Where Can I Go to See Snow in Slovenia During Winter?

Many people go on holiday in summer, seeking warmth. But holidays in winter give a completely different feel. One of the best destinations for a winter trip definitely is Slovenia. During winter, between December and February, Slovenia’s landscapes get covered in white to offer breathtaking landscapes completely different from the ones you can experience in summer. Snowfall in Slovenia is very frequent, and it adds to the country’s fairytale feeling.

If you want to see snow in Slovenia during winter you can head to the mountains to ski. You can also visit Bled and other touristic destinations that change entirely depending on the season. Finally, you can enjoy the capital, Ljubljana, during the Christmas market.

If you are a tourist in Slovenia during winter you will see snow for sure. But only seeing snow is not enough, you have to find the perfect place to appreciate Slovenia in its white coat at its best. Slovenia is the ideal place to try a thousand winter activities surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries you will have ever seen. Let’s take a look at where you can go to see snow in Slovenia during winter.

How is the Weather in Winter Like in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, the weather is not very extreme. It never is too cold nor too hot which makes it the perfect destination for a nice holiday. The weather is ideal for hiking, biking, skiing in winter, and swimming in summer.

In Winter, in Slovenia, you will have cold weather, but the temperatures are not excessively freezing, usually about 32°F (0°C) to 23°F (-5°C). It is cold so that snow can fall, but you will not freeze completely and be incapable of doing anything.

Winter lasts from December to March, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the snow before spring comes. If you want to travel after winter, you will still have the opportunity to see snow until June in the higher mountains thanks to the Alpine climate in some regions of the country.

However, it does not snow in the entire country. The Southern and Western parts of Slovenia are less lucky in terms of snow. In Novo Mesto for example, there are only a few days of snow. It is the same on the coast which is not very interesting in Winter contrarily to Summer when it is a dream destination to bathe.

In Slovenia, there is a freezing wind called Bora wind which passes through the country almost every year. In some regions, it is very cold and has a significant impact on the weather. In the region of Postojna, for instance, temperatures very often drop below 32°F (0°C).

Skiing in the Mountains

When snow is falling in Slovenia, all Slovenians and tourists run to the mountains for a ski trip they will never forget. If you are looking for a ski holiday, Slovenia is the ideal place to go. Ski resorts are not very expensive and the landscapes are breathtaking.

The largest ski jump in Slovenia is the sports center called Planica Nordic Center in the Northwestern part of Slovenia. Every year, a global ski jumping competition is organized, and thousands of people attend the event. Ski and ski jumping are very important in Slovenia. they are almost like national sports that Slovenians participate in every year when it snows.

There even is a ski jump in the Tivoli Park in Ljubljana called Mostec. It is fun for everyone to visit the sports center when the park is snowy. 

In Slovenia, you will find many places to ski because there is a significant amount of mountains in the country. Indeed, the only ⅕ of the territory is flat.

The most visited ski resorts are:

  • Cerkno: this ski resort is one of the best in Slovenia. It was named the best ski resort seven times by Radio Slovenia. 
  • Bled Straza: located at 645m (2,116ft) high. It is a ski slope made for intermediate skiers. It is a lovely ski resort, that will also allow you to visit the beautiful Bled under the snow.
  • Krvavec: it is the second-largest ski resort in the country, very close to the capital. Over there, you will even get the opportunity to ski during the night to enjoy the snow when it gets dark.
  • Golte: this ski resort is located in the Savinjske Alps and Karavanke mountains. It is a wonderful ski resort that you will never get tired of.
  • Vogel: located in the Triglav National Park where you will find the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mount Triglav, the Vogel ski resort is considered one of the best in the country with an altitude of 1,800m (5,906ft) and a marvelous view of Lake Bohinj.
  • Maribor Pohorje: if you enjoy the woods better, the Maribor Pohorje is made for you. It also hosts the Golden Fox competition (World Cup women’s alpine ski races).

There are also some family-friendly resorts like Kranjska Gora or Rogla. Kranjska Gora is one of the most famous and visited ski resorts in Slovenia. If you go there, you are 100% sure you will experience frosty and snowy weather. You can also go back to Kranjska Gora in summer when the weather is warmer for lovely hikes.

Fairytale Bled Under the Snow

One of the best things to do in Slovenia is to discover the entire country during the summer and rediscover it when it starts to snow. The most touristic attraction in Slovenia is Bled Lake.

It truly is a fairytale place in summer, but when Bled puts on its white coat, the magic multiplies to offer a show you will never forget. Bled during winter is the place to be. The island in the middle of the lake covered in snow is even more charming than during summer.

Also, the castle overlooking the lake becomes imposing and breathtaking. Bled under the snow is one of the best experiences possible in Slovenia.

After visiting white Bled, you can head to Lake Bohinj. This lake is more natural, and it also way bigger. When the snow starts to fall, walking around Lake Bohinj is a wonderful experience.

Finally, you can visit Radovljica, a lovely town located near Bled Lake and only 45 minutes away from Ljubljana. It is a charming place to visit to see snow during winter in Slovenia. Slovenian towns in the countryside are charming, and when snow covers them in white they get even better.

In Radovljica, there are many things to do in winter, including an adorable Christmas Market. Radovljica is also famous for its beekeeping museum and painted beehive panels tradition. After a visit to Bled in winter, stopping by Radovljica is almost mandatory.

Ljubljana With a White Coat

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and the main city tourists visit the entire year. Some cities in the country get covered in snow when Christmas is around the corner, and Ljubljana is one of them.

Usually, it will snow in the capital between December and February. The deepest snowfall recorded in Ljubljana was in 1952. It measured 146cm.

One of the most beautiful places to go to when it snows in Ljubljana is Park Tivoli. The giant park covered in white is a show you will never forget. The large areas of grass and wood are the best place possible to play in the snow in the city.

You will get the chance to do snowball fights and built the most beautiful snowman. If you have children, Slovenia and Ljubljana are the ideal places to go for a snow holiday. You can visit the country, ski down the hills, play in the snow, and get warmer near the fire.

I would also advise visiting all the viewpoints in Ljubljana to admire the castle wearing its white coat, and the Ljubljanica surrounded by the lovely townhouses with their roofs all snowy.

Finally, one of the best things in Ljubljana under the snow is the Christmas Market. It is an enormous Christmas Market in the city center of Ljubljana during the entire month of December. There, you will find local crafts and food.

The Christmas Market is a wonderful event that brings people from the entire country to see the Christmas lights and discover all the stands. These lights are lit up during a party at the end of November. It is always a lovely thing to discover and the perfect way to get into December and the Christmas spirit nicely.

All You Need is Snow

When you are a tourist in Ljubljana during winter, you have to see snow. It gives the country a magical feel and transforms it completely. If you have the chance to come to Ljubljana more than once, you should definitely come when it is sunny the first time and when it snows the second time to be able to compare the landscapes. Slovenia is a beautiful country and you will love discovering all of its faces.

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