Author: Matteo

All You Need to Know About Ljubljana Street Food

For the longest time, Slovenia and Ljubljana did not know what street food was. Since its introduction to Slovenian culture, Ljubljana’s street food scene is one of the best in the world. With Slovenes’ knack for quick and easy meals, street food has become a part of the current zeitgeist. […]

10 Best Winter Activities to Experience in Slovenia

Finding yourself in Slovenia as the snowflakes are dancing in the sky is a wonderful treat. Amidst the freeze, you’ll find yourself looking for things to do. There are so many winter activities in Slovenia that you need an entire list for them. Enjoying winter in Slovenia is a matter […]

Ljubljana International Expo: The Biennial of Graphic Arts

Ljubljana has many art events throughout the year, but almost nothing is as prestigious as the Biennial of Graphic Arts. It’s one of the longest-running biennials in the world, working as an exhibition of contemporary graphic art. Ever-changing, it reflects the continuous growth of Slovenian culture. The Ljubljana Internationa Expo […]

Cankarjev Dom: The Cultural and Congress Center of Ljubljana

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, among the best event places is Cankarjev Dom. Known as the Cankar Hall or Cankar Center, it is the largest Slovenian congress, convention, and cultural center. It is central to many of Ljubljana’s most significant events and houses many different activities you’d surely love. […]