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Top 10 Slovenian Thermal Bath and Pools (Also for Kids)

Slovenia is the perfect country if you are looking forward to having a family holiday in healthy water. At every time of the year, you can enjoy the Slovene thermal offer and its fascinating, diverse forms of entertainment and wellness programs also designed for kids. 

The numerous Slovene thermal and mineral springs will offer you wellness and healing treatments and fantastic water slides, wave pools, slow and quick-flowing rivers, and animations that will please your whole family. Your kids will be occupied for days while you will enjoy relaxing massages and saunas. 

The country counts about 15 great spas worth a tour, but here is a top of the ten that will guarantee you the best experience for both adults and kids. 

1. Terme Čatež

The Terme Čatež Spa is indubitably the best option in Slovenia if you are looking for the best combination of relaxation and entertainment. You will enjoy it at its most whenever you come to visit because it offers the best of both Summer and Winter Riviera.

Located near the capital of Croatia, Terme Catez is open 365 Days by year and proposes a fantastic contest of 12,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Even on rainy and cold days, you will have the chance to enjoy the many attractions, saunas, and jacuzzi of the aqua park.

There is a lot to do in Terme Čatež, so I recommend you book a night or two in the Pirate Village built on the lake, or again in one of the Indian village’s 15 tepees. It will also allow you to try every one of the spa’s eleven thermal water springs, with temperatures between 26 and 36°C. 

2. Terme Olimia 

Our second best choice amongst the Slovene offer is this big resort that includes various hotels and spa facilities and a magnificent aqua park, Aqualuna. It is particularly famous for its adrenaline slides as the unforgettable King Cobra. You can also find walls with waterfalls, a 7D cinema, and a game room there.

Here, kids will have the chance to enjoy an amazing Aquajungle, but also a proper wellness and health programs specially conceived for them. They can try, for example, their amazing mint-chocolate massage, their absolute highlight. 

Adults are also pampered in Terme Olimia, with differents attractions like the Sauna World or the many massage options offered in Relax Rooms. When kids are busy at the toddler beach, their parents will have the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail at the Aquabar. 

One of Terme Olimia’s best attraction is probably their accommodation offer. You will have the choice between room and apartments adapted to families but also of luxurious glamping options. It is your shot to make if you have always dreamed of sleeping under the stars.

3. Terme Dobrna

The thermal Spa of Dobrna, in addition to being the main attraction of the town, offers a large natural complex in a fantastic framework of 600 years of history. In 1403, the Dobrnski family started a great institution, already known far and wide, but that never stopped expanding and bettering. 

Its wellness services will be perfect for families with small children, for parents who still want to enjoy a peaceful oasis of relaxation. The whole experience includes almost everything you can think of, from honey massages to an ice room and including Ayurveda anointments, several massages, and hair care.

Tourists will be thrilled by this pristine environment and its wide range of activities. This experience is also a unique chance to try Feng Shui or Wu Wei in a rural forest. Terme Dobrna satisfies every family’s budget with its wide choice of accommodation and gastronomical offer. 

4. Therma Laško

Since 1854, Therma Laško is a particularly lovely place to go enjoy relaxing moments with your family. Kids will be kept busy by many animations and two famous mascots, Vodomček and Vodomčica, that will give them the occasion to express themselves thanks to a lot of water activities. 

The various packages will offer you unlimited access to the Gym and the modern fitness center, but above all, a charming ambiance through the several relaxing massages, themed saunas, and thermal waters. Elaborated skincare treatments, honey or beer-based, will give you a unique experience. 

The spa’s glass dome is a particularly remarkable environment to discover the benefits of great thermal water. The Laško Terme is also a perfect starting point for all the families that dream of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, or again cycling. 

5. Terme 3000

All of the families who live in the fast lane should not take more than a second to choose Terme 3000 for their next holiday. This complex is one of a kind in Slovenia but also in Europe: even the Spanish water parks pale compared to all of the Terme’s great attractions. 

