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8 Movies You Did Not Know were Shot in Slovenia

We quite often watch films, series, sitcoms, or any other cinematography. People love interesting stories, thrilling plots, and beautiful motion-picture. Moreover, we like science, fiction, or fantasy, and these genres enhance our imagination and let us believe in something supernatural. However, we don’t even realize that magical scenes can be […]

Ljubljana International Expo: The Biennial of Graphic Arts

Ljubljana has many art events throughout the year, but almost nothing is as prestigious as the Biennial of Graphic Arts. It’s one of the longest-running biennials in the world, working as an exhibition of contemporary graphic art. Ever-changing, it reflects the continuous growth of Slovenian culture. The Ljubljana Internationa Expo […]

Cankarjev Dom: The Cultural and Congress Center of Ljubljana

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, among the best event places is Cankarjev Dom. Known as the Cankar Hall or Cankar Center, it is the largest Slovenian congress, convention, and cultural center. It is central to many of Ljubljana’s most significant events and houses many different activities you’d surely love. […]

How Many Museums are there in Slovenia?

Many people consider museums boring. However, this is a biased approach because they evolve like music or any other kind of art. Of course, there are classical museums that can be interesting for historians or other academicians. On the other hand, some of the alternative museums can really impress. In […]

Discover the Ljubljana National Gallery and its Paintings

If you find yourself visiting Ljubljana, among the places you’ll see is the National Gallery. The Ljubljana National Gallery is Slovenia’s top destination for historical art. It contains much of Slovenia’s history, especially from its early days. The National Gallery or Narodna Galerija holds the country’s biggest collection of fine […]

The Ljubljana Ethnographic Museum: a Trip to Nature Culture

Slovenia is full of history, and Ljubljana is among the most beautiful cities in the world. Among the trendiest places to visit in town is the Ljubljana Ethnographic Museum. It has a bunch of curiosities you likely won’t see anywhere else. Known as the Slovenia Ethnographic Museum, the exhibit shows […]