11 Best Swimming Spots in Slovenia: Sea, Lakes, Rivers

What could be nicer than to find refreshment in a lake, river, or sea that invites just by looking at the crystal clear water? If you visit Slovenia, you will officially find more than four dozen natural swimming spots. From seas to lakes to rivers, the best swimming spots in Slovenia are gorgeous as they can be.

Slovenia has some of the best natural swimming spots in Europe. With the Adriatic Sea bordering its beautiful beaches and natural waters from the mountains, you can enjoy it for sure. You can visit Piran and Portoroz, or bathe in Izola and Lake Bled.

You’ll find that much of the local waters are enjoyable and refreshing. Let yourself be seduced and jump into the water. Here are the 11 best swimming spots you’ll find in Slovenia.

Swimming Around Slovenia

Slovenia can have a more brutal summer month compared to most of Europe. The United Kingdom, for example, gets an average of 62.6 F (17.2 C) in 2019. Slovenia can get a little warmer, with the summer months rising well above 86 F (30 C).

Summer, however, is one of the best times to go around and swim in Slovenia. The waters are cold but not too much, offering a refreshing feeling once you go for a dip. Many Slovenian swimming spots are in natural, generally undisturbed locales. There are also areas, especially the beaches, where everything is well-developed.

For Slovenians, many go out towards water adventures to freshen up. Most lakes and rivers are only a few kilometers at most, depending on where you want to go.

Around Ljubljana, for example, you can go out of the city and take a few minutes. You can even take the bus in the morning, swim, and come back in time for lunch!

Toddlers also find the most fun while swimming. Many of these locales are a good choice for people who want natural swimming spots in Slovenia. If you’re going out for a swim, however, you want to have the right equipment.

As mandatory equipment we recommend:

  • picnic blanket
  • sunscreen and sunscreen
  • swimwear
  • towels
  • (if necessary) gloves or swimming ring

Before swimming, remember that it’s crucial to preserve the natural beauty and lakes. A few Slovenian lakes are even endangered from over-encroachment, so there are ways to help.

For starters, you can use natural sunscreens that are not harmful to the sea or water. It’s also best to take your trash out with you as you go out.

Before you go swimming in the wild and tidy beaches and lakes, we recommend that you research what you would need when visiting. Some locales would need swimmers to schedule ahead. With that said, here are some of the best picks we have for you.

Piran and Portoroz

Are you in favor of more lively happenings in and by the sea? Or are you looking for your own oasis of peace with the smell of the sea? Around the locale of ​​Portorož and Piran, we’re sure you’ll find both. 

You’ll also find your own piece of the beach, depending on what energizes you. Those eager for good nightlife and social life can jump on the central beach of Portorož. Those who are looking for intimate corners will retreat to the Bay of the Moon. 

In addition to the sea, you’ll find that there are two freshwater lakes in Fiesa. The swimming spot in Strunjan is also popular. The choice is varied. What will you choose?

Indulge in the pleasures of the stunning sea air and activities right by the Adriatic Sea. Catch the first rays of spring sunshine, summer refreshment, autumn sports adventures, or a romantic winter walk. 

Although they are most besieged on hot summer days due to the pleasantly warm sea, the beaches in Portorož and Piran create an idyllic backdrop for your experiences at any time of the year.

1. Portorož Central Beach

Start your adventures at the central beach of Portorož stretches over an area of ​​approx. 25,000 square meters. Once you reach there, you’ll find an area divided by both grass and sand. 

The central beach of Portorož is an inspiration to all swimming spots looking forward to staying green. The beach has been achieving the best results in terms of swimming water quality for many years now too.

The beach also has a diverse set of offers, represented by four beach volleyball courts, a children’s playground, water sports, a children’s amusement park on the water, numerous bars, and even a pastry shop. Sports and recreation are provided, together with relaxation and entertainment.

Every year, the central beach of Portorož receives the “Blue Flag” award. The Blue Flag is a prestigious award for quality excellence, given by the Society for Environmental Education of Europe in Slovenia. This award is the most prestigious European symbol for quality and respect for the environment and for a clean, safe, and friendly beach.

If you plan on visiting Portoroz, its beaches are quite the destination.

