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20 Most Unusual Museums to Visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country you must visit. Besides the extraordinary and diverse landscapes, the hundreds of monuments, and the many outdoor activities, it is the perfect country to take a museum tour.

If you are a tourist in Slovenia, or anywhere in the world, you may be tired of ordinary museums. This is why you should try visiting one of the many unusual and entertaining museums in Slovenia, such as the Railway Museum in Ljubljana or the Slovenian School Museum.

These museums will be a great way to have fun with your family and friends while discovering the country and Slovenian culture uniquely. Let’s take a look at the top 20 unusual museums to visit in Slovenia.

1. Railway Museum Ljubljana

The Railway Museum in Ljubljana is the best museum to visit for an atypical day if you are a tourist in the capital. A visit to this museum will help you understand the history of the Slovenian railway. Children will also be able to climb up old trains and see huge machines, which makes this museum so fun and uncommon.

In this museum, you will see old apparatuses, tools, steam locomotives, and other technical heritage items. The museum is located in an old locomotive depot, near the Metelkova museums.

The museum is open between 10 am and 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Here are the prices to visit the museum:

  • Adults: 8 €
  • Children, school children, students, elderly people: 4 €
  • Adults (group of min. 10 persons): 4 €
  • Children, school children, students, elderly people (group of min. 10 persons): 3 €
  • Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 20 €
  • Pre-school children, disabled, unemployed and museum card (SMD, ICOM) holders: Free entrance

Railway Museum Ljubljana

Parmova ulica 351000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 291 26 41


2. Franja Partisan Hospital

Located in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno, this former secret World War II hospital is now a museum. Visiting The Franja Partisan Hospital will take you back in the 1940s Slovenian Resistance against nazis and fascists.

Dr. Franja Bojc, also known by her partisan name Daša, was the hospital manager. She was a part of the Liberation Front, healed wounded partisans, and led the hospital as a woman when women were mistreated.

Visiting this unique museum is an excellent experience for everyone.

  • Adults: 7,00€ per person
  • Adults (group): 6,00€ per person
  • Adults (guided group): 7,50€ per person
  • Youth: 5,00€ per person
  • Youth (group): 4,50€ per person
  • Youth (guided group): 5,50€ per person

Guided tours for less than ten people are charged per group (€50 for adults and €35 for youth).

Franja Partisan Hospital

Dolenji Novaki, 5282 Cerkno, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5 372 31 80

3. Slovenian School Museum

This museum is fascinating. It will help you learn everything about the Slovene school system and discover a library with more than 55,000 books, including some written and printed books before 1500.

It is also the perfect place for an odd school lesson using historical teaching materials and educational approaches in English or Slovenian. The lesson is available for at least seven people and a maximum of 30 adults and 40 children.

  • 2.00€ for Slovenian visitors
  • 1.00€ for foreign visitors, students, and pensioners
  • 4.00€ for families 

Slovenian School Museum

Plečnikov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 251 30 24


4. Firefighter Museum Metlika

The historical heritage of firefighting is presented in two exhibitions at the Slovenian Firefighting Museum. The doctor, Branko Božič, presents his rich collection and shows the historical heritage and extensive activity of the fire brigade from the beginning to the present day.

This museum is lovely and relatively unique. It is an excellent experience for families. The price of a ticket to visit the museum is 2,00€ per person. For firefighters with a valid fire card, the ticket is 1,00€ per person.

Firefighter Museum Metlika

Trg svobode 5, SI 8330 Metlika
Tel: +386 7 305 86 97
Mob: +386 41 384 072

5. Bistra Technical Museum

Enter the former monastery Bistra Castle to discover the beautiful Bistra Technical Museum. This museum is specialized in forestry, wood processing, hunting, fishing, electrical engineering, textile manufacturing, agriculture, transport, motorcycling, milling industry, wheelwrighting, horseshoeing, and baking.

You will also see 15 cars used to be the property of the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980). The museum contains a fascinating exhibition called “The Written Word: Printing in Slovenian Inhabited Areas.” 

