8 Top Ski Resorts in Slovenia You Can’t Miss at All

Among the many claims to fame of Slovenia are its naturally beautiful mountains. These mountains contain the best ski resorts in Slovenia, one of the favorite pastimes of locals and tourists alike. 

Slovenia offers some of the top ski resorts in Europe, and there’s nothing more relaxing than lacing up the skis. If you find yourself in Slovenia, ski resorts like Kranjska Gora, Bled Straza, Mariborsko Pohorje, and Krvavec Ski Resort are the best. There’s also the Vogel, Rogla, Golte, and Cerkno Pohorje Ski Resort.

Are you looking for the thrill of your life? Then these Slovenian ski resorts will be perfect for you. Whatever your skiing skills are, these locales will be perfect for you.

What To Expect in Slovenian Ski Resorts

Once snowflakes start falling from the sky and they create a beautiful winter landscape, you’re likely to find ski resorts more than ready for you. Many, if not all, of Slovenia’s major hills and mountains, have well-maintained ski runs.

Slovenian ski resorts offer some of the most fun you can have, whatever your age is. It doesn’t matter what physical fitness you have; there will be slopes that you can try. Many resorts will also have the right equipment, so you don’t need to buy your own.

Beginners can start learning their first turns in one of many ski schools in Slovenia. Almost every resort will have a ski instructor available for classes. You can learn with one on one training or be a part of a ski class; both depend on the resort.

For children, much of the learning facilitates through fun, entertaining games. Some even get courage from local fairy tales. Apart from skiing, there are other activities you can try in these resorts, including snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

Most of Slovenia’s ski resorts will be breathtaking, with stunning views of the beautiful peaks and valleys. On your downtime, you can then try to relax and sit down. Many have inns and lodging for those who want to spend a few days here.

Most of these ski resorts have at least a way to accommodate their visitors. There are mountain cottages that are great for people who love authentic experiences. 

Many also have wellness and spa centers that offer sauna experiences and even spring water pools. If you get lucky, some ski resorts have Olympic level facilities that you can use for several athletic purposes.

If you decide to stay, you can do several activities, from cross-country skiing to a bonfire at night. Many even stay for the authentic Slovenian food that will warm your belly. With that said, let’s see your eight ski resort options in Ljubljana.

Kranjska Gora Ski Center

Kranjska Gora Ski Center is among the most famous ski resorts in Slovenia. Located in northwestern Slovenia, you can find it at Borovška Cesta, a few hundred meters away from the Pišnica River. 

As you pass the area, you’ll notice that there are many different local inns and other resorts around it, and for a reason. Kranjska Gora Ski Center attracts some of the largest international crowds every winter. They usually host the World Cup Slalom ski competitions and more. 

Kranjska Gora Ski Center hosts as many as 18 different slopes that offer ski routes suitable for all skill levels. Beginners and intermediate skiers alike can access all the paths. As many as six chairlifts and 13 drag lifts are usable for these paths.

If you’re an advanced skier, however, these slopes won’t do. You would want to book a guide to bring you for ski touring around the Upper Sava Valley. Once they do, you’ll see some of the most technical slopes that will challenge you for sure.

Once you’re ready to retire for the day, you can visit the local Pub Legende at the nearby Hotel Kompas. The pub will have a cold glass of beer and some good Slovenian grub while you overlook the skiers below.

If you want to party, Pub Vopa is open until the wee hours of the morning. If you want a unique experience, you can even get an igloo or camp out. There are also restaurants nearby that offer traditional Slovenian food, Italian food, and Balkan food.

Bled Straza Ski Resort

The Bled Straza Ski Resort is one of the easiest to access ski resorts. It sits beside Lake Bled, which is one of Slovenia’s most visited locales. In the summer, the beautiful lake is an Arthurian vista of green and blue. In the winter, the gorgeous lake freezes over, creating a small slope.

The Bled Straza Ski Resort is the best resort to visit for beginners, families, and children. The slope’s angle is not too steep, and the snow becomes thick and easy to ride. It’s also a very low-cost resort due to the lack of intermediate to advanced slopes.

The entire ski resort is only 2120 ft (645m) high, which makes the slope of Bled Straza easy to traverse. The run is such a cruise, with a nice red progression. All these mean that anyone can do its slopes easily.

