Campervan Traveling, the Best Way to Explore Green Slovenia

Campervan traveling is enjoying increasing popularity in Slovenia. To do this, you need an appropriate driver’s license. During the journey with the campervan, all occupants must be buckled up in their seats. Spending the night in the campervan is permitted at campervan rest stops and campsites.

Do you like to travel at your own pace and rely on the comfort and handiness that only a campervan can offer? Turn into side paths, stop at one of the many campervan parking spaces and discover the sights. Find the breathtaking nature and the cultural and culinary peculiarities of the small country, which you can criss-cross in just a few days.

Traveling in a campervan is the dream of every camping enthusiast and explorer full of wanderlust. Some people buy a campervan, while others decide to rent a campervan. Here’s why it’s the best way to explore Slovenia and some tips that you can follow when renting a campervan.

Campervan Travel Around Slovenia

The Slovenian network of campervan parking spaces already includes 152 locations all over the country. The parking spaces are divided into three groups. The temporary parking spaces without supply are intended for short stopovers. 

Numerous parking spaces offer partial supply or supply by arrangement. Still, there are also more and more parking spaces that have an extensive infrastructure with everything you need for a comfortable stay of several days. 

Campervan and camping sites offer drinking water, electricity and internet access, well-tended sanitary facilities, and cleaning facilities. 

Slovenia is a safe country with good transport links and well-maintained roads. As a campervan driver, you need an appropriate driver’s license. During the journey, all occupants must be buckled up and sit in their seats. 

Petrol stations that are open around the clock can be found along the motorways about every 30 kilometers. There are also numerous options for refueling in the cities and small towns. The Slovenian Automobile Club AMZS guarantees a 24-hour breakdown service.

You need a vignette to use the Slovenian motorways. If your vehicle weighs more than three and a half tons, you have to register it in the system before leaving and equip it with the DarsGo device. 

In the DarsGo system, which has been in operation since April 1, 2018, the toll is automatically billed on the basis of the kilometers driven.

Comprehensive Tips To Make Campervan Travel Easier

If you plan on doing campervan traveling, you want to make sure that you’re ready. You want to make sure you prepared enough to get yourself around Slovenia. Whether you own a campervan or renting one, these tips will give you an easier time.

Check The Number of People and Travel Plan

Before renting a campervan, it is good to know how many people will be traveling, as the size or type of campervan you can rent depends on it. Vans or vans are especially suitable for couples or families with one child, while larger campervans are suitable for four to six people.

Pay attention to the number of seats and beds, as the number does not have to be the same. Vans often have four seats and only two beds, and campervans can have five or six seats and only four beds.

It’s also good to know how long you’ll be on the road. You will need more things for a longer trip, which means that it is advisable to rent a campervan that has more luggage space. When planning a trip, you need to know that you travel more slowly with a campervan than with a car, so choose the appropriate length of the route so that you will also see something and enjoy new adventures.

Test Drive The Campervan

Before you finally decide to rent, it is a good idea to do a test drive with the owner. Despite the fact that a category B driving license is sufficient to drive a campervan, drivers need to get used to it. This will make your trip much easier. 

At the same time, the first kilometers along the way will be less stressful, and there will be less chance of mistakes. Read the instructions for use carefully. Namely, by signing the contract, you are liable for liability for damage due to, for example, excess cargo. 

Make sure with luggage, fuel, water, passengers, etc. do not exceed the total weight of the campervan, usually at 3500 kg, otherwise you will be stopped and weighed abroad.

The Rental Price Is Not Everything

The rental price is, of course, an essential factor when renting a campervan, but it should not be the most important. There are many things that can break down in a campervan during the trip. Choose a campervan that will be newer with less mileage, and check that the vehicle is regularly serviced. 

Make sure that the landlord provides you with help or assistance in case of failure abroad. Check the total rental price, which, in addition to the daily rental price, also includes different details. These include:

  • Mileage
  • vehicle preparation
  • final cleaning
  • arrangement of all necessary documents 
  • additional insurance

Remember the cost of a security deposit, which is intended to cover the cost of any damage not covered by the insurance. Only on the basis of the final price can you compare campervan rental offers.

