11 Most Picturesque Towns to Visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is an insiders’ country, relatively unknown to most people. If you are looking for a discovery trip through Slovenia and want to get off the beaten tracks, the Slovenian countryside and its lovely small towns are made for you. Far from the boiling of Ljubljana, Piran, or Bled, the country has an abundance of authentic villages to visit.

Whether you go east towards Maribor, southwest heading to the coast, in the direction of the Julian Alps, or in Ljubljana’s immediate vicinity, you will find plenty of picturesque villages nestled in luxurious nature to walk by. Small towns in Slovenia are steeped in history with many medieval remains and cultural venues.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of Slovenia’s eleven most unmistakable villages to discover. You will find the best in the country in the little towns: warm and welcoming people, lush environment, historical monuments, exciting events, and amazing views, among many other upsides.

1. Piran

Let’s start this list with the most famous town in Slovenia. Piran is not an undiscovered village, but it sure is one of the loveliest in the whole country. This medieval village is the gem of the Slovenian Adriatic coast. From its beautiful fortress, you can see both Italy and Croatia, with the beautiful sea boarding every corner.

One of the biggest highlights of the town is the beautiful Tartini place. The square is exceptionally picturesque and welcoming, and always fascinating with its many events, festivals, and cafés. You can discover the city every season and still be amazed and surprised by its beautiful narrow streets.

The wonderful medieval town is surrounded by the sea, so you can decide to take a swim from everywhere in the city. You can also make it up to Strunjan, right next to Piran, to enjoy the beautiful Moon Bay and its “picture postcards” views. Visiting the beautiful Shell and Snails museum is also a great idea.

To complete the whole Piran experience, feel free to head up to the Piran salines: they offer amazing views and an occasion to learn more about the tremendous Slovenian salt and its legends. Do not forget to bring some home!

Piran Tourism Center, Tartinijev trg 2, 6330 Piran
Contact: +386 (0)5 673 44 40
Website: https://www.portoroz.si/si/ 

2. Radovljica

Radovljica is a lovely medieval town ideally located right next to Bled Lake, the most visited lake in Slovenia and a real national symbol. The charming village is accessible with a 45 minutes drive from Ljubljana and provides a total escape from the big city. Radovljica offers the sweet life of the Julian Alps and the riches of many traditions.

In many ways, Radovljica encompasses the authentic Slovenian experience. Indeed, you will find there beautiful monuments and churches like Saint Peter’s church, but also many proofs of the Slovenian traditions of honey and chocolate, one of the country’s most renowned highlights.

Please do not skip the visit of the fantastic Radovljica beekeeping museum and its beautiful wooden panels: the city is the capital of apiculture in Slovenia. If you are lucky, you can also come across the Festival of chocolate. Still, at any time of the year, you will be able to enjoy the city’s numerous Gostilnas and their fantastic menus made with local products.

If you come to Slovenia in December, stopping in Radovljica should really be mandatory! It is the occasion to admire Bled Lake under the snow and try the insider’s Christmas traditions in Radovljica’s Christmas market.

Beekeeping Museum of Radovljica, Linhartov trg 1, 4240 Radovljica
Contact: +386 4 532 05 20
Website: http://mro.si/en/musem-of-apiculture/ 

Tourism Center: Linhartov trg 9, 4240 Radovljica
Contact: +386 (0)4 531 51 12
Website: https://www.radolca.si/ 

3. Kobarid

Located in the northwestern part of the country, in the Soca Valley area, the beautiful city of Kobarid has many wonders to offer. The visit to this town will be great for you in many ways. First, this is one of the most significant and most exciting villages boarding the amazing Soca river. You have to see it in order to believe how blue it is, but the photos will surely make you want to go!

In Kobarid, you will find many picturesque spots and views on the emerald green river. One of the most unique and exciting locations in the city is the impressive Church of Saint Anthony and its sights on the whole valley, with its beautiful mountains, monuments, churches, and river. The architecture of the church is also particularly breathtaking.

Right next to the church, you will come across the Kobarid Museum. This small but interesting museum is specialized in the events of World War I and, more precisely, of the Soška front and Isonzo Front battles. Indeed, the eventful village of Kobarid was the scenery of the Battle of Caporetto, that took place in 1917.

If you want to see more of this ancient past, you can follow the walk of peace towards the Napoleon bridge, a remain of the French occupation of Slovenia in the early 19th century. You can then walk about half an hour through this lovely path until coming across the beautiful Kozjak Waterfall. You will get to see one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Slovenia for about two euros.

