What Are the Best Upsides of Slovenia?

Slovenia is a beautiful country with plenty of things to see, discover, and experience. No matter where you are or what you like, you will love Slovenia. It is simple: you can never get enough of Slovenia.

Slovenia has many upsides, and it is challenging to choose which are the best ones. Slovenia has a rich territory with an immense diversity of fauna and flora. It also has a specific and abundant architecture, thousands of activities to offer, and great weather. Finally, it is a very safe and green country.

A trip to Slovenia is always a good idea, and you will need to see it with your own eyes to understand how beautiful and magical it is. Let’s take a look at the best upsides of Slovenia before your trip.

Slovenia Has an Incredibly Rich Territory

In Slovenia, you can see the mountain, the sea, and the plains at the same time. It is a country with extreme diversity in territories, landscapes, fauna, and flora. 

There are 321 lakes in Slovenia. The most touristic ones are Bled and Bohinj, but there are many others to discover. Slovenia even has lakes that disappear depending on the season like Lake Cerknica. It is what we call an intermittent lake. Lake Bohinj is the largest lake globally with its 318 ha, and the Wild Lake is the deepest.

Only ⅕ of the country is flat. In Slovenia, you are always surrounded by mountains, even in the middle of the countryside or near the sea. The highest peak is Mount Triglav, 2,864 meters above the sea. It is one of Slovenia’s national symbols and is located in the Triglav National Park.

Concerning water, Slovenia also has about 27,000 kilometers of river, including the Ljubljanica, Sava, Soca, Drava, Kolpa, and Savinja. This remarkable number of rivers allows almost every city to be near water and make them beautiful.

After the mountains and the lakes, Slovenia also has many forests. It is the third most forested country in Europe. Forest cover about 60% of the country, which is more than 12,480 square kilometers.

There are more than 10,000 caves in the country, and we expect to discover another 20,000 to say we have found all of them. If Slovenians find all 30,000 caves, Slovenia will become the country with the world’s highest number of caves. However, you can only visit about 20 caves, including the most famous ones: Postojna and Skocjan.

Slovenia also has a coastline along the Adriatic Sea, but it is relatively small: only 46 kilometers. However, cities along the coast are lovely and perfect for the holidays.

Slovenia truly is a perfect country when it comes to diversity. There are so many things to see. You will always be amazed. No matter where you go in the country, you will find absolute treasures of nature.

Slovenia Has A Beautiful Architecture

Nature in Slovenia is beautiful, but it is not the only thing that makes Slovenia so interesting. In Slovenia, there are also awe-inspiring buildings, bridges, and other constructions that will take your breath away.

The most important architect in Slovenia, and especially in Ljubljana, is Jože Plečnik. He built some of the most famous buildings in the capital, including the Dragon Bridge, the Tromostovje, the Church of St. Michael, and many other incredible constructions.

Besides Jože Plečnik’s masterpieces across Ljubljana, you will find about 500 castles in the country and 3,000 churches and monasteries. It makes Slovenia one of the countries with the most religious buildings per capita.

You will find a castle every 24 kilometers (15 miles). Some of the most beautiful castles are the Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in Europe, the Bled Castle overlooking the fairytale lake, or even the Ljubljana Castle, a medieval stronghold full of history.

Slovenia’s architecture beats many records. For example, it is where you will find the oldest chimney in Europe or the world’s longest stone-arch bridge railway.

Every city in Slovenia is charming with colored facades that brighten up the streets. From the narrow alleys in Piran to the places of Ljubljana, you will love discovering the secrets of every single town in the country. 

Slovenia Has Sun and Snow

In Slovenia, there are three different climates. In the northwest, where the region is mountainous, you will find an alpine climate. In the South, you will encounter a Mediterraneaous climate. The rest of the country has a continental climate.

You can enjoy the sun in Piran and the mountains’ snow on the same day in the country. The giant diversity of territories resulted in a great variety of climates and temperatures.

In Slovenia, the sunnier period is between June and September, when temperatures are daily above 72°F (22°C). The average will be of temperatures below 47°F (8°C) from November to March.

You can bathe in the lakes and the coast during summer, hike and bike around the country during autumn and spring, and ski in the snow during winter.

Everything you see in Slovenia during summer you can visit again in winter to see it under the snow. Whether it is Bled covered in white, Ljubljana during the Christmas Market, or the mountains ready for winter sports, Slovenia is perfect every season.

The weather can change completely from one month to another, so you should check the temperatures before leaving for a trip, depending on what you plan to do in Slovenia.

Slovenia Is Perfect for Road Trips

One of the best things in Slovenia is a good road trip with friends. Slovenia is a tiny country, and if you have a car, you can visit every corner in a week or two. From Ljubljana, you are less than two hours away from every destination you could dream of in the country.

There are many possibilities to rent a car in Slovenia, and it is not very expensive. You can also rent bikes, motorbikes, and even camper vans.

Slovenia also has excellent roads, which is ideal for a good road trip. It is one of Slovenia’s best upside.

Concerning highways, you can pay for a vignette. You do not have to pay for the highway with these vignettes. You can buy one for the entire year, or just for a week if you do not stay very long. However, if you do not have a vignette and go on the highway, you risk getting fined.

There are not many radars on Slovenian roads, and Slovenians are not the best drivers, but Slovenia still is a nice country to drive.

Slovenia Has Thousands of Activities to Offer

Since there are so many different places in Slovenia with entirely different landscapes and territories, the country has thousands of activities to offer.

In the cities, you will find many museums, festivals, and other events to attend to. Slovenians love to party and have hundreds of festivals every year. No matter when you come to the country, you will find cultural events to enjoy.

What Slovenians enjoy the most is sports. For that reason, you will have the chance to try many sports in Slovenia. The most common one is biking. Slovenians love biking. It is like a tradition there. Cities and roads almost always have a bike path. If you enjoy biking, you get to around Slovenia with your mountain bike and see all of the different landscapes whenever you want.

In the mountains, you can go hiking or skiing. There are more than 7,000 kilometers of hiking trails in Slovenia. Hiking is very common in Slovenia. You will find hiking trails everywhere in the country.

If you love skiing and ski jumps, you will love Slovenia. It is one of the countries where a ski holiday is the cheapest in Europe. The biggest ski jump center is in Planica. Over there, there is a ski jump competition where thousands of people go every year.

In the lakes and the rivers, you can try the numerous watersport activities possible like rafting, paraglide, hydrospeed, riverbug, stand-up paddle, canoe, kayak, open kayak, biking, wild water kayaking, canyoning, and swimming. You just have to be careful because the water can be freezing when summer is over.

Slovenians also love team sports like handball, football, or basketball. Handball is like a national sport, and Slovenians play all the time.

You can also try more luxurious and unexpected activities like a hot-air balloon trip over Ljubljana, the Alps, and Bled. It is relatively expensive, but it is always very appreciated.

Slovenia is a Safe and Green Country

One of Slovenia’s most significant upside is how safe it is. The country