Author: Eliano

Ultimate Guide to Amazing Skiing Holiday in Slovenia

Skiing in Slovenia is among the favorite national pastimes. Once winter hits, you can expect Slovenians to flock to the different mountains and ski slopes. If you’re visiting over winter, Slovenia is a comfortable, fun place to get a fantastic skiing holiday. Compared to neighboring countries like Austria, Italy, Switzerland, […]

8 Top Ski Resorts in Slovenia You Can’t Miss at All

Among the many claims to fame of Slovenia are its naturally beautiful mountains. These mountains contain the best ski resorts in Slovenia, one of the favorite pastimes of locals and tourists alike.  Slovenia offers some of the top ski resorts in Europe, and there’s nothing more relaxing than lacing up […]

Christmas Holidays in Slovenia: Habits, Customs, and Events

If you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in Slovenia, you’re in for a treat. While Slovenes celebrate Christmas Day like the entire world, they enjoy a lot of holidays. Their habits, customs, and events are a must-see all year for locals and tourists alike. Christmas holidays in Slovenia last a little […]

What Are the Most Common Supermarkets in Slovenia?

If you’re staying in Slovenia, there’s a likely chance you’d need to visit the supermarket. Whether you’re staying for days or months, an easy to access supermarket is super useful for you. So, what are the most common supermarkets in Slovenia? Slovenia has a chain of several supermarkets available like […]

Travel Through Ljubljana by Boat on the River Ljubljanica

The Ljubljanica River is among the most fascinating natural wonders of Ljubljana. The beautiful river runs steadfast, witnessing the history of the people of Slovenia. If you want to make the most of your visit, a boating trip on the Ljubljanica is the only way. The Ljubljanica River is a […]