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Slovenia, the 7th Safest Country in The World

Slovenia is a quite unknown country, and those who have heard of it may me only remember its eventful past. It is then considered by many as one Central European countries, among others, and some tourists may even fear this destination and avoid it because of safety concerns. 

However, Slovenia is actually one of the safest countries in the World. Since 1991, this is a modern republic with a remarkably stable economy and democracy unrivaled in the area. According to the Global Peace Index, Slovenia gained three places in the last three years as the 7th most peaceful country in the World.

Let’s find out to what extent and why Slovenia offers unparalleled living conditions, allowing you to visit the country without any second thoughts!

An Overall Peaceful Country

According to the Global Peace Index study led by the Institute for Economics and Peace among 163 independent states and territories covering 99.7% of the World’s population, Slovenia has become safer and safer in the past few years. This GPI index is the most used indicator of its kind in peaceful and safety fields, so it can be trusted.

This index that ranked Slovenia has the World’s 7th safest country in 2017 considers three types of criteria. Twenty-three different factors are analyzed in the categories of level of safety in the society, the extent of ongoing domestic and international conflicts, and Slovenia’s degree of militarisation.

The study also considers very diverse parameters, going from the military spendings to the level of crime and violent protests, but also external relations with other countries.

The results evidenced by the index show that Slovenia is exceptionally safe concerning its level of militarisation. It ranks 4th in the World in 2020, after Iceland and New Zealand, and more than 150 places before France, for example. 

Slovenia’s excellent performance results in a little economic cost of violence in the country. This absence of expense is one of the factors that is assuring the country a very stable economy, a low rate of unemployment, and that makes of Slovenia the wealthiest economy of former Yugoslavia.

In these conditions, Slovenia has become a fantastic location for entrepreneurs wishing to launch businesses in Central Europe while worrying about securing their companies.

Overall, Slovenia is a pretty peaceful state that could enjoy a really excellent reputation. You do not risk much while traveling to Slovenia, because the country is at 99% a quiet oasis. Once these facts and this article have convinced you, you will quickly notice than Slovenia offers almost unparalleled tranquility of life. 

One of the World’s Lowest Crime Rate 

According to the Slovenian police data, the country deserves its position in the World Classement. Indeed, Slovenia probably has the planet’s best result in one of the most important parameters: the crime rate. You have to note that in the country, more than 90% of registered criminal acts are ‘’only’’ thefts, and even them are rare.

The homicide rate in Slovenia is meager, 2.5 times lower than the French one and 5.2 lower than its however safe neighbor, Hungary. In fact, it only witnessed ten homicides in 2018, and none of them were linked to the use of firearms. 

The proportion of assault (which comprises attacks resulting in serious bodily injuries and excludes sexual assault) in Slovenia is also lower than any of its neighbors, and way more moderate than in most occidental countries. 

Overall, violent crimes in Slovenia are very uncommon, and you do not have to spend your holidays worrying about them. As a tourist or a freshly settled foreigner, you can still contact the local police by composing 113 if you witness any misfortune. They will take very few moments to arrive, and will most likely be able to understand and speak proper English.

Terrorist Risk

Threatens of terrorist attacks are one thing you cannot rule out, and this applies regardless of the country in the World you are in. However, statistically and pragmatically speaking, Slovenia remains one of the few European countries without a recent terrorist attack record. 

In Slovenia, you should apply the same rules of caution and prudence than anywhere else, but it is not something that mainly hangs over Slovenians’ heads. However, be especially careful in very frequented public areas and even more if they are usually filled with foreign tourists. 

Anyways, the most important thing you need to know is that Slovenia firmly condemns terrorism and does not encourage any kind of violent acts or state terrorism. 

A Safe Place for Women and LGBTI People

The safety of a country can be a criterion of particular importance for minorities, such as women, people of color, and LGBTI people who cannot merely visit any country without worrying about harassment or even violent crimes such as severe aggression, rape, or murder.

However, even if Slovenia does not escape the systemic issues of sexism, for example, this is a relatively safe country for women. Even if you are traveling alone, you will probably not feel particularly threatened in Slovenia. It is also evident that some integrated precaution rules, such as not walking alone at night in deserted areas, will still be useful to women, whether they are tourists or not.

Sexual assault, which concerns women in a vast majority of cases, remains a significant issue in Slovenia but is statistically way lower than in most other countries. This way, the registered rape rate is of two cases for every 100,000 people, while it is about two times higher in Hungary, 5 in Austria, and nearly 10 in France. 

Overall, Slovenia is a pretty good country for being a woman nowadays: according to the Institute for Women, Peace and Security, it ranks 4th out of 152 countries considering the observance of women’s rights. It closely monitors Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland, on criteria including safety and efficiency of the justice system.

Concerning the risk of aggression or harassment incurred by LGBTI people in Slovenia, it also remains pretty low, still compared with other bordering or similar countries. We cannot advise you to go walking hand in hand in the streets without a care in the World, but it does not differ from any other country. 

In a nutshell, you do not have to spend your time worrying about physical aggression in Slovenia since there are really few examples registered over the last decades: so you will more have to deal with isolated cases of bigotry than fearing for your integrity and safety. 

Free of Natural Disasters

Slovenia is a fantastic destination for nature lovers. It is one of the cleanest countries in the World and especially Ljubljana, where it is particularly apparent. Slovenia is also a very green destination, with nearly 60% of its territory is covered in forests, that hosts one of the most biodiverse countries in the World. It indeed counts about 24,000 different living species and many reserves, parks, and their numerous hiking trails.

While picturing this country and its landscapes, you may fear the natural disasters that could come along with them. However, there is absolutely no threat of such a thing since Slovenia has no record of this kind of event and is located on an earthquake fault line. 

Thefts, Pickpockets And Car Break-ins

We are getting there: the only few little threats that could affect your trip to Slovenia. Even if it remains a very safe country where you can travel unbothered, it is not totally possible to avoid the presence of thefts, wherever they are bag snatchers or pickpockets.

Most of these risks can easily be avoided if you are careful and pay attention to your belongings, especially in public transportations, the pickpockets’ favorite playground. If you are particularly worried about thief and transport risks, I recommend you avoid picking taxis on the streets: always call a reliable company since some reports of taxi scams have been made. 

Pickpockets are also relatively rare for a tourist country. Still, you may take precautions to avoid a disastrous stay, like keeping money in different places, not easily accessible if you can do.

Furthermore, you have a slight risk of being scammed in Slovenia, especially if you really look like a tourist. Do not hesitate about asking the real price first, and always check the bill and the number on the card device, especially if you make contactless payments. 

In the End

To sum up, the main thing you need to remember from this article is that Slovenia is a particularly safe tourist destination, especially in the area. You do not risk much coming here than in your home country. Even if you are taking some precautions, which I recommend, you will soon observe that your habits will change here because of how secure you will feel.

Now that you are reassured about your Slovenian trip do not hesitate to visit it entirely. Enjoy the discovery of its beautifully clean and secure capital, its main tourist attractions such as Bled Lake or Piran in the Adriatic coast, and the less populated zones like mountains where you will also be safe. 

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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