If you’re an intermediate skier, expect this slope to be too tame for you. It won’t give you the adrenaline-pumping action you’re looking for, but it’s best if you’re a newbie. It’s also great for people who haven’t skied for a while and would want a way to reorient their skills.

Apart from skiing, Bled Straza Ski Resort is also a great pick for family sledding and cross-country skiing. Children would especially like it here, especially with its plethora of snowboarding lessons.

For accommodations, you can pick from small, charming cabins to magnificent rooms and resorts. The town of Led is also nearby, with a lot of restaurants and bars for an after-ski binge.

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort might not be the most famous ski resort in Slovenia, but it is the largest. The resort itself is only a few minutes away from the city of Maribor, Slovenia’s second-largest city. It offers 26 miles (42 km) of ski slopes for everyone’s enjoyment.

If you want to connect with the locals, the Mariborsko Pohorje is the place you want to visit. Slovenians favor the Pohorje the most, especially those who live in the Štajerska region. With 250 hectares of land, there’s so much you can do here.

As with many ski resorts, ski and snowboard schools are available for use. There are also as many as 16.7 miles (27 km) of cross-country tracks you can ski. The peak of the skiing season at Mariborsko Pohorje is the Golden Fox, a women’s alpine ski world cup competition, occurring since 1964.

The slopes for the ski resort has a variety of difficulty options. They range from run-down easy for newbies and children to technical slopes for those looking for a challenge.

Many of the slopes come through woods and obscured by lakeside areas. Doing so prevents crowds from being too noticeable, which means more privacy for everyone. The only issue for the resort is, due to its low altitude, much of its snow cover is artificial.

Mariborsko Pohorje guarantees 100 snow days every season. Once you want to retire for the day, nearby Maribor has wellness and spa centers. They also host some of the best restaurants in the region.

Krvavec Ski Resort

If you’re visiting Ljubljana and you don’t have time to go far, Krvavec Ski Resort is the place to go. Located 15 miles (25 km) due north of Ljubljana, Krvavec is the second largest ski resort in Slovenia.

For the locals who live around Ljubljana and west-central Slovenia, Krvavec Ski Resort is a favorite. It’s an easy spot to visit that you can drive to on the weekends. It’s so close that you will have enough time to come back to Ljubljana before the new week starts. 

If you don’t have the whole day or only want a few reps, the resort is also perfect for some afternoon ski-getaway. Its accessibility is not the only reason why it’s among the top Slovenian ski resorts. 

Krvavec Ski Resort offers slopes that are suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. A good chunk of its slopes work for beginners, but many are steep and technical enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

Krvavec Ski Resort offers several activities that anyone would love. They provide equipment for sledding, snow parks for snowboarders, ice bars, and more. Once you tire of testing your limits, the snow-covered alpine meadows offer a breathtaking vista. 

The resort is open as many as 100 days per day at the very least. If weather permits, the ski season can even last as much as 150 days. In some years, skiers can even frolic around the snow until May!

Cerkno Ski & Mountain Resort

Cerkno Ski & Mountain Resort is among the most modern ski resorts in Slovenia. With as many as 11 miles (18km) of ski slopes, Cerkno is award-winning for a reason. It has some of the best, most modern lift systems and known as the fastest in Slovenia.

Cerkno is famous with children, families, and the average tourist who wants to ski. A vast majority of the slopes they offer are for beginners and intermediate skiers. 

There’s only one slope for advanced-skilled skiers, which makes it unattractive to thrill-seekers. Even then, the six chair lifts and two drag lifts make it a solid choice for everyone else. 

If you like cross-country skiing, there are as many as 3.1 miles (5 km) of beautiful tracks. The cross-country track for Cerkno Ski & Mountain Resort is at the junction of Upper Carniola and Slovenian Istria. This route is perfect even for the youngest skier to take lessons for ski school. Accommodation is also available in nearby towns.

For novice skiers, you can find a fine selection of green and blue runs, with many tree runs for intermediately skilled skiers. Once you’re ready to end the day, you can taste some delicious traditional Slovenian cuisine. The nearby Restaurant Alpska Perla has a sun terrace that overlooks the entire resort.

If you visit here and you’re still aching for a rush, a new snow-park with a half-pipe is available too. The lifts are easy to access by car. You can drive from Kranj or Ljubljana and then go to Škofja Loka. YOu can then head west through Poljane, going towards Hotavlje, and turn due to the left at Lipan. Počivalo will be there in 5.6 miles (9 km), and there will be a 6-seater chairlift station.

