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History of Slovenia’s Participation in Eurovision

In the after-war period, Eurovision was a great idea. After years of competing in ammunition, European countries began to compete in the arts. Maybe, if not Eurovision, we would never have the Europe we have now, with all the freedoms, democracy, tolerance, and so on. Definitely, this played an enormous […]

What Is the History and How Old Is the Slovene Railway?

Slovenia is a small country nestled in the middle of Eastern Europe, accessible by train from Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. The country is at the crossroads of Europe and has then started to develop its railways a long time ago to become more attractive. The regional network is also […]

Who is The President of Slovenia (Year 2020)?

President is the first face of a country. It is chosen by a majority of people for the sake of representing the people outside as well as inside the country. This is an incredibly important governmental position, so people are working for decades in order to reach it. Today, in […]

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Cinema Festivals in Slovenia: A Cultural Treasury

Since Slovenia’s first screening of a motion picture in 1896 in Maribor, and the shooting of the country’s first movie in Ljubljana Castle two years later, Slovenians have developed a huge passion for cinema and films. If you are a movie lover, Slovenia and its impressive offer of high-quality international […]