Are Slovenian People Adventurers?

If you have the soul of a modern times adventurer, Slovenia could be your next dream destination. Slovenian people are very close to nature. Half of them live in the countryside, and most of the urban dwellers manage to keep connections with nature, through a second home in the countryside, for example. Slovenian people don’t get scared off that easy and they were able to take advantage of what their country had to offer. They indeed developed plentiful activities that provide them the shot of adrenalin they are looking for.

Despite its small size, Slovenia is a real adventure playground. With 58% of its area covered by forests, 27 km of watercourse, 1,300 lakes, and 46.6 km of coastline, this country is a paradise on Earth. The breathtaking natural landscapes are ideal for outdoor activities and sports, which Slovenian people are fond of.

Let’s see which are the must-do that you’ll have to experience in order to be as adventurous as the Slovenians during your trip! Here are some proofs that Slovenia is definitely a country of adventurers.

Adventures in the Mountains

With its impressive collection of 352 mountains exceeding 2,000 meters, Slovenia is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. This explains why 1.7 million hikers visit Slovenia every year. 

You can go on a quest over the mountains during a one-day trip, or you can keep it going longer if you choose to stay in some of the numerous mountain huts scattered all around Slovenia. Find out which are the ten most impressive ones in our dedicated article.

Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain (2864 m above the sea level), is super important for Slovenians, considering it is a national symbol (as testified by its presence on the national flag). Former Slovenian president, Milan Kučan, even once qualified its ascension as the duty of every Slovenian. Climbing Mount Triglav is a real challenge: you have to be trained and audacious. In other words, the iconic mountain is for real adventurers only!

If you do not feel like ascending this Slovenian giant, remain positive: there are more than 10,000 km of marked hiking trails in the country. You don’t have to be a professional mountaineer to be an adventurer just like the Slovenians. For example, the Triglav National Park, situated in the North of the country, covers 4% of the latter and is more than enough to satiate your need for adventure.

The Triglav National Park

The Triglav National Park has much more to offer than merely beautiful hikes in the Julian Alps: it deserves special attention. The most adventurous can follow the footsteps of Zlatorog, the white chamois with golden horns of the famous Slovene folklore. 

The town of Bovec could be considered as the European capital of adventure sports. The Soca River, which flows through with its emerald blue and crystal-clear water, is the preferred location for water sports: rafting or kayaking in the rapids, canyoning, hydrospeed, and way more to discover. You will always find something to satisfy every thrill-seeker. The mere act of immersing in the invigorating water of the Soca is also a challenge you’ll be proud of!

Lakes, Rivers, and Sea: the Place to be for Water Lovers

Even aside from the Soca River, Slovenia is what every water lover needs. Thanks to its numerous lakes and its Riviera coastline along the Adriatic Sea, water is always nearby.

Lake Bled is worth the trip if you want to find yourself in postcard land. Adventurous Slovenian people never hesitate to take a dip into the water and swim out to the small island. If rowing is your thing, you can choose to rent a rowboat or a stand-up paddle to reach the island. You will be there in 15 minutes and you’ll need about an extra hour to visit Bled Island. At Bled Castle (the oldest of the country, dating back to 1011), you will be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular views over the lake. If you need even more adventure, hike to Mala Osojnica to find another gorgeous sight.

If you want to escape the crowd of Slovenia’s most famous lake, you will only have to pick one among the many other ones. For example, you can head to Lake Bohinj and its leisurely cycling and walking trails, Lake Bloke and its handmade cabins, Lake Jasna and its library nestled in a little wooden hut, or Lake Zbilje and its flocks of swans.

Underground Adventures in Slovenian Caves

If you are not afraid of going under the ground, you should definitely visit some of the caves. Postojna Cave is the second-longest cave system in the country (following the Migovec System) and is well-known throughout the world. 

There, you can have a ride on the electric train (the oldest subterraneous one in the World) to appreciate the numerous stalagmites and stalactites, and especially The Brilliant, a five-meter-tall stalagmite. Amid these natural sculptures, you may have the chance to meet some Baby Dragons, also known under the scientific name of Proteus anguinus. You can read our article to learn more about the Postojna Cave.

Make sure to check their timetables first and maybe even to book your visit before going to the Postojna Cave. You also need to know that this cave is not the most affordable one in Slovenia, but this is definitely the more representative and impressive one. 

You can continue the underground adventure with a visit of the caves of Skocjan, which were added to the list of natural world heritage sites protected by UNESCO. It is one of the largest known underground canyons in the world and is particularly aesthetically pleasing. A long trail that includes about 500 steps will lead you across the cave and allow you to admire the 26 underground breathtaking waterfalls. 

If you didn’t have enough with these two most famous caves, you can also choose to explore smaller and less touristic ones, such as Kostanjevica Cave with its 300 meters of marked trails, Vilenica Cave, or Krizna Cave and its small and lovely underground lakes on which you can kayak. Cave kayaking is also possible in other caves, and other caving adventures are possible within the country, such as cave cycling and cave climbing.

Cycling as a lifestyle

The recent success of Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar at the “Tour de France”, where they respectively arrived first and second at the famous bicycle race, is no mere coincidence. Cycling is very popular in Slovenia. In 2015, the country made an amazing performance to jump to 7th place in the European Cyclists Federation’s Cycling Barometer. With the recent victory of Roglic and Pogacar, Slovenia was definitely put on the map of World Cycling. 

In Slovenia, cycling is more than a sport: it is a lifestyle. You can be sure to find trails suitable for you, your friends, and your family everywhere in the country. You will only need to choose between a ride through the forest, through the city streets, along the river, or among the wonderful green hills.

You can find a cycling path everywhere, even in the biggest cities. It is also easy to get to a river, a forest, or even a Lake. If you are in Ljubljana and craving for a bike trip, you can discover the beautiful Path of Remembrance, among many other choices. 

For Winter Adventurers: Slovenia and its Family-friendly Ski Resorts and Activities

If you travel to Slovenia in winter, you will have the chance to experience true magical adventures in the snow in one of the loveliest Slovenian ski resorts. These family-friendly ski resorts offer a great alternative to the bigger and more expansive popular European ski destinations. Here are some recommendations to help you discover the Slovenian ski resorts that you should definitely try.

Kranjska Gora is especially renowned for being a fantastic terrain for international competitions in slalom. Check their website for more information through this link

You can also go to Krvavec, for its amazing Snow Park, to Bled Straza, which is a station situated just behind the famous Lake Bled.

The rest of your options includes Cerkno, which won several awards as the best ski resort in Slovenia, Rogla, and its Rogla Fun Park for freestyle lovers, and Pohorje, Maribor’s area ski resort, that has the longest illuminated ski slopes in Europe.

Take An Adrenaline Shot in Slovenia!

You must remember that Slovenia is a green country, specially made for outdoor lovers. If you like sports or simply to be outdoor often, Slovenia is made for you! And even if your whole family is not fond of adventurous activities, they can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and Slovenian monuments from the terrace of a lovely café, bar, or restaurant! Plus, I do not know anyone who would not want to hike next to the beautiful Soca River or Bled Lake!

You are now free to pick your preferred activities to make every day of your trip a new adventure. Travel in Slovenia and you’ll be sure not to get bored!


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