2. Bele Skale Beach

They say the best things are wild and free. If you want to save up on money and still enjoy, the White Rock is for you. Known to locals as Bele Skale, everyone can find a place for themselves here. 

The path leads along the coast towards Cape Ronek, offering a simple, beautiful view for those who visit. Peace, views of the city in the distance, and the roar of the waves. Nothing more. 

You can find protection from the sun under the bushes. You can build your own canopy with flooded wood and towels. Everything here depends on what you want to do.

The nearest parking lot by foot is under the Belvedere hill, so you won’t find technology here immediately. The beach is part of the protected area of ​​the Strunjan Landscape Park.

Bele Skale beach is very popular and visited especially among individuals and couples who want privacy and enjoyment of peace without disturbing others. Mostly nudists swim in its general vicinity.

3. The Beach Below Belvedere

The Beach Below the Belvedere stretches for less than 100 meters of coastline. Even then, it still enjoys cult status among locals. Once a center of youth and alternative culture, today it still remains a popular spot for youth from all walks of life. 

Tall poplars offer sun protection to bathers looking for space for their towels. Slacklines on the lawn along the cliffs provide protection from the winds. The wooden pier is an ideal springboard for cooling off in the sea and seductive views. 

Many evenings are marked by live music and entertainment that ends only in the morning. You can reach the Beach Below Belvedere by a picturesque road between the fields. It is accessible by car, and a free minibus service is available for hotel guests. 

The beach can also be accessed via a beautifully landscaped seaside footpath from Simon’s Bay. The beach below Belvedere has no entrance fee, but in summer they usually charge for parking in the upper car park.


Summer – a time when we like to bask in the sun and indulge in the pleasures of our sea is at the door. In Izola, there are as many as eight different beaches on a good 3 miles (5 km) of coastline.

Izola has the most diverse beaches in Slovenia: from landscaped beaches to natural or wild beaches. You’ll find beaches with the most beautiful view to the underwater archaeological sites, and beaches for the disabled and dog beaches.

4. Simon’s Bay

Simon’s Bay is known as the most family-friendly part of the coast. You’ll find yourself a sandy bay and you can play some volleyball. There’s also a local water slide and events in the nearby archaeological park.

Simon’s Bay, each summer, transforms into a complete family experience. You can also try different water sports on the beach! You can rent kayaks, pedal boats, and more. You can also rent them at the Izola Tourist Information Center.

A novelty of the beach is also a renovated restaurant, which is great for both coffee and a cocktail at night. In the immediate vicinity, your toddlers can also enjoy the children’s playgrounds.

5. Beach By The Lighthouse

The locals’ favorite is one of the more iconic beaches in Slovenian Istria. Located in the very center of the city is the beach by the lighthouse. It boasts an incredible view of Debeli rtič, Koper, and the Strunjan landscape park. 

When the sky is really clear, your view can reach all the way to Trieste and even to the snow-capped Alps. A big plus of this beach is also safe access to the sea, the shade of trees in a nearby forest.

There is a meadow with a children’s playground, so the beach is extremely popular among parents and children. In June, the international film festival Kino Otok will take place in a grove under pine trees.

Lakes Around Slovenia

Slovenia has many natural and artificial lakes, some of which are especially attractive for refreshing visits on hot summer days. Some of the best swimming spots in Slovenia are popular destinations for summer swimming. 

Many of the largest Slovenian natural lakes are on this list, but you will also find a pleasant nearby lake that you can enjoy for sure.

6. Lake Bled

If you’re looking for great fun for the whole family, many things await you at the Castle Baths at Lake Bled. You’ll find yourself swimming at the lake itself and enjoying a lot more.

For starters, an excellent culinary offer awaits you at Lake Bled. There are popular swimming spots too that brings a ton of tourists, including Mala and Velika Zaka, near the camp. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for various activities along and on the water.

There are quite a few beautifully landscaped swimming spots around the lake. One of the more popular is near the camp and is called Velika Zaka. Swimmers also have showers at their disposal, and there is a macadam parking lot nearby. 

Among the locals, there is a more popular swimming pool in Mala Zaka near the rowing center. Here, you can sunbathe on the grassy or asphalt shore with wooden piers. Also worth a visit is the Castle Baths, located in a beautiful location under the high rock of Bled Castle.

