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22 Best Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids In Slovenia

Traveling is a great opportunity for children to grow and discover different cultures and landscapes. Slovenia is the perfect country to go with kids because of its diverse sceneries, and many possible activities. With children in Slovenia, you should definitely visit the different parks, go for walks, try water sports, […]

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Where Can You Find Thermal Bath and Pools in Slovenia?

Every country was “born” with a bunch of unique characteristics: geographic, political, historical, etc. Therefore, it does not exist a compilation of “copies” in terms of countries, because sometimes there are only “twins”. Suppose to answer in short at this question – almost everywhere!  The country is full of them. […]

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Top 10 Slovenian Thermal Bath and Pools (Also for Kids)

Slovenia is the perfect country if you are looking forward to having a family holiday in healthy water. At every time of the year, you can enjoy the Slovene thermal offer and its fascinating, diverse forms of entertainment and wellness programs also designed for kids.  The numerous Slovene thermal and […]

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15 Top Things To Do in Slovenia in September

Slovenia is a little gem nestled in Europe’s heart, surrounded by the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Coast. It has many kinds of different landscapes and activities to offer, so it is a bit hard to figure when you will enjoy this wonderful country at its most. However, even if […]