and activities that interest you and join any of the groups. Talk to somebody about activities that make you happy and that you enjoy is easier. You will get additional opportunities if you go on trips with the group and follow your hobbies in new ways that will allow you to meet the right person.

Joining a group won’t make you look like you’re looking for someone. It will help you relax and allow you to talk about something that interests you. It also helps alleviate that shyness you may have in a (traditional) social setting.

This is also an opportunity to invite a person with whom you share a common interest for coffee. Use both your hobbies and interests to have a topic to talk about. Don’t be afraid to meet someone for an hour if there is a possibility that they are the person you might want to meet.

Don’t Fall Into Stereotypes

There are many dating apps online and these make it easy to find people without trying to track them down at a party with a glass of wine in hand. Even then, Slovenes like to be careful, trying to find people who meet your criteria and really read your messages.

This is where people go wrong, whether they are men or women. If you can, you want to push and initiate a connection. You may be nervous at first, but think about how much easier it is to write a message than to go to a stranger and start a conversation.

Discard stereotypes and take the first step. In doing so, however, don’t take it too personally if they don’t answer you.

Always Aim For A Meet Up

Joining a website and exchanging messages with potential candidates may seem like the last task, but this is just the beginning. Shy people sometimes log on to dating sites and find someone to catch up with, and then they never meet live.

Slovenes will always urge you to meet up. Never start an online relationship that you can’t finish with an actual meeting in mind. Make sure they are the character he introduced themselves to you in the messages. 

It’s important that you don’t waste months or even years on something that won’t eventually develop into a relationship. And when you finally go on a date, the answer to your topic of conversation is simple. 

Talk about what both of you like to do. Talk about activities, travel, why these things attract you so much – maybe add something you would like to do with them in the future.

Your personality shines much more when you talk about what your passion is than when you talk about the weather – unless your dream job is to be a meteorologist! If it helps, prepare yourself mentally for topics you like to talk about before you go on a date.

If a date doesn’t end the way you’d like it to, you shouldn’t need it. Remember, this is the path you have to walk to get to know your husband. After all, the one you plan to marry is your most important life decision.

Dating Etiquette Don’ts: What Not To Do

Now that you know what to do, there’s also a list of not to do. Slovenia’s dating etiquette is not only about things that you can do, but also things that will keep you out of trouble when dating around. If you want to snag someone to love in Slovenia, these can help.

Don’t Be Inattentive

Imagine a situation where someone’s using social media while the other party politely wants to continue the conversation. They will wait for a few moments, then they’ll do the same, in silent revolt with whatever is happening.

Nobody wants that, and it is especially rude to do in Slovenia. In any date, wherever you are, keep everything on an emergency basis. Your phone should only be accessed when you’re in the toilet or when there’s an emergency.

Nobody wants a date where one pours their heart out about their first childhood memories while the other pays bills or talks to friends via their mobile phone.

Don’t Ask About Parents On The First Date

Slovenians are generally close to their parents, especially men to their mothers. You don’t have to master Freud’s opus to know what the question of mom/dad means. 

From our coffee knowledge of psychology, it is clear to us that the relationship between your chosen one and your mother partially reflects his attitude towards women. This almost likely goes the same with women and the choice of male romantic partners.

Systematically inquiring about the complexity of relationships in the immediate family circle is a bit too difficult a topic for a first date. If you already want to get an in-depth insight, you can do so in a more elegant way and without direct questions – say by inviting them on another date.

Don’t Act Bored If They’re Trying

Passivity can be an annoying thing, especially if you’re playful and the partner on the date behaves as if the most they can do is not faint from boredom, while you try your best to be the optimal hybrid of an intelligent comedian, curious psychologist, and an insightful cavalier. 

Slovenians will try their best with every date, so if you get to date one, you want to be sure not to act bored. The next time you sit opposite to your date with your right eyebrow slightly raised and wait for them to start entertaining you, think about how you would feel. 

Drop the expectation that a materialized version of the stand-up evening on Netflix is ​​ahead of you. Let your date relax. Humor arises from spontaneous situations, not from pre-arranged jokes.

Tell The Date About Yourself

A nice, good chat is probably the most exciting part of dating if you have a good interlocutor on the other side. Here, the art of conversation can be a real overture to something more. 

Navigating between the amount and the way of presenting information should be a mental treat. A smart date turns a regular date into a truly memorable evening. 

However, this means that we need to be a little more engaged in communication. Because if you don’t tell the date a lot about yourself, the other person will think you might be uninterested. Don’t give all the details of your life either because it’s only the first date, and too much information can drive them away.

Be Respectful Of Others During A Date

We all know that on dates, we want to show the best version of ourselves. This is entirely understandable from an evolutionary point of view. However, if your Slovene date wants better insight into your character’s invisible spectrum, they will pay attention to how you talk to others. 

Are you considerate of the hostess at the entrance? How do you treat the service staff? If you swear at the waiter because they didn’t bring you the salad dressing in a separate bowl, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.


Slovenia’s dating etiquette is practical, smart, and generally follow rules of common sense. Use these strategies to step out of your comfort zone into the relationship you want. If you know the right moves to do, you will find yourself being more comfortable dating around.

If it’s hard to start a conversation with a stranger, remember your etiquette. They will guide you when you start going on dates. No matter how unimaginable these obstacles seem at times, even clueless people get together for coffee, fall in love, and get married.

Are you looking for love in Slovenia? Visit Ljubljana and other parts of Slovenia. Go to concerts, festivals, and events. You’re likely to find the love of your life here – just keep looking. Talk to us so we can arrange something you will surely enjoy.

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