WWI Museum, Gregorčičeva ulica 10, 5222 Kobarid
Contact: +386(0)5 389 00 00
Website: https://www.kobariski-muzej.si/ 

Kobarid Tourism Center, Trg svobode 16, 5222 Kobarid
Contact: +386 (0)5 380 04 90
Website: https://www.soca-valley.com/sl/ 

4. Idrija

Idrija is another excellent and rich village in the east of Slovenia. Many Slovenian traditions find their roots in this charming little town: the most renowned one is Idrija’s lace. The city is also famous for its expansive culinary legacy, for housing the second largest mercury mine in the world, and being a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a lot to visit there!

For the first experience in Idrija, one of the unique things to do is to take a famous minor’s lift and go discover the oldest mining hub in Slovenia. You will also have the chance to assist in the process of mercury extraction and admire the comprehensive collections of the village’s municipal museum.

After a few moments underground, you will probably crave the luxurious outdoors of the city and its numerous walking and biking paths. On the banks of the Idrijca river, you will find many intriguing cultural and natural curiosities. You can even climb the highest mountain in town, Mount Javornik, that peaks at 1,268 meters above sea level.

To combine the discovery of Idrija’s culinary tradition and the pleasure of outdoor activity, you can take a food walk through the town’s finest food, drinks, and monuments. During your journey, you definitely have to try the Idrija žlikrofi, a kind of stuffed pasta that makes the pride of many Slovenians.

Idrija Municipal Museum, Prelovčeva ulica 9, 5280 Idrija
Contact: +386 (0)5 372 66 00
Website: https://www.muzej-idrija-cerkno.si/ 

Idrija Tourism Center, Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
Contact: +386 40 450 90
Website: https://www.visit-idrija.si/ 

5. Bovec

Bovec, along with Kobarid, is one of the most exciting towns bordering the amazing Soca Valley. It is a lovely and authentic Slovenian village that proposes many outdoor water activities on the river. The offer includes rafting, canoeing and kayaking, a zip line above the blue Soca, and canyoning, among many others.

The town of Bovec is very pretty by itself, notably thanks to the enormous mountains that surround it, but it is also an ideal starting point for a long walk alongside the Soca river. The best way to discover it is to take the longest trail, from Bovec to the spring of the Soca, 25 kilometers away. 

The main highlights of this fascinating path are the amazing small gorge and the even more impressive Great Soca Gorge that measures 750 kilometers and is 15 meters deep. You also have to discover the beautiful Boka Slap, the biggest waterfall in Slovenia.

Bovec Tourist Info Center, Trg golobarskih ztrec 22, 5239 Bovec, Slovenia
Contact: +386 (0)5 30 29 647 / or mail: info.bovec@dolina-soce.si 
Website: https://www.soca-valley.com/sl/ 

6. Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda is a lovely town located in the extreme western part of the country, right next to the Italian border. Brda is a famous wine area that benefits from the proximity of the Julian Alps and the Mediterranean. The region is mainly known for its sunny climate, its outstanding wines, and its wonderful culinary heritage: many call this area the “Slovenian Tuscany”.

To really experience the city of Goriška Brda, your first thought should really be to taste it, in the beautiful scenery of a wine festival, a roam in the vineyards, or even in an elegant natural frame like an orchard or an olive grove. We could not say everything there is to know about Goriška Brda, because we cannot put words to the fantastic views that await you in this picturesque village. 

Come see for yourself the magnificent rolling hillsides planted with vineyards, come try the delicious wines in the numerous caves, and take a walking or biking trail all around the impressive Dobrovo Castle. You may even assist in one of the memorable Goriška Brda’s grape harvest!

Tourist information Office Brda, Šmartno 13, 5211 Kojsko
Contact: +386 (0)5 395 95 95 / or email: tic@brda.si 
Website: https://www.brda.si/eng/ 

7. Skofja Loka

If you were looking carefully for undiscovered but yet picturesque places in Slovenia, you probably came across pictures of this charming little town, its cute bridges, and its unique colored houses planted along the banks of the river. Luckily for you, this lovely place is ideally located, less than a half an hour drive from Ljubljana.

In this big and beautiful village, you will find one of the most exciting gems in the center of Slovenia. It is indeed classified in the UNESCO living patrimony and is gifted with many ancient traditions such as blacksmithing and lacemaking. The most playful activities in Skofja Loka includes the walk of Romuald’s Passion Play Path, an interactive journey around the main attractions and legends of the town.

If you come during Summer, add this town to your bathing list: this is a great place to take a swim with family or friends. Do not miss the Kopacnica pool, a unique natural source with a Summer temperature that exceeds 23°C, a curiosity among Slovenia’s rivers!

