Lose Your Senses at Ljubljana’s House of Illusions

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, there are so many entertainment options available. Among the best and most shareable is the House of Illusions. The entire museum is a maze of fantastic optical illusions and wholesome fun for the whole family.

The Ljubljana House of Illusions is one of the newest entertainment installations in the city. It offers many different activities that can tickle your sense of wonder and adventure. They dozens of activities to choose from that also help young minds learn more about how people perceive their environment.

Are you ready to amaze yourself with a ton of trickery? If you’re ready to get your mind blown, here’s everything you will see inside Ljubljana’s House of Illusions. It’s worth your free time.

A Quick History of The House of Illusions

Illusions are perceptions that are inconsistent with reality. You can also discover different illusions in a special space – a museum, which could also be a kind of illusion, as it is not a museum as we are used to.

Illusions fascinate, stir the imagination. The House of Illusions is also the brainchild of two Croatian newcomers, Rok Živković and Tomislav Pamuković. The duo came up with the idea during their travels.

They are now spreading their idea in the form of a franchise around the world. So far, the museum’s doors are open in five cities (two in Croatia, Austria, and Oman). Now, the House of Illusion is also in Ljubljana, where it was placed by the Ljubljana City Museum director, Dejan Grbić. 

During their time around the world, they thought it could be interesting to combine different illusions in one place. They are now spreading their idea in the form of a franchise around the world.

The founding of the Museum of Illusions also came from Urška Humar. Humar, who previously worked in various institutions, including the Colosseum, was the head of marketing and public relations. She decided to look for new challenges among illusions.

During her travels, Humar believed that people can make excellent content with illusions. She pushed for an unusual, product tangible which is useful and interesting for a wider audience. She found what she was looking for when she first entered the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb. 

What is the House of Illusions?

The House of Illusions interactive museum on Kongresni trg is a museum of fun and educational experiences, where you can test the limits of your perception as a family. The illusions in it allow us to experience the space in a different way but at the same time with a lot of fun and laughter.

There are more than 40 exhibits waiting for you in the House of Illusions, which will completely confuse you. Among other things, take a picture in a room that defies the laws of gravity. Treat your friend’s head for lunch and have fun in broad daylight in an endless disco room. 

For the bravest, take a walk through the Vortex tunnel. In the end, test your gray cells and patience while putting together our amazing mind games. Indulge in a whole new experience and have fun with friends or family. 

Kids love the world of illusions, but the world of illusions is also a great adventure for parents, couples, grandparents. In the House of Illusions, your senses will be put to a serious test, but you will have fun and learn a lot.

The entire gallery is a combination of many different media that help create illusions. These include photos, stereograms, holograms, interactive rooms, a playroom with mind games, and more. Last but not least, there is also a shop where you can take some exciting souvenirs home.

What Should You Expect From The House Tour?

During the tour, which lasts about an hour, you can see in the museum several types of illusions. Optical illusions, illusions of eternal truths or illusions of experience, and even impossible illusions are available for everyone.

For example, impossible illusions are illusions that cannot exist in nature. Optical illusions work because of color contrasts and how our eyes perceive our surroundings. The illusion of eternal truths work based on the experiences we gained through growing up. 

Much of the museum bets on the educational aspect of the exhibits. Even then, the House of Illusions wants visitors to have fun in the exhibitions. As visitors also unknowingly take new knowledge with them, every exhibit offers something mind-boggling.

Enjoying The Exhibits and Events in the House of Illusions

In the museum, it also allows its visitors to compete amongst themselves. Visitors can suggest new rooms and exhibits that can help enhance everyone’s experiences. Competitions are there to gauge if there was any interest in illusions at all. 

Among the many new ideas was the RGB illusion, where it plays with the principle that mimics the functioning of the human eye’s visible cells. Three spotlights (red, green, and blue) are aimed at the white wall, and the combination of these colors is white. 

However, when someone steps between the spotlights and the wall, secondary colors occur. During the journey between illusions, you’ll also notice very well-known illusions in the museum, which you can also see on the internet. 

Certain things that are housed in a museum are famous on the internet, but not everyone knows them. Those illusions famous on the internet are there to give visitors an “I know that” experience. It also helps people interact with each other, as those who know the workings of the illusion can explain it to others.

In the House of Illusions, you’ll feel a sense of homeliness. The exhibits encourage interaction – that visitors learn from each other, which is very important, especially for young minds. 

The exhibits will also cycle now and then. Given that it is a museum, the exhibits will change after a certain period passes. You’ll likely visit at one point and visit again to see a different variety of exhibits later on.

Which Are The Best Exhibits?

For starters, the Vortex tunnel is not suitable for everyone. And we mean it quite seriously. If you do not tolerate dizziness, it’s best that you wait outside. But if you’re brave enough, get ready for the best adventure.

In the Vortex Tunnel, everything appears to rotate, and you fight for balance.  Will you be able to? Do you think you can walk straight while your brain and feelings are completely confused? It’s quite the spectacle for those brave enough to dare.

There’s also the anti-gravity room, where everything seems to defy the laws of gravity.

Have you ever wanted to change your nose or your whole face? Does it seem too repulsive, painful, or expensive? Now it is possible. And it’s quite simple with the facial room. Choose a friend with whom you want to swap faces, and you will be surprised.

Are you having fun? Then be sure to wrap up in the disco room and indulge in the rhythm of the music. In the disco room, you can try your dance moves, sing and just have fun. 

Also, invite friends to make the party even better. Don’t forget to take a photo that everyone will be thrilled with.

Understanding The House’s Weird Rules

In classical museums, you’re likely to find a few rules that limit the way people share information. Many are warned not to use flash photography, for example. The House of Illusions is entirely different. 

In the House of Illusions, the camera is a necessary accessory. Its rules are laxer and even in stark contrast to what visitors can expect. There are no guides, and photography is something that the organizers want visitors to do.

When receiving guests, they’ll mention some weird rules to fans. Interaction with the exhibits is encouraged, and they’re open every day of the week from 9AM to 10PM. This is again in contrast to museums, as they usually have their premises closed one day a week. 

In the museum it is possible to meet both adults and children, they are visited by families, couples, and children. People will be there from all walks of life, from kindergartens, schools, and even companies, where they organize team buildings, birthday celebrations, and various themed events.

What Other Things Can You Do In The Museum?

It is not an illusion that the Museum of Illusions has managed to become a very recognizable Ljubljana attraction. It’s easy to access, as it’s in front of Ljubljana Castle. This also invites foreigners who love the exhibits. 

After an unforgettable adventure in the world of illusions that will thoroughly confuse you, your senses will be wholly awakened and ready for more. There are more exhibits and fun illusionist games for you in the end. 

Here, you can test your gray cells and patience while solving various mental games. The Museum of Illusions prepared something just for everyone. 

In the world of illusions, you have experienced, learned, and felt things in a new, completely different way. Visit the museum’s Illusionist’s shop too, where you will find original souvenirs for your loved ones who are waiting for you in the real world.


The House of Illusions is a wonderful place for the whole family. Whether you’re visiting alone, with friends, or with children, a wonderful time is waiting for you.

Apart from this magnificent exhibit, there is more culture to absorb in Ljubljana. From museums to festivals and dining spots, you’ll find everything here. Let us help you find your way with one of Europe’s best cities.

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