Ljubljana Christmas Markets: A Can’t Miss Advent Experience!

There is no Christmas like the Ljubljana Christmas market. Whether you’re coming from Croatia or you’re visiting Slovenia, you’ll be glad you stopped by. Christmas in Ljubljana is unlike anything you’ve seen, and the market will show a beautiful new world.

The Ljubljana Christmas market is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas in Europe. Known as the Ljubljana Festive Fair, it’s one of the longest December holiday celebrations. It offers one of the best celebrations that any Christmas lover would enjoy.

If you’re looking for some of the best Christmas celebrations in Europe, this is for you. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the Ljubljana Christmas market.

Attending the Festive Fair

The Festive Fair is one of the newer things that people of Ljubljana enjoy. The event is not even decades since it started, but it’s the warmest greeting in the region. In the cold of the winter, the Ljubljana Christmas market offers some loving warmth.

There are many things people can do in the festive fair. It starts around the end of November and ends around the day of the Epiphany or Three Kings. This month-long event rivals the length of Christmas in other locales around the world.

The Festive Fair is a cheerful time with an open-air venue across the city. While the market encompasses a specific area, the entirety of Old Town joins the fun. The event makes the place both vibrant and enjoyable.

One of the best visuals for the event are the festive green stalls designed for the fair. They have a variety of choice products that people can give as gifts to friends and loved ones. It also offers some excellent grub that any person, Slovenian or otherwise, would enjoy.

So, what can you do in the Ljubljana Christmas market? You have a few choices. You can:

  • Enjoy the Christmas light display
  • Do some Christmas shopping
  • Take part in Christmas festivities
  • Go around Ljubljana landmarks
  • Indulge in festive food and drinks
  • Watch Ljubljana’s New Year fireworks

Whichever activity you pick, you are bound to enjoy the good times. It’s even better if you have someone who can guide you around. The best places to visit in the Ljubljana Christmas market are always off the beaten path.

Enjoy The Christmas Light Display

In the days leading up to the holiday season, Slovenia becomes a gorgeous, fairy-tale wonderland. Ljubljana, in particular, has the right history and architecture that illuminates the holiday more. The uniquely made Christmas lights make the Old Town shine brighter than before.

During the Advent season, Ljubljana creates custom Christmas light decor along the markets. The display highlights the unique beauty of the town, making it stand out some more.

The Ljubljana Castle, for example, becomes one that looks exactly like a fairy tale castle. Firefly lights scatter around town buildings and make the historic city center a gorgeous sight to behold. If you’re walking around, stop and take time to enjoy the view.

Public squares, churches, bridges, and many of famed architect Jože Plečnik will look breathtaking. They will shine in light differently than how they shine the entire year. 

The city also gets unique lights courtesy of artist Zmago Modic. These lights illuminate big Christmas trees and Prešeren Square.

Do Some Christmas Shopping

The Festive Fair offers some of the best shopping experiences in Slovenia. If you love buying some presents for your loved ones, the fair has almost anything you want. The city becomes the center of town social life, and the Ljubljana Christmas market becomes a superb escape.

Nearby squares have a ton of free music that you can listen to. You can listen to local acts and enjoy the beautiful music that Slovenes make. See the artistic side of Ljubljana that you only see in concerts.

There will be events for the young and old. You can find gorgeous trinkets, baubles, and loot that you can take home to your family. From the simplest knitted sock to the most intricate porcelain, you can find them in the evening markets.

Go Around Ljubljana Landmarks

You can also visit the BTC Ljubljana Center if you want a more structured gift shopping. Even then, there’s nothing like going into smaller fairs and crawling the endless arteries within the city. We’re sure you’ll find something that you can take home as a gorgeous souvenir.

Markets come out in different areas of the Old Town. You would need to keep abreast of the annual schedule to find out where it’s happening. Some typical venues include the central market at Pogačarjev trg square and the Ljubljana Castle courtyard.

On a slow day, we recommend visiting the Ljubljana Castle Festive Fair. Every year, there is a variety of activities designed for the visitors of the majestic castle.