You cannot miss the Aqualoop, a 360-degree loop, but I also advise you to try the Kamikaze slide and every slide of the water park’s 22-meter tower. Adults can also enjoy the diverse workout and group activities and programs while kids will have fun with the Vilijia mascot.

The highlight of wellness in Terme 3000 remains the pools that use black thermal water, amongst a total of 30 outdoor or indoor relaxing pools. You can also use this Terme as a base to visit the Prekmurje.

6. Rimske Terme

A few minutes away from Lasko, another Slovene Therme particularly stands out in the small village of Rimske Toplice. The town’s name happens to refer to its great history under the Roman Empire: Roman baths were already erected here in the first century BC. 

The majestic indoor swimming pool will remind you of this kind of architecture. It is a particularly unusual framework that is worth visiting even by itself. The Terme still offers a great atmosphere with its breathtaking view on the Savinja river from a forested hillside but is now an elegant and modernized hotel and spa complex. 

Kids are very welcome in this stylish Therme, and family packages will sometimes offer them free accommodation. Even more, a lot of recreational activities and animations are conceived especially for children. 

7. Terme Ptuj

In Terme Ptuj, you will discover the wellness provided by a Roman world of relaxation. This Spa complex has a particular interest in Roman-inspired methods. You can find there the Flavia world of saunas and its diverse options. 

The hot and cold Kneipp bath, an extreme Finnish sauna, an aromatherapy sauna, a mud sauna, a steam sauna, a salt sauna, and a chromotherapy sauna, but the most impressive one remains Antioos, the VIP Roman Sauna. I also recommend you to try the Imperium of Wellbeing and one of their many beauty treatments, as their excellent rejuvenation method. 

Children are also very invited to discover the Ancient Roma, its activities, and its customs. Between numerous slides and pools, Soldate Primus will lead them into many adventures, art ateliers, and board games that will leave them unforgettable memories.

8. Terme Zreče

If you come to Slovenia during school and bank holidays, do not hesitate and pass by Terme Zreče and its particular quarter for children, Heart’s land. They will enjoy the many slides and swimming pools but also the adventures designed especially for them.

Children in Terme Zreče are allowed to organize parties in the swimming pool and participate in workshops and Games Without Frontiers competitions. They will also look as hidden treasures while dressing up as cowboys.  

At the same time, parents will be able to relax in the pools or the massage rooms. Ski and a lot of other snow activities can be enjoyed in Winter, while kids are occupied with sports or creative activities and cooking workshops. 

9. Terme Banovci

You will find in Terme Banovci one of the best packages to satisfy both parents and kids. This Terme is mainly designed for children: they will enjoy here a one of a kind experience in a Pirate’s paradise. 

Edi the pirate will give them included pirate equipment and fairytale activities while parents will appreciate out of this world wellness treatments and exercises. Workouts, workshops but also tastings are scheduled in the numerous bars and restaurants.

This place is also perfect for campfire and camping adepts: this remote and smaller complex seems to be far from the rest of the world and is ideal for discovering the legends of Prlekjia through songs, games, and sportive activities.

10. The Vodno Mesto Atlantis

On the contrary to the other Slovene familial spas, Atlantis is perfect if you only have a day ahead of you. It will be enough to appreciate the indoor and outdoor pools and the great wellness treatments as saunas and massages. 

This water park is the best place to go if you are only looking for a short time of fun and relaxation while passing near Ljubljana or Bled Lake.

Time for Some Bath!

You will be thrilled by any of these fantastic spas that provide a significant number of different attractions and programs. You only have to choose according to your taste: even the spa’s location cannot be a problem in Slovenia. You will find thermal baths and pools everywhere, but Slovenia is a human scale country, so do not worry about the length of the trip to get to your favorite one!

The whole family will come out happy and relaxed, so do not hesitate to subscribe to a family offer for an unforgettable and leisurely family vacation!

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!

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