Where to Eat the Best Potica in Ljubljana?

Slovenia is renowned for its unique and diverse culinary tradition, and especially for its fantastic pastries and desserts. The queen of them all is without a doubt the delicious Potica (to pronounce Potitsa), Slovenians’ traditional holiday cake. This ancient rolled cake is quite difficult to make, but it is really important to taste it: that is why you will need some tips to find the best one.

Ljubljana is known for hosting some great bakeries and cafés, which will leave you with unforgettable memories. But in order to find the best Potica venues, you will need insiders tips: this great Holiday cake is often homemade in the intimacy of a household. Let’s find you the best Potica in different kinds of venues!

More than a simple list of shops and restaurants, this article will explain to you what to expect from a good potica while telling you more about its tradition and history. But do not worry, you will finish reading having the names of the best cafés, bakeries, shops, and even supermarkets to get your daily dose of Potica!

Quick History of the Potica

This ancient tradition of Potica is the oldest cake tradition in the country. After an eventful history, it has now become a real national symbol that brings people together, especially on the occasion of national holidays like Easter or Christmas. However, it was not always the case: let’s dive back in history from the 16th century to now on!

From A Marker of Social Status to a National Symbol

The first traced mention of Potica was recounted in 1570, and we know that this recipe was also a variation of these days’ even more ancient rolled cakes. Initially, the tradition wanted that it was only prepared during the Holy Saturday. After that, another custom involved its benediction by the church during the time of Easter: every year, the famous cake was brung to the churches in a basket.

However, after all of these blessings, the Potica was not meant to be savored by the whole family: only the male householder had this chance. If you trace back the Potica history to even before, you will discover that this cake has always been a social status marker. Only the wealthiest families had access to it, and it is easy to see it: indeed, Potica was used for a long time as a way to meet tax obligations. 

Even after a while, when Potica started to be shared by every household and family member, the kind of Potica you hate still allowed to highlight class differences. In fact, when everyone was able to get some Potica at the holidays’ feast tables, it was the quality and recipe of the cake’s filling that indicated your social status. 

However, over the centuries, the recipe and habit of making Potica spread into every Slovenian household. The mothers and grandmothers were traditionally in charge of cooking it and transmitting it. With time, Potica started to become a classic cake, made not only during holidays but on any occasion, just to please their families.

This traditional cake has managed to become a symbol of the unification of a country. More than just a dessert, it represents national pride, like when the Pope and Donald Trump talked about how they liked Potica. Slovenians are so proud of it that they used it on their posting stamps twice!

Recent Evolutions around Potica

With the democratization of the cake and its recipe, the Potica is now to be found everywhere in Slovenia. You cannot miss it in the shops and the menu of the traditional restaurants. It can be hard to find in cafés and bakeries since it still depends on the period of the year, but it truly became a national and accessible sweet, even for tourists who do no own some secret family recipe. 

Slovenians themselves really do be nuts about Potica, and especially about the original recipe, the Orehova recipe. This popular variation is made of the same nut filling as in the 16th century. However, many ancestral Potica options include raisins, cottage cheese, or even poppy seeds or tarragon.

For a few years, some Slovenians decided to breathe new life in this old recipe by adding modern fillings such as chocolate. It became ever since quite easy to find Potica with chocolate or even plum. Experts say that there are now about eighty different kinds of fillings. There is a Potica for everyone! Now, let’s review the places that will offer you the most suitable one.

Try Zvezda, Ljubljana’s Best Bakery

Your quest for Ljubljana’s best Potica should not start in Zvezda if you do not want to taste the best one first. Just like the rest of the bakery’s offer, you will not be disappointed by their take on the traditional Potica. If you fall in love with Zvezda’s pastries and especially Potica at the very beginning of your trip, do not worry: you can try every one of their four bakeries in town!

You can try your discovery of the capital’s best bakery in Wolfova ulica, a lovely street contiguous to the beautiful Kongresni Trg. Choose between a seat outside at their charming terrace or inside with a nice view of their elegant decoration. The place has everything a good bakery/café/restaurant should have: quality products, recipes, and a great atmosphere!

When their Potica recipe is concerned, know that their Zvezdina version is extraordinary. The cooks make sure to use excellent butter with the best rye or white flour. The secret of their amazing cake is first the quality of its unique Slovenian ingredients. They also have the talent to mix the right quantities, which is the main difficulty in the Potica Recipe. 

In the four different Zvezda locations, you can taste six different fillings. We tried to rank it and pick a winner, but they are all worth it. Please make your choice or try them all: select your favorites among walnuts, almonds, locust beans, chocolate, coconut, or tarragon versions!

Kavarna Zvezda
Wolfova ulica 14, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 421 90 90
Website: http://www.zvezdaljubljana.si/kavarna/ 

Discover a Potica Wonderland: Butik Le Potica 

Visitors who want to discover the Potica tradition in miniature size will be pleased with Butik Le Potica. They are extremely cute with their little packaging and original shape. Buy one of these delicacies, and you will be sure to get some Instagrammable material!

In this unique shop, you will find more than miniature versions of delicious Potica coming in every flavor possible. You will come across passionate sellers who will learn you more about the Potica tradition. You will also find numerous cooking books on the various shelves offering the best traditional recipes, alongside conventional and handmade baking molds. 

The Potica is usually cooked right on the oven or in the famous German-inspired molds, the Bundt. It is the best place in town if you are looking for one of them! On your way there, do not forget to buy some of their fantastic handmade souvenirs. 

Butik Le Potica
Stari trg 10, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 41 492 694 
Website: https://le-potica.si/en/ 

The Christmas Market: Potica at Every Stall

If you have the chance to see Ljubljana in its wonderful Wintertime, it means that you will discover the country at the most magical time. It will allow you to discover every significant attraction in the city while enjoying the fantastic Ljubljana Christmas Market. 

Imagine this: you are in the middle of authentic Slovenian stalls scattered all around Ljubljana’s most famous streets and squares. You discover the historic city center under the snow while drinking some excellent hot wine. The Christmas illuminations are shining, and you can hear some festive music coming from various accordions. 

After a taste of Winter’s unmissable roasted chestnuts, you have to keep some space for a slice of traditional Potica. In the stalls of the market, you will find handmade versions with about any kind of filling you can imagine, but most importantly, you will get to share the inhabitants’ and craftspeople’s’ passion. You will not find a more traditional and authentic place to savor your Potica!

Take a Potica Masterclass in Ljubljana

Suppose you got swept away with a taste of Potica or simply want to try this recipe yourself first by learning the traditional process of Potica making. In that case, I could not advise you anything but a Potica masterclass. It will allow you to spend two hours and a half to three hours in the company of a passionate Slovenian chief and to go back with a Potica (or a half) and the best traditional recipe. 

For 65 euros for an adult or 60 euros each for a couple of people, you will finally be able to cook Potica like a true Slovenian. Children and groups are also welcomed with discounts. Do not miss this great opportunity.

Potica Class – LjubljanaYum
Website: https://ljubljananjam.si/cooking-courses/making-potica/ 

A Potica Recipe to Try at Home Before or After your Trip

Discovering Potica is a beautiful experience. It will allow you to step into the Slovenian culinary tradition and fall in love with what could be your new favorite cake! Do not hesitate to try the other Slovenian specialties, but I cannot blame you if you want to eat Potica twice a day during your trip!

If you are eager to repeat the experience once back home from your holidays, you can still try to make your own Potica! With this traditional recipe, you (almost) cannot go wrong!

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!


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