  • 6.50€ for adults
  • 4.50€ for seniors
  • 4, 00€ for primary school pupils, and secondary school and university students
  • 5.00€ per person for groups of at least 20 people
  • 3.00€ per person for groups of primary school pupils, and secondary school and university students
  • 13.00€ for families
  • free for pre-schoolers and the disabled

Bistra Technical Museum

Borovnica Slovenia, Vrhnika

Phone: +386 (0)1 750 66 70; +386 (0)1 750 66 72


6. The House of Illusions

The House of Illusions is located in the Slovene capital Ljubljana. It is a tourist-favorite museum and a perfect one to visit with kids for an unusual journey.

This museum will make you doubt everything you see and discover exceptional illusions. There are more than 40 exhibits in the House of Illusions for you to explore.

Among the illusions, you can have your friends eat your head for lunch, take pictures defying gravity, walk through the Vortex Tunnel, and many other illusions to make your head go crazy.

After your trip to this House of Illusions, your kids will be full of wonder and delight. Here are the prices for your amazing journey:

  • Ticket for the museum: 5,95€ per person
  • Ticket + Slushy: 7,95€ per person
  • Ticket + Souvenir picture: 8,95€ per person
  • Ticket + Slushy + Souvenir Picture: 10,95€ per person

House of Illusions

Kongresni trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 320 54 66


7. The Škrilj Bunker

The Škrilj Bunker is a bunker open for visitors. Located in Kočevsko, 22km south of Ribnica, this bunker was used when bombs were exploding outside. It is now a museum for you to discover.

The bunker was built in the 1950s to be protected in case of a nuclear war. It was opened for the public only a few years ago, in 2017.

The only downside is that the visit is reserved for a group of 15 people minimum. It will be difficult for you to take the tour by yourself. Guided tours make a reservation by calling: +386 (0) 59 959 204 or via e-mail:, at least two days in advance.

The prices are the following:

  • Adults: 16,00€
  • Students, veterans, retirees, disabled: 14,00€
  • Primary school children: 7,00€ (free entry for pre-school children)

Skrilj Bunker

Kočevska Reka 5, 1338 Kočevska Reka

Phone: +386 (0)59 959 204


8. Slovenian Theatre Institute

Also called Slovenski gledališki inštitut in Slovenian, the Theatre Institute collects, preserves, documents, researches, interprets, presents, and promotes Slovenian theatre culture through exhibitions, virtual exhibitions, books, and activities.

One of the exhibitions is called “In pursuit of a theatre. From the Jesuits to Cankar”. It is a lovely and unique museum for you to visit if you are interested in art and want to discover everything about Slovenian theatre.

  • Guided Tours for Groups: 2,00 EUR/Person
  • Creative Workshop: 2,50 EUR/Person
  • Family Workshop: 5 EUR/Family
  • Individual Visits of the Exhibition: Free Admission

Slovenian Theater Institute

Mestni trg 17, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 241 58 00

Fax: +386 (0)1 241 58 16


9. Elan Alpine Ski Museum

Slovenia is a great country to go for a ski holiday, and Slovenians love winter sports. If you ever come to Slovenia for the snow, you will want to pay a visit to the Elan Alpine Ski Museum. 

The museum focuses on Elan, a well-known ski company. It is located in Begunje na Gorenjskem. It truly is an unusual museum, considering Elan is the first ski company to create their museum.

  • Adults: €4,00
  • Families (parents and one or more children of school age): €10,00 
  • Students and pensioners: €3,00
  • Children aged 7–18: €2.50
  • Children up to the age of 7: free
  • Groups of over ten people: €3,00 per person (prior reservations are advised)

Elan Alpine Ski Museum

Begunje na Gorenjskem 1, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia

Phone: +386 4 535 14 00


10. Nativity Museum Brezje

The Nativity Museum of Brezje is quite unusual. It is an exhibition of over 500 nativity scenes. It is located near the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians.

You will learn about the history of the Nativity, see various nativity scenes from around the world, and finally, discover the Slovene tradition for nativity scenes.