For starters, you can visit to see the Ljubljana Castle Jazz Club and enjoy some beautiful tunes. There’s also a festive dance, performances for children of all ages, and even a Christmas Mass.

Other activities you can do include going to the nativity scenes sprinkled across town. Many of these have their own unique exhibitions and look beautiful in the evening.

Take Part In Christmas Festivities

The Festive Fair is not only about buying stuff. It’s also about socializing with people, enjoying it with the locals, and relaxing. Sure, the streets will have some of the coldest air, but the city streets will be beautifully vibrant.

As we said, there will be concerts and family-friendly entertainment throughout the town. All the festive events you’ll see will be free for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Performances will vary, from local rappers to small orchestral groups. You can also awaken the child in you with all the fairy tale characters parading. Children will see the three “gift-bearing men,” namely Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, and Father Christmas.

Families can also meet fairy tale creatures like elves, fairies, and much more. You’ll see your children’s faces light up as they see the Slovenian fairy-tale city come to life. Whether you’re visiting or you’re a local, Christmas in Ljubljana is always an enjoyable season.

Indulge In Festive Food And Drinks

The Ljubljana Christmas market is never complete without food and drink. Like any festivity in Slovenia, food and beverages will always overflow. This event will happen more during December, where the air is cold, and everyone wants to celebrate.

While you’re watching the festivities, treat yourself to a nice cup of mulled wine. You can also enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea, depending on your preferences.

Grab a bite while walking around and finding yourself some nice souvenirs. Get a healthy slice of cherry strudelj or some persimmon strudelj from autumn. A delicious potica will also be in order if you have a cup of coffee in one hand.

When visiting the Festive fair, honey schnapps is excellent to take home. If you can find someone who makes it, some poprtnik or Christmas bread is in order. The sweet milk bread is a staple in many Slovenian homes.

In some cases, you’ll see some meats you can take home for a celebration. Find meat markets that sell that delicious krvavice and pečenice.

Watch Ljubljana’s New Year Fireworks

You can end your holidays with a big bang by watching the annual fireworks. The Ljubljana Christmas markets are always open-air so that you can stay for a long while. Stroll around and enjoy the company of your loved ones under the sparkling sky.

While you do, you’ll find more things that you can do.

How To Make Your Christmas In Ljubljana Easier

You will want to remember a few things if you’re going to get the best out of the Ljubljana Christmas market. These will give you as much time to relax without missing many of the events.

For starters, festivities always start around 10 AM to 10 PM. You can go in early, but most of the shops are likely closed or are still setting up. The best time to visit will always be late in the afternoon, from 4 PM onwards.

Food options will always be great, and much of the event will be free. Don’t be afraid to stroll and move around. If you have a guide with you, they’ll likely encourage you to get out of the main road.

You’ll likely see a bigger crowd as the day goes by. The crowds are biggest at night, especially when nearing Christmas and New Year. The entire market stops at 6 PM on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to celebrate with family.

If you want to get the most out of your visit, start shopping in the afternoon. Relax with a cup of hot beverage to relax and enjoy until the night market opens.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

The Ljubljana Christmas Markets are some of the most significant Christmas events in Europe. It’s beautiful, solemn, and you’ll find a lot of things to do. Go to the festive fair and see what Christmas in Ljubljana truly is.

If you’re planning to visit, find yourself a guide. A local guide will make things easier for you, and they’re worth the price. They’ll help you get great local finds that you won’t see on the main thoroughfares.

Enjoy the Christmas markets in Ljubljana. It’s a winter wonderland waiting for you to come by. See how a fairy tale starts in the middle of a snow-filled market at the heart of the old town.

Thank you for reading our article. We do our best to provide you with first-hand information about Slovenia and its wonders. We know we are not infallible though. In case you encounter any mistakes in our articles or you have any suggestions, please contact us. Let us know how we could improve. It will help us to keep our information updated and deliver to readers the most valuable possible content.  We will gladly take your suggestions!


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