7. Lake Bohinj

For those lovers of beautiful, authentic nature, there’s nothing that can challenge the beauty of Lake Bohinj. Whether you go to Fužine Bay or in Ukanc, you’ll see something marvelous. In addition to swimming, the lake is popular with surfers, kayakers, and canoeists. Fishermen and divers will also get their money’s worth.

The water in Lake Bohinj is renewed three times a year. The main inflow is the Savica, and the main outflow is the Sava Bohinjka. More than a third of the water flows into it through karst springs below the lake surface along the northern shore. 

During heavy rains, karst waters rise to the surface in the Govic spring on the Pršivec slope.

The largest and deepest lake in Slovenia, it is extremely clean and suitable for swimming. For children, the beach Fužinarski zaliv is recommended, where the shore slowly descends into the depths. 

8. Lake Velenje

Lake Velenje is also one of the best swimming spots in Slovenia, as well as other water activities. Here you can rent SUPs and surfboards, have fun in the water park or enjoy activities on the coast.

In the vicinity of Velenje, due to the underground excavation of lignite coal, lakes were created, which are called Šaleška lakes: Škalsko, Velenje, and Družmirsko. 

The largest is Velenje. There are well-kept walking paths and benches around the lakes, and fishing enthusiasts can also find a place they want to relax. Lake Velenje is clean, and research shows that it is perfect for carefree swimming.

9. Kolpa River

The Kolpa is considered to be the warmest river in Slovenia. On the longest Slovenian river, you will come across a swimming spot and numerous campsites at almost every step. 

You can treat yourself to a water party for the whole family in the Podzemelj camp. Stop in the bathing area Radenci ob Kolpi, which visitors called “natural spas.”

As the Kolpa is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia, you will find several places suitable for you to enjoy. One of them is the swimming pool at Camp Podzemelj, where access to water is arranged. They also have a lot of activities and additional offers. 

If you are not bothered by the slightly colder water, you can head to the village of Grgelj. Here you will find a beautiful swimming area with a sandy beach next to the Lobič Malenca homestead. 

10. Nadiža River

If you want something special, you will find a pleasant freshness in the Nadiža river. It is considered one of the warmest alpine rivers, as the water temperature rises above 20 C in summer. 

With its clear pools and tidy places for swimming, it lures many people into the water. Rumors even say that it has healing powers.

Clear pools and well-kept bathing areas of one of the cleanest and warmest alpine rivers invite you to jump into the water, swim and lie in the shade.

Nadiž river is magical to the locals and folk tradition ascribes to its healing power. It is also home to many endemic species of freshwater fish of the Adriatic, together with the trout, rainbow trout, and grayling. The banks and gravels in some places are embraced by willows, which give the river a particularly magical look.

The area where the Nadiža dug deep troughs is adorned by the famous Napoleon Bridge. This bridge is where Napoleon’s army penetrated from Venice to Carinthia in the 18th century. Today’s bridge was built after the First World War, on the remains of the original bridge.

11. Soča River

The emerald green forest and the Soča River have their own color, symbolizing the renewal and awakening of life. The precious stone and the river are united by the harmony of transparent blue-green light, tranquility, and fresh air. 

The Soča River impresses every seeker of active experiences but also enchants the traveler. Those who enjoy the exceptional beauty of nature, peace, and leisurely relaxation will love it here.

On the Soča River, swimming is possible in three locations:

  • the Soča River near the bridge in Čezsoča
  • the Soča River at the bridge in Tolmin
  • the Soča River at its confluence with the Tolminka

The water temperature in summer ranges from 11 ° C at the bridge in Čezsoča to 15 ° C at Tolmin. The bathing area at the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka is a well-known concert and festival venue, where many festivals take place in the summer.          


What could be nicer than jumping and swimming in crystal clear water? In Slovenia, you have enough opportunities to indulge in such pleasures. The best swimming spots in Slovenia are located all over the country so, wherever you are, you can go enjoy a dip.

It’s important to take care of these natural swimming spots both as locals and tourists. If you’re planning a trip to Slovenia any time soon, be a part of this green-thinking too. 

Reach out to us, and let’s help you see all the beautiful natural wonders you’ll find in Slovenia. It’s a gorgeous world out there.

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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