  • Adults: 3,50 € 
  • Pensioners, disabled persons: 2,50 € 
  • Primary school, college, and university students: 2,50 €
  • Families (a minimum of 3 family members): 7,00 € 
  • Pre-school children: free
  • Adults in a group (a minimum of 15 people): 3,00 € 
  • Guided tours in Slovenian language: 
  • Groups up to 10 people: 10,00 € per group
  • Over ten people: 1 € per person
  • Guided tours in foreign languages: 
  • Groups up to 10 people: 20 € 
  • Over ten people: 2 € per person

Nativity Museum Brezje

Brezje 72, Brezje
T: +386 (0)4 537 07 00, +386 (0)31 371 440
F: +386 (0)4 537 07 50

11. Noordung Center Vitanje

The Noordung Center in Vitanje is a Center of Space Technologies. It is a beautiful museum to discover space travelers, explore space technologies, and learn about the history of space’s culturalization.

You will find six permanent exhibitions, as well as many virtual experiences and holograms. In VR, you will be able to experience a flight simulator.

The prices for an individual visit are the following:

  • Adults: 7.00€
  • Groups over 15 persons: 7.00€ per person
  • Pensioners, high school students, and university students: 6.00€
  • Children from 5 to 15 years: 5.00€
  • Family (2 adults + 2 children): 20.00€ (each additional child 4.00€)
  • Children under four years accompanied by parents: free of charge
  • Residents of the Municipality of Vitanje: free of charge
  • VR Noordung: 5.00€ per person
  • Electra VR flight simulator: 10.00€ person
  • Noordung projection: 2.00€ per person on independent tours, free of charge for guided tours and groups
  • Price for the European Youth Cardholders: 6.30€

Noordung Center Vitanje

Na vasi 18, 3205 Vitanje, Slovenia

+386 (0)5 993 45 17
+386 (0)40 300 052

12. Old Vine House

In the Old Vine House, you will discover everything you need to know about the oldest vine in Slovenia, located in Maribor. You will learn about the archduke Janez and the wine queens. You will also see the certificate in the Guinness Book of Records, proving the vine is the oldest in the world.

To have the best experience possible in this unique museum, you should definitely ook a guided tour to learn more about the vine before enjoying an intimate and delicious wine tasting. Here are the prices for all-inclusive group guided tours in the Vine House :

  • Group up to 15 persons: 15,00€ per group
  • Group from 15 up to 30 persons: 25,00€ per group
  • Groups of pupils, students and pensioners up to 15 persons: 12,00€ per group
  • Groups of pupils, students and pensioners from 15 up to 30 persons: 20,00€ per group

Old Vine House

Hiša Stare trte, Vojašniška 8, 2000 Maribor
T: +386 2 25 15 100
T: +386 51 335 521
F: +386 2 23 46 603

13. Lipikum Museum

The Lipizzan is a typical Slovene horse. Located on the Lipica Stud Farm, the Lipikum Museum helps you discover the horse’s strength and learn everything about it. The museum is what we could call a museum of experience.

Although it is relatively small, there are many things to see in this museum, like three skeletons, Lipizzans galloping, and much more.

Lipikum Museum

Kobilarna Lipica, Lipica 5, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 (0)5 739 1696; +386 (0)5 739 1708


14. Museum of Radios Sežana

In Sežana, you will find the radios’ museum, with the amateur collection of radios from all periods. The collector is named Vlado Skok. He created this small and unique museum to help learn about the history of radio.

You will find radio transmitters and receivers, crystal detectors, refined radios, a radio with a record player, transistors, and TV sets.

The opening hours for the museum need to be made by prior arrangement.

Museum of Radios

Bazoviška cesta 7a, 6210 Sežana
Phone: +386 (0)41 338 324; +386 (0)41 474 657

15. Museum of Slovenian Film Actors Divača

This museum is very unusual. It traces back the lives of actors and actresses from Slovenia, and especially the life of Ita Rina (full name Ida Kravanja), the first Slovene film star.

This museum dives into pop culture and history to discover everything about cinema and acting in Slovenia. It is a museum financed by the Ministry of Culture as well as the Municipality of Divača.

