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Where Can You Find Thermal Bath and Pools in Slovenia?

Every country was “born” with a bunch of unique characteristics: geographic, political, historical, etc. Therefore, it does not exist a compilation of “copies” in terms of countries, because sometimes there are only “twins”.

Suppose to answer in short at this question – almost everywhere!  The country is full of them. There is a diverse choice, indeed. What’s the reason for it?

Every country should use these features to provide national, external, and internal policy. Depending on various factors, those moves can be successful or not. Definitely, this is the self-realization of the country, so similar to personal self-realization or a vital search for the purpose of a man. Slovenia is an example of quite successful using all the factors, internal and external, in order to create well-being for people as well as for the country itself. Using of Slovenian thermal waters is one of such unique characteristics. We propose to take a look at this field and distinguish where a tourist can find a thermal bath in Slovenia. 

As we can observe from the geographical map of Europe, almost the entire territory of Slovenia is covered by mountains. This means that it is the place where lithospheric plates collapsed a long time ago. That is how the mountains were created. Furthermore, there are places where the magma is so close to the surface that it can heat underground waters. That is the reason why Slovenia has so much thermal bath. And don’t worry, they are not gazers, they are safe.

Everyone should try this at least once in his life. Why? It is the tradition already! Spas are known from the times of Ancient Greece. To mention about Slovenian history, here, it is known for 600 years already. Noblemen and famous people tended to visit those places from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire till Yugoslavia. 

Moreover, water is mineralized and full of enriching natural elements. If you wish, you can take a program including therapies, treatments, and rehabilitation. On the other hand, if you go there only for some rest, massages, scrubs, and cosmetic procedures can be for you. There are weight-loss programs, anti-stress therapies, or procedures for a healthy spine. Just choose your one variant. 

It is even the perfect place to go there with children. The spa centers are the location of various vector activities. For instance, while you enjoy a massage, your child can be involved in water activities. Most of the Slovenian thermal centers provide family programs, which means water quests, playrooms, or rides for them. Except for water activities, there are hiking and biking trails in almost every center. 

The Thermal Capital

Čatež Thermal Spa is de facto proclaimed the capital of thermal waters. It is located in the Southeast of the country in the city Čatež. The nearest big Slovenian city is Novo Mesto, approximately 40 km, and 10 km to the border with Croatia. Here, you can swim in 12,000 m2 of water surface, therefore it is the largest thermal pool complex in Slovenia. Inside the complex, there are 10 swimming pools, 8 different types of sauna. However, if you came to fix your health, Hydrotherapy, Kinesiotherapy, Thermotherapy, Electrotherapy, Magnet Therapy are available for you as it is the top health center.

For children, there are the Pirate Bay with floating bungalows as well as an Indian village with tepees. So, when it’s time for you to relax, it’s time for your children to go for an unforgettable adventure imagining the Caribbean, sea battles, boarded frigates, and yelling “Captain Jack Sparrow” while defending the bay. 

The Oldest One

Dobrna Thermal Spa reaches to 1403 in its history. However, it is believed that ancient Romans and Celts were the first people to try thermal waters there. The official notes were made by soldiers of Napoleon’s army, who were taking baths here. At that time, the thermal water in Dobrna starts to use in recreational purposes, especially for treating gynecological, urological, and rheumatic diseases. 

Now, the center is known for its health procedures for pregnant women. The water here is ideal for natural body purification. Also, there are the Land of Saunas here, where the Finnish sauna is the most popular. Moreover, the thermal center is surrounded by a 200-year-old park with all the trees set-up according to the feng shui traditions. It is ideal for meditations walks, and just enjoying nature. If the previous one impressed with the number of activities, this one impresses with silence, peacefulness, history, and its medical waters.

The Pool of Dukes

Dolenjske Toplice Spa is also one of the oldest ones in Europe. It became popular and respectable in times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. All the Hamburg elite were relaxing in these waters, and now, this possibility is open to almost everybody. If you would like to feel like a duke, it’s definitely your place.

Now on the top of the main building, there is a Medical Rehabilitation Centre that provides an incredible amount of medical services. The water rises here from the depth of approximately 1000 meters. This means that it is isoacratothermal and slightly mineralized and rich in natural elements such as calcium, magnesium, and hydrocarbonates. 

The procedures are mainly aimed at relaxing. They provide massage, romantic baths for two, bioenergy rooms, floatation, and other programs for two. This means that it is the perfect place for couples to uniting or reuniting, just in case. The peculiarity of this center is the Japanese sweat bath with water temperature above 40°C and a Zen room with water beads for relaxation. 

Relax Under the Dome

It is not an opposite version of Stephen King’s novel, it is just a characteristic of this water center. It is located in the central-east of the country near the Celje city. The peculiarity of this place is its water. The researches proved the high bio-diversity, therefore its stimulating characteristics are ideal for balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, magnetic field therapy, laser therapy, occupational therapy. Furthermore, here can be treated locomotor system, rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, circulatory system disorders, gynecological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and skin diseases. Also, it provides 24-hour medical care!

The Modern One in the Oldest City

Ptuj Thermal Spa is one of the youngest in Slovenia. It has only 35 years and it is situated in the oldest Slovenian city where it’s remained the medieval heritage. Ptuj city is located in the East of the country.

The peculiarity of its waterpark is that 4.200 m2 of the water surface is connected from indoor to outdoor, and to water slides. So, technically you can swim from the yard to the slides not touching the “dry land”. However, it is not the only entertainment. The list is tremendously big: tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, mini-golf, bowling, table tennis, golf, walking paths, cycling, horse riding, rafting, sailing, rowing, go-kart tracks, hot-air ballooning, and fitness studio. 

The Different from Others

Talaso Strunjan is the only one from this list located in the western part of the country. Moreover, it is located in the bay, connected to the Adriatic sea, which makes him a unique one in Slovenia. This place receives over 2,300 hours of sun per year, which is not common in Slovenia. The resort located near Koper, in the southeast part of the country. 

The center uses all the healing power of the sea: climate and mud, algae, and salts. Moreover, the aerosols from the nearby salt pan have a positive healing influence on our breathing system. Literally, it is nutrition from the air. The place provides the widest range of massage types: saltworks massage, Thalasso massage, Zen Shiatsu massage, hot stone massage, chocolate massage, honey massage, exfoliation, seawater massage baths, along with aromatherapy.

Answering the Main Question

We suppose we proved our statement that thermal waters could be found almost everywhere in Slovenia. The country’s geographical location is the perfect one for this marvel of nature – thermal waters. It is the peculiarity of mountains, the building is impossible without the basement as well as here external beauty is nothing without the internal one, it’s the beauty of nature. 

Going to take a rest in thermal waters became the tradition already. The gifts of this land were used by ancient Romans and Celts, then by Austrians and Hungarians, or Napoleon’s soldiers. However, only now, in the last 100-200 years, Slovenes got full access to their natural wealth. Thus, they are sharing this with the world. Moreover, the capitalistic economy encourages people to do this in order to get more benefits. 

Therefore, Slovenia is full of thermal baths and pools. You can choose anyone: recreational, the biggest one, the most entertaining, the most beautiful ones, or the one near the sea. Thermal waters became a good way to spend time with family or a spouse in the modern fast world as well as renew health and mind. This can be combined with other activities as well as with personalized treatment programs. The only factor is you and your choice because there is a lot to choose from. Let’s do this together! 

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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