Art & Culture

Theater in Slovenia: Festivals, Buildings, and Troops

Theater, as a kind of performing arts, has a long history. Everybody knows that it became popular in Ancient Greece and then spread around the world. However, does everybody know when the Slovenian theater appeared? In fact, Slovenians have a long tradition of performing arts. It dates back to the […]

History and Current Scene of the Ana Monro Theater

The theater is one of the oldest arts in human history. Therefore, some people already became biased about it taking into consideration only the classics and thinking of it as some boring activity. In fact, theater evolutional a long time ago, and now we have such a variety of attractive […]

The Ljubljana Modern Art Museum and Its Cultural Café

For those visiting Ljubljana, one of the must-stops is the Museum of Modern Art. Known locally as Moderna galerija, it’s the home of modern art in Slovenia. There’s more to it than a simple gallery – it’s a gateway to the minds of eclectic artists in Slovenia and around the […]

Who Were the Major Slovenian Philosophers?

Philosophy remains a controversial science. On the one hand, it is one of the meta-sciences, therefore the one that began the others. On the other hand, some people consider it already irrelevant. In any case, famous philosophers don’t suffer from this discourse. They work in universities, receive awards, and become […]

Are There Any Famous Slovenian Musicians?

Music is an inevitable part of any culture. It does not only relax the listener and brings positive emotions. Music opens a door to hidden senses, through which you can discover an inner world of an artist as well as the culture he represents. Slovenian culture is highly musical. Starting […]