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Where is the Highest Waterfall in Slovenia?

Nature always impressed a human with its wonders: canyons, mountains, seas, iced continents, flabbergasting animals. Waterfalls are also included in this list. Have you ever experienced walking closer to one? You hear it from far and feel the vibrations. This creates a feeling of natural suspense. When you do the […]

The Kras Region: Basics of Karst Geology in Slovenia

While visiting Slovenia, especially its western part, people often ask why some rocky cliffs are uniquely white and even a bit sharp. Some of them even think that it is chalk by mistake. In this article, let’s dive into the basics of geology and talk about the Slovenian Karst region. […]

How Many Rivers Are There in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a mountainous country. Usually, where there are mountains, there are a lot of fast, cold, and narrow rivers. Actually, this is also true regarding Slovenia. The country builds a big recreational as well as some natural and even transport infrastructures around them. In the territory of Slovenia, there […]