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Enjoy Slovenian Freedom on Two Wheels: Cycling in Ljubljana

Cycling in Ljubljana is a dream come true for enthusiasts of the hobby. If you’re a cyclist, this is your idea of what a cycling city should be. The Old Town offers a lot of eye candy and adventures that you can do on two wheels.

Ljubljana is among the best cities for biking in the world. Biking in Ljubljana will bring you to across a variety of architectures across town. It represents the many different eras of development for the city and its people.

If you’re looking to go on a biking tour in Ljubljana, you need to know what you need. Here’s everything you need to know about biking in the Old Town.

The Growing Cycling Initiative in Ljubljana

Slovenia, as a country, is doing its best to develop biking in Ljubljana. The country’s efforts to modernize its roads boil down not only in its need to transport goods. Instead, Slovenia is pushing Ljubljana to be among the most cycling-friendly cities in Europe.

Biking in Ljubljana is now easier and more accessible, thanks to the country’s green initiatives. The state tried its best to make a paradigm shift with the way they deal with traffic. They’re also trying to establish the bicycle as the best form of transportation.

Unlike many Western cities, Ljubljana kept much of its identity even through modernization. It’s nestled between many different countries that offer all the hustle and bustle. Slovenia is the beautiful countryside that offers its quiet beauty to the world.

Slovenia is quite small, with Ljubljana being much smaller than your average city. Even then, this is what makes it a great place to get a bike and start riding around. It’s packed to the gills with culture without making the town feel uptight.

If you plan on biking around Ljubljana, there are a few things you need to remember. Going around is the easiest part, which involves you and a bike. Making an itinerary of the places you want to visit is the bigger question.

What makes the Old Town special is that you can access every part of town with a bike. You can also visit many surrounding locales, especially those beyond the Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marsh).

Every local town has something hidden for visitors. You would want a local guide to show off the road to you.

Biking Options Around The Old Town

Ljubljana has more than 143 miles (230 km) of biking roads available to cyclists. Cycling in Ljubljana is easier than most places in Europe due to its general terrain.

Ljubljana, in particular, is flat, and the town has the right size for biking. It has most of its tourist spots available around the center of the city. You can use your bicycle in every part of the city, including the pedestrian zones.

The city’s rental bikes called Bicikelj allows for easier bike-sharing anywhere. Many are self-service terminals available in different areas of the Old Town.

Unlike other cities, the Old Town encourages biking. Like any modern locale, you want to be sensible and mindful about your speed. You must give the right of way to walking pedestrians and people who need assisted care.

Biking options around Ljubljana vary, depending on what you want to do. The simplest pick for any tourist is to visit a local bike rental. Getting a bike for one day is as cheap as five euros, and rental shops are all over the city.

Among the easiest places to get a bike is around the tourist office at Krekov trg 10. It’s open almost all day, and you can find guided bike tours available too. If you plan on biking around town, there are a few crucial dos and don’ts you would want to remember.

What To Do When Biking around Ljubljana

Like any city, Ljubljana has its own rules for biking. Biking lanes should be used at all times if you’re in the town. Outskirts are laxer, especially in and around the barje, so that you can have more freedom.

Like any bike lane, follow the right directions on your bike lane. Ride next to the edge of the road and don’t go beyond 3 feet (~1m) away from it. Follow the path with a solid white line and a bicycle logo on it.

If you’re unsure which lane to follow or you can’t find a bike lane, dismount. It’s best to continue on foot from this point to prevent any potential violations.

You must respect the traffic rules in the city. Bikes are vehicles and considered as such within Ljubljana, so you’re part of traffic. If there’s a red light, it’s imperative that you stop, like other vehicles.

Respect the right of way. Use your hands as turn signals and communicate all the time. Don’t forget that other people are participating in traffic with you. Always make sure you tell them what you intend to do, especially if it will be something disruptive.

Adjust your traffic attitude according to your size. Pedestrians are smaller than you are, so the right of way is always theirs. Even then, respect the volume of vehicles that you encounter to prevent any accident.

What Not To Do When Touring the Old Town on Bicycle

Ljubljana is a generally chill town, but like any locale, there are things you can’t do. Many would need to use their common sense in many of these details. Those who want to bike around Ljubljana would likely know some of the rules by heart.

Riding on sidewalks and the main road is a major no-no. Major expressways like highways are off-limits due to the faster speeds in these roads. Many streets in Ljubljana will have bike lanes, so it’s best to stay in them.

Like any bike lane, position yourself to take as little space as possible. Don’t hog the bike lane to allow people to overtake you. If you’re taking it slower, let people get ahead of you.

Don’t ride intoxicated and impaired. Take it slow. Biking in Ljubljana is not a race, but rather a time to relax. 

What Can You Visit Around Ljubljana?

Now that you know the rules, where will you go? Which tourist sites would you visit when biking in Ljubljana? There are many options that you have, depending on what you feel like doing.

Ljubljana is among the top 15 most bike-friendly cities in the world in 2019. There are a few places that you can visit by using the city’s rental bikes. If you want, you can take themed cycling paths with a tourist guide to help your journey.

Themed cycling paths have a blue marker on them that will tell a themed history of the places you visit. Even then, you can also make your own path across the city.

For starters, you can visit a variety of Jože Plečnik creations to start your tour. You can start from the center of town through the Tromostovje or the Triple Bridge. You can then make your way through the Central Market at Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 6.

There are more places that you can visit in the city, including the Križanke Summer Theatre. The Slovene National University Library is also among the best places to visit in your free time. The architecture is amazing, and it can take your whole afternoon to see all of it.

Ljubljana Castle Biking Tours

Ljubljana Castle is another great place to visit when cycling in Ljubljana. It sits on top of Castle Hill on downtown Ljubljana, making it easy to access. Those who don’t want to bike there can access the place through the castle funicular.

If you’re on a biking tour, Ljubljana Castle offers a ton of things to do. Depending on the season, you will likely find an event on the castle grounds. The courtyard hosts a variety of seasonal events, from concerts to food festivals.

You can also visit the castle’s restaurant and enjoy the local dishes that Ljubljana has to offer. From here, you can also visit the Ljubljana Cathedral nearby, together with Zmajski Most or the Dragon Bridge.

Nature Tours Around the Ljubljanska Barje 

The Ljubljanska Barje or Ljubljana Marshes has one of the most popular biking tours out there. It’s a great cycling destination because of the many locales that you can visit.

Many start at the city and go to the picturesque Črna Vas for a nice, panoramic shot of the settlement. You will also see one of the best local architectural wonders in the form of the Church of St. Michael in the Marsh

Cyclers can then go further to Brest and Matena in Ig, where there are old churches and beautiful open fields. The nature trip goes on through the Iški Morost Nature Reserve. You can complete the trip through the Iški Vintgar gorge and finish through the Podpeško jezero lake.


Cycling in Ljubljana is among the most enjoyable activities that you can do. The Old Town is among the best cycling cities in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The Slovene government’s green initiative created a situation that lets people see most of it with a bicycle.

If you’re looking to ride a bike in Ljubljana, find a local guide that can help. There’s so much to see in the Old Town, so you want to make most of your time. Find the best places in the city and stretch those old legs as you cycle around Ljubljana.

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