  • Adults: 5,00 €
  • Adults in a group (20 people and more): 3,00 €
  • Students: 3,00 €
  • Seniors: 3,00 €
  • Seniors in a group (20 people and more): 2,50 €
  • Family ticket: 7,00 €
  • Guided tour (per person): 1,00 €
  • Movie in the hall (per group): 100,00 €

Museum of Slovenian Film Actors

Kraška cesta 26, SI-6215 Divača

Phone: +386 (0) 41 550 044; +386 (0) 5 7310 949


16. Park of Military History

The Park of Military History is an unusual museum. It is located in the old Pivka barracks complex built in the 1930s. It is the largest museum complex in Slovenia, and one of the largest military museums in Europe.

The central part of the museum is the exhibition “The Road to Independence.” It teaches about the war of 1991 and the independence of the Republic of Slovenia. The museum is excellent for families. It even has a shop and a restaurant.

  • Adults: 12,00 €
  • Students, pensioners: 9,50 €
  • Children 6-15 years, people with disabilities: 6,00 €
  • Veterans, firefighters: 7,50 €
  • Preschool children: 0,50 €
  • Family ticket: 29,00 €

Park of Military History

Kolodvorska cesta 51, 6257 Pivka, Slovenia
Phone: +386 (0)31 775 002

17. Shell And Snail Museum Piran

The Shell and Snail Museum in Slovenia is the best if you are looking for uniqueness and exciting museums. You will find a collection of over 4,000 mollusks, clams, sea urchins, crabs, or sea stars.

One of the factors that add to the museum’s surprising exhibit is its interactivity. It is fantastic to raise awareness while keeping children and adults entertained and interested. The museum is located on the Adriatic Coast in Piran. It is a tourist-favorite museum.

  • Adults: 4,00€
  • Students: 3,00€
  • Children (7-18): 2,00€
  • Children under 6: 1,00€

Shell and Snail Museum

Tartinijev trg 15, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

Phone: +386 40 700 053


18. Children’s Museum Herman’s Den Celje

Herman’s den is a children’s museum located in Celje. It is the only children’s museum in Slovenia. In the museum, you will find exhibitions about children’s toys, furniture, objects, and lives. It is an excellent museum for kids, as well as adults with childhood in their hearts.

Herman is the mascot of the museum. He is a fox you will find everywhere around the museum. The toy den, an exhibit of toys from Slovenia and the world, will most likely be the kids’ favorite part of the museum.

This museum also has the upside of being especially affordable: a family ticket for two adults and one or two children is only 10 euros. Besides, a simple adult ticket is 5 euros, and it will cost you 2 euros for every child.

Children’s Museum Herman’s Den

Prešernova 17, SI-3000 CELJE, Slovenia
Phone: +386 3 428 64 10
Fax: + 386 3 428 64 11

19. Coal-Mining Museum Velenje

This unusual museum is, however, one of the most popular and visited museums in Slovenia. It will give you the opportunity to put on the minors’ boots and to discover a whole new world. 

In the coal-mining museum, you will take a surprising journey through the tunnels of the mine Škale that are now integrated into the visit. It is a genuinely unique 160-meters deep experience that you will probably experiment only once in a lifetime.

Coal-Mining Museum

Stari Jašek – Koroška cesta, 3320 Velenje, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 (31) 752 418

Fax: +386 (3) 5870-997


20. Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy Radovljica

The Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy, located in Radovljica, is one you probably have never seen before. You will see objects from the entire world to take you through the history of pharmacy and alchemy.

The most extensive collection is the collection of Spanish and Italian alborel. The oldest piece dates from the 12th century. You will also see the museum’s shop, built like an old pharmacy. The museum is an excellent activity for families.

  • Adults: €7
  • Students and pensioners: €4
  • Children aged 7–18: €2.50
  • Groups of over ten people: €4 per person
  • Guided tour for groups of over ten people: €5 per person

Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy

Linhartov trg 28, Radovljica
T: +386 (0)31 744 022

In a nutshell, you can do hundreds of innovative activities at one of the unique and surprising Slovenian museums. This fantastic but unknown country has an abundance of playful and unusual wonders left for you to discover. 

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!


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