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Ultimate Guide To Slovenia’s Art History And Masterpieces

Art is an international language, and it barely needs any words. At the same time, it’s a way to show off a country’s art history and everything they underwent. Slovenia’s art history offers a beautiful look into their culture, and their masterpieces talk about the Slovene identity.  Slovenia has centuries […]

The Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Slovenian Idrija Lace

Slovenia is full of art history, together with unique traditional crafts. Among them, the Slovenian Idrija lace is famous for its rich history, spanning across the Balkan region. In the small town of Idrija, a proud tradition of bobbin lace gives insight into Slovenia’s past. Idrijska čipka lace or Idrija […]

Are there Any Slovenian Nobel Laureates?

People move nations, not vice versa. Moreover, nations are often proud of their most valuable personalities. Those are revolutionists, writers, scientists, musicians, politicians, and other people of culture. Of course, big nations have a lot of them, because the more citizens you have, the larger possibility to have an important […]

Solkan Bridge, the World’s Longest Stone-arch Bridge Railway

Slovenia, as a country, includes a lot of unique things, even in spite of its size. Those ones include nature, weather, flora and fauna, mountains, music, culture, cuisine, vine and other drinks, festivals, cities, and even some records. One such record is Solkan Bridge. Solkan Bridge is the world’s longest […]

Slovenia’s Role in the History of Slavic Languages

Slavic languages still remain an undiscovered world for western people. Even speakers of one of them are not often aware of the language their neighbors speak. Slavic language family is quite big and consists of a number of national as well as regional languages.  In its turn, the Slovenian language […]

6+2 Best Slovenian Documentary Films

Documentaries are a very niche field art. They usually involve not such big audiences. They are hard to produce because it requires a lot of research. Moreover, they have narrow limits and borders but need to be creative enough in order not to become boring. However, people are still creating […]