Tourist information center, Kidričeva cesta 1a, 4220 Škofja Loka
Contact: +386 (0)4 517 06 00
Website: http://www.visitskofjaloka.si/si/ 

8. Kamnik

Kamnik is one of the most beautiful villages in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps area. This is a medieval town with many highlights: the main attractions include two magnificent castles, lovely streets with vibrant colors, a monastery, and many engaging artisan workshops. 

The place also makes a great starting point if you want to visit Velika Planina, the best hiking trail in Slovenia, or again a Slovenian thermal bath like Terme Snovnik, or even the most significant arboretum in the country. There is a lot to do in this picturesque area. 

Velika Planina is definitely the main upside of the region, especially if you have the chance to be there when the lovely cows are on the plateau with their cute bells. The shepherds will warmly welcome you, and I guarantee you that all of the hard climbing is a hundred percent worth it!

The beautiful village of Kamnik and the charming hamlet in Velika Planina combined are offering one of the most authentic and traditional experiences in the whole Slovenia.

Turistično informacijski center Kamnik, Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik
Contact: +386 (0)1 831 82 50
Website: visitkamnik.com

9. Podsreda

Podsreda is one of the main attractions in the Styrian area, in the eastern part of the country. It is located not far from the Croatian border and is particularly renowned for its Sunday weekly market. However, its major highlight is its fantastic castle, one of the most photographed in Slovenia: in fact, I’m sure you have seen this monument before. This is a beautiful roman architecture that you should not skip visiting.

After a visit to this beautiful castle, you can head up to Kozjanski park, a unique green gem highlighted by the fortress. The place also benefits from the beautiful meadow orchards nearby. If you are a church enthusiast, you cannot miss the town’s parish church that was built there in the early 19th century.

If you want a fun fact about this town, know that the famous Yugoslav leader Josip Brod, alias Tito, spend a significant part of its childhood in this lovely town. 

For the castle: Grad Podsreda 103, 3257 Podsreda
Contact: +386 (0)3 580 61 18
Website: http://kozjanski-park.si/,%20http:/castlepodsreda.com/ 

For the park:
Contact: +386 (0)3 800 71 00                       
Website: https://kozjanski-park.si/?lang=en 

10. Novo Mesto

If you are searching for a nice medieval town not so far away from Ljubljana, you will be pleased with Novo Mesto. It has the upside of being located less than 45 minutes away from the capital city. This beautiful town has a lovely historic center and market and offers impressive views alongside the river.

To enjoy the experience and the area at their most, make sure also to visit the interesting Castle of Otocec nearby! If you are staying a few days in Novo Mesto and want to enjoy a fairytale night, you have to book one of the fantastic rooms of this castle, amazingly nestled in the middle of a river. This will guarantee you an unforgettable stay. The neighboring small village of the same name and its delightful gostilna are also worth the sight.

Turistično informacijski center Novo mesto, Glavni trg 11, 8000 Novo mesto
Contact: +386 (0)7 393 92 63
Website: https://www.visitdolenjska.eu/tic-novo-mesto.html 

For Otocec:
Tourist Information Center Brežice, Cesta prvih borcev 24, 8250 Brežice
Contact: info@discoverbrezice.com / or + 386 (0)7 49 66 995
Website: https://www.discoverbrezice.com/tic-brezice 

11. Kranjska Gora

Whether you are in Slovenia during the ski season or not, you should definitely manage to stop by Kranjska Gora. This is a fantastic starting point for outdoor lovers, in both Winter and Summer: you can hike, ski, and do everything you want in this Julian Alps área!

If you can, make sure to stop by the Vrsic Pass and enjoy the company of the sheeps in the mountains after a quick walk around the beautiful town’s lake.

Tourist Information Center Kranjska Gora, Kolodvorska street 1c, 4280 Kranjska Gora
Contact: +386 (0)4 580 94 40 / or info@kranjska-gora.eu 
Website: https://kranjska-gora.si/en/tourist-information-opening-hours/ 

Visit the Small Slovenian Towns!

There are many options on this list, but even more to see. If you have the chance to come for a relatively long time in Slovenia, the important thing is not to skip the visit to the small villages. They may not be as touristic as the main attractions in Slovenia, but they are undoubtedly right next to them, so go for both!

Indeed, visiting the small villages will offer you a unique opportunity to talk with locals and discover their traditions: this is the best way to get to know Slovenia! You will learn more about their enormous cultural, historical, and culinary heritage, but also what areas suits you the most. If you were enthusiastic about Kobarid or Bovec, you could read our article focusing on the numerous activities to discover in the Soca Valley.

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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