Unofficial Guide to the Predjama Castle: Seen With Your Eyes

For visitors finding themselves in Postojna, the first attraction that comes to mind is the Postojna Cave. Even then, Predjama Castle is another must-see attraction around these parts of Slovenia. Its awe-inspiring beauty may have inspired a few modern epics we know today. The Predjama Castle or Predjamski grad is […]

Slovenia Insiders Hints: 48h Trip to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, and it is the first city you must visit if you are a tourist in the country. Ljubljana is the heart of Slovenia, both geographically and culturally. There, you will be less than two hours from every dream destination in Slovenia, and you will get to […]

Slovenia Insiders Hints: 24h Trip to Novo Mesto

Slovenia is a small country, but there are hundreds of places to discover. During a week in Slovenia, you will have time to see the coast, the mountains, the plains, lakes, rivers, caves, and many other things. One of the best things to visit is also cities, and after seeing […]