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Discover the World’s Only Beer Fountain in Slovenia

If you are a tourist in Slovenia, you will want to know about all the Slovene curiosities and specialties. On your way to Celje, Lasko, or Velenje from Ljubljana, you should absolutely stop by the beer fountain. In September 2016, in the town of Žalec in Eastern Slovenia, a public […]

Eating in Ljubljana: 11 Must Taste Traditional Slovene Food

When visiting Slovenia, the first thing you need is traditional Slovene food. When eating in Ljubljana, it’s best to get off the beaten path. Find yourself some small restaurants and cafeterias and taste locale Slovene fare. If you want to try authentic Slovenian food, there are 11 things you should […]

What To Drink in Order to Be A True Slovenian?

All the nations are happened to have one or several national drinks. Moreover, sometimes we associate exact drinks with entire nations or countries. For example, when we hear about the wine, we think about France, Italy, or Spain. Another one, what to associate with a bear? Germans, of course! And […]

Gremo na Kavo: Tasting the Coffee Culture in Slovenia

Slovenian coffee culture is among the most diverse in the world. When a Slovene tells you “gremo na kavo” or “let’s go grab some coffee,” expect a good time. As a country with a sweet tooth and a penchant for a tasty brew, you’ll likely love what’s in store for […]

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Is Slovenia Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly?

During the last decade in Europe, a substantial vegetarian boom was noticed: nowadays, between 5 and 10% of Europeans are vegetarians. However, those constantly growing numbers do not assure them of being welcomed in every country. Being vegetarian or vegan can even prevent you from visiting some destinations, especially in […]

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14 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Ljubljana

For the past few years, Slovenia and especially Ljubljana have taken a green turn that also resulted in a significant advance for the vegetarians and vegans there. If only about 1% of the Slovenian population has declared to be vegeta*ian, a lot of people benefit from the excellent veggie offer […]