Bruno, a Translator Choosing to Live His Life in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small European country that many people have never heard about yet. However, it is one of the best countries to live, settle, and raise children. If you like small capitals and nature, it might be the country for you.

Bruno is a Brazilian translator with Italian ancestors, and Ljubljana is the city for him. He has been living there for ten years. We interviewed him and asked him about life, work, and integration in Slovenia. If you are thinking about moving there, his journey and answers will help decide whether it is also the right place for you.

During his interview, Bruno told us about learning Slovenian, trying to find a job in Slovenia, comparing the country with others, and much more. Let’s take a look at his thoughts together.

Who is Bruno?

Bruno is a translator. He moved from Brazil to Slovenia ten years ago, when he was around 30 years old, mostly because he likes living in this country and wanted to relocate out of Brazil. He is living in Slovenia because he likes it. Nothing is holding him here, like a job or children. He chose Europe, and among European countries, he decided on Slovenia.

Finding a Job in Slovenia

In Slovenia, Bruno works as a translator, but not necessarily for the Slovenian market. He says: “Slovenia is a small market for most things. I do not work a lot for Slovenians. Most of the work I have, even with other countries, is translating from English to Portuguese and vice-versa. About 90% is English to Portuguese, also some Spanish, and Slovenian to Portuguese. I mostly work on business translations even though I also work on other projects.”

If you live in Slovenia but working outside of the country’s market, it may be easier for you to find a job. “It can be complicated sometimes in Slovenia to find a job and succeed. When I started living here, I still went to some job interviews, actually much more than I expected. I think actually it’s easier to find a job in areas that deal with the international market, especially if you are a foreigner in another country.”

Did you learn to speak Slovenian when you were here, or already before?

“I learned here. I knew I would need Slovenian to study or to work. I was excited because everything was new. At some point, I stopped because I thought I would not need it, but when I decided that I would stay here longer, I decided to keep going.”

Slovenian is a difficult language to learn, especially if you do not already speak a Slavic language. Fortunately, you can learn some basic sentences quite quickly. “I think speaking a bit and having people understand you is not so difficult. However, to speak correctly is very, very difficult.”

Bruno also explained that Slovenians speak other languages, and it can be easier sometimes to use English. You have to try to talk in Slovenian as much as possible and not choose the easy solution. “if you don’t have patience, you will not speak Slovenian.”

Why Move to Slovenia?

What are the main things that made you want to choose and stay in Slovenia?

It is safe; that’s the most important thing. It is totally safe. You can see women going home alone in the middle of the night, and it is a sign that the country is safe.” Indeed, Slovenia is one of the safest countries in Europe, with almost no assault per year.

It is also a very green country, with nature and breathtaking landscapes. It is something that Bruno really enjoyed and made him want to stay in Slovenia. “There are also the mountains, I could find them somewhere else, but I like the mountains here.”

Before moving to Slovenia, Bruno had already lived in many different countries and many other cities. He lived in London, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Italy. After seeing all of these countries, he still decided to move and stay in Slovenia. “I had already lived in other places, and I had places to compare. In a way, it was time to settle somewhere.”

What’s the difference between those countries and Slovenia?

“In the end, it’s the feeling. You can list things that you like and that you can do in every city or country, but in the end, what I liked here is how I feel.”

When he arrived in Slovenia for the first time, Bruno was not supposed to stay for ten years. He kept pushing back the day when he would leave. He told us he was telling himself: “One more year, and then one more year, and then one more year. Then I stopped counting.”

In Slovenia, Bruno only lived in Ljubljana, the capital, and he plans on staying in this city. “I would not live in other cities. Of course, if necessary, I could do it. But if I had to choose now, I would not choose another city. I would rather go to another country instead if I were obliged.” According to Bruno, “It’s more Ljubljana than Slovenia for me.”

Ljubljana is a calm city where everyone knows everyone, life goes slowly, but it is always pleasant and enjoyable. “Some people want big cities that never sleep like New York or London for example. They like the noise. Here, it is not like this. And I like it as it is.”

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Bruno’s journey shows that Slovenia is one of the best places to settle, even after seeing the world. It is a safe, green, and lovely country. The only downside is that it can sometimes be hard to find a job, so Bruno decided to work online on markets outside of Slovenia. If you already have a job, or if you found one in Slovenia, go for it! Move to Slovenia and enjoy its “dolce vita.”

Let’s keep going on and discover together the stories of the numerous other expats who live and work in this beautiful and green European country. It’s always an exciting journey to see things through the people living already what it could soon become your new reality!

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