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10 Best Cross-Country and Downhill Skiing Spots in Slovenia

Finding the best cross-country and downhill skiing spots in Slovenia is not hard. The snow-covered landscape is a beautiful, magnetic sight to behold. These are some of Slovenia’s most beloved activities, so it only makes sense to know the best spots. Slovenia has some of the best cross-country skiing spots […]

Which Sea Borders With Slovenia?

Direct access to the sea is tremendous for both a country as well as people who live in that country. For the first one, it gives economic and political perquisites. Regarding citizens, people like when the seaside is really close to their homes. There is only one sea that borders […]

Where Can I Go to See Snow in Slovenia During Winter?

Many people go on holiday in summer, seeking warmth. But holidays in winter give a completely different feel. One of the best destinations for a winter trip definitely is Slovenia. During winter, between December and February, Slovenia’s landscapes get covered in white to offer breathtaking landscapes completely different from the […]

8 Top Ski Resorts in Slovenia You Can’t Miss at All

Among the many claims to fame of Slovenia are its naturally beautiful mountains. These mountains contain the best ski resorts in Slovenia, one of the favorite pastimes of locals and tourists alike.  Slovenia offers some of the top ski resorts in Europe, and there’s nothing more relaxing than lacing up […]

Should I Bring My Bike to Slovenia?

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries globally, and the ideal way to discover its treasures and landscapes is to cycle everywhere. You can decide to rent a bike at the Tourist Information Centers or use Ljubljana’s city bikes BicikeLJ. Finally, my advice would be to bring your own […]

Bohinj Lake: Slovenia’s Most Beautiful Undiscovered Lake

Nature always was an inevitable part of humans. We come from nature, but we lack it in the nowadays urbanized world. This creates an initial desire to reconnect with our cradle time from time. That’s why seas, lakes, mountains, forests, caves, and other natural objects became so popular as recreational […]