If you rent a campervan from a company that does this on a regular basis, you will certainly be better insured as a consumer. The company must comply with a number of consumer laws, as otherwise, it may face a high penalty, and the tenant can turn to an inspection in case of problems.

Familiarize Yourself With The Campervan

A campervan differs from a car in terms of total weight as well as width, height, and length, so the ride is different. The braking distances are longer, the vehicle tilts much more when cornering, and the campervan is also much more sensitive to wind gusts due to its large surfaces. 

Observe height or width restrictions when driving through underpasses or over bridges. Be especially careful when parking and do not be embarrassed to be helped by a co-driver if the vehicle is not equipped with an additional camera.

Be careful on winding roads, as the campervan has a much longer wheelbase. So you have to enter the turn much wider, otherwise, you will hit the rear inner wheels on the curb or slip on the curb.

In the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown, call the landlord immediately and ask him what to do. In the event of an accident with another vehicle, you must fill out a European report, if the perpetrator does not want to admit guilt, you must call the police, as well as if required by the landlord.

Ask For Details From The Rental Service

If you are renting a campervan for the first time, take a little more time to pick up the vehicle and ask the rental service to show you all the necessary things. 

It is important to know the basic dimensions of the vehicle (height, width, length), where all the fresh water and wastewater filling connections are, how to empty the fecal cartridge and add the necessary chemicals for reuse, how to manage the gas and what should be done in case of an empty cylinder.

Another important piece of information is the consumption of electricity in the living area and what to do if the batteries are discharged. The campervan provider should show you the use of the kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, or heating and setting up and folding the awning if the vehicle has one.

Check the accessories you need to use the campervan. These include the extension cord and mains adapter in campsites or campervan stops, water hose, leveling wedges, camping table, chairs, crockery, cutlery, etc.

When picking up the vehicle, check all possible damage to the campervan, check the condition of the engine (oil, coolant, and brake fluid), tires and pressure in them and write down the amount of fuel and gas so that there will be no problems when returning the vehicle.

Check the validity of all documents (traffic license, insurance policy, valid assistance, international motor insurance card, or green card). Sign a rental agreement with the landlord, which you must have with you, as this is proof that the owner of the vehicle allows you to use it.

Take Advantage of Campsites and Campervan Stops

You can choose between campervan or campsite stops. Overnight stays in unmarked places or motorway stops are not recommended, mainly for safety reasons. The unprepared know that you have more valuable things with you on your campervan trip (cameras, computer, money), they can also rob you while you sleep.

You need to be careful at the stops, as not all of them are equipped with the possibility of campervan care. You can help yourself with various mobile applications where equipment data is entered. 

Watch out for time limits, as most bus stops are tied to 24-hour campervan parking, and if you exceed that deadline, you pay the full price for an extra day.

Camps are the safest form of accommodation, and we recommend it in case you stay in a certain place for a long time. Usually, each campsite has a place where it is possible to supply the campervan (water, feces), and by connecting to electricity, recharge the discharged batteries. 

Some campsites also have gas filling stations. The camps also offer additional services from children’s playgrounds, sports fields, landscaped beaches, swimming pools to shops and restaurants.


Campervan holidays are considered to be a special experience. They provide a massive amount of freedom, and at the same time, a good feeling of homeliness. 

Numerous parking spaces and campsites offer a wide range of activities that bring variety to your vacation: restaurants, nightclubs and cafes, sports facilities, and children’s playgrounds, as well as your own or nearby bathing facilities.

Slovenia is a great place to visit for campervan travel. If you’re ready explore green Slovenia, there are places to go and villages to see. Where do you want to start?

Slovenia has many different places where a campervan is excellent for your family. From picturesque countrysides to the karst region, there is something for everyone. Talk to us now, and let us help you find the place for you.

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