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Unofficial Guide to the Predjama Castle: Seen With Your Eyes

For visitors finding themselves in Postojna, the first attraction that comes to mind is the Postojna Cave. Even then, Predjama Castle is another must-see attraction around these parts of Slovenia. Its awe-inspiring beauty may have inspired a few modern epics we know today. The Predjama Castle or Predjamski grad is […]

Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Seed Oil Tradition in Slovenia

The pumpkin seed oil tradition in Slovenia is among the most enduring in the country. The use of this dark oil has a colorful history that is unique to the country’s vast array of outstanding culinary produce. Tourists always wonder how Slovenes’ love story with pumpkin seed oil started.  Pumpkin […]

Slovenia and Estonia: Two Political Geography Similes

At first glance, it seems that Slovenia and Estonia have nothing similar. The first one is partially Central European, partially Balkan country with Slavic origin. The second is a Baltic country’s official language of which is not even in the Indo-European language family. Different worlds, but not really. In fact, […]