Vogel Ski Resort 

If you are looking for a visual spectacle, the Vogel Ski Resort offers some of the best. You can find it right inside the Triglav National Park, which is Slovenia’s only national park. It is also among the most gorgeous, unspoiled natural locale in the country. 

There are as many as 11 miles (18 km) of slopes, which some as high as 5,906 ft (1800 m). These slopes have governmental protections that prevent them from business development. Such details make Vogel a perfect place for thrill-seekers and advanced riders.

Freestyle skiers can head to the snow park in the area, while adventurers can try some tandem paragliding experiences. The paragliding experience offers a different view of the mountain, which is an ultimate high for most. If you want the full experience, you can also pick which inn or hotel you can stay in. 

For those who want modernity throughout, you can go to the family-run Hotel Tripič. The hotel is 6 miles (10 km) away from Vogel and offers some of the best traditional dishes. You can taste delicious buckwheat dumplings and struklji all year round.   

If you want something traditional and out of the ordinary, there are refuge huts at the top of the mountain. Vogel is also famous for its majestic panorama of Lake Bohinj. The mere view of Lake Bohinj is enough to convince you to visit.

Vogel Ski Resort is a beautiful, idyllic landscape with superb alpine skiing opportunities. If you’re looking for something magnificent, this is the ski resort you want.

Rogla Ski Resort 

Rogla Ski Resort is a hidden beauty behind the Pohorje Hills, found in northeastern Slovenia. The locale boasts at least 100 days of skiing each winter, which extends even further into the year. Rogla is a gorgeously built resort in a magnificent landscape.

Rogla has 16 runs, easily accessible with 11 drag lifts and two chairs at the resort itself. The slopes are perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers who are looking for fun little challenges. If you’re looking to snowboard, the Rogla Fun Park is the place for technical tricks.

As for novice skiers and kids, there are lessons available at the Intersport Snowsports School. Kids can try the night sledding classes, together with magic carpet lifts. There’s even the Pohorje Treetop Walk for little ones in strollers.

Together with the winter activities, the Rogla Ski Resort also has a year-round Olympic Center. The entire center is perfect for amateurs and even pro athletes who want to train in the snow. 

There’s also the nearby Zreče Health Resort that features saunas, hot water pools, and spring water pools. They have solariums and all types of wellness activities you can do.

Golte Ski Resort 

Golte Ski Resort is one of the smaller ski resorts in Slovenia. Regardless of its size, it’s considered one of the most beautiful ski centers in Slovenia. It has one of the most stunning vistas in the country and among the better facilities out there.

The summit of Golte has a view the overlooks the Savinjske Alps and Karavanke mountains. These come just above the town of Mozirje and offers 7 miles (12 km) of family-friendly ski slopes. These slopes are generally easy to traverse too. 

Golte Ski Resort also has a 3-mile (5km) cross-country ski tracks that you can traverse. The locale is also close to Kranjska Gora, which means it’s easy to access. Due to its lack of highly technical slopes, the ski resort is excellent for families who don’t want big crowds.

The hotel at Golte has all the necessities other than ski slopes. They have wellness and spa centers for those who want to relax. There are saunas and massages, pool areas, and more. If you’re going to party or relax, Mozirje has everything you need too.

Mozirje has several restaurants, bars, and accommodations. You’ll find pubs, local eats, gyms, hotels, and other business facilities too. Like many, Golte offers ski lessons and equipment rental for everyone.

If you want, there are also mountain cottages and apartments near the piste. The view of Savinja Valley in good weather is stunning too. Golte is a fantastic family winter wonderland that anyone would surely love.


Finding the best ski resorts in Slovenia is not too hard. There are so many of them around the country, and we’re sure you’ll find a place for you. Slovenia offers some of the best alternatives to the more expensive ski resorts in France, Switzerland, and even Austria. 

If you want an easy to access, enjoyable ski resort, consider one of our suggestions. Each of the ski resorts in Slovenia is something you will surely enjoy. If you get tired of one, you can drive an hour or two to another alternative nearby. You can even get a ski pass for the entire year.

Are you ready for some skiing in Slovenia’s beautiful ski resorts? There are many things you can do in Slovenia during the winter. Take a look at everything you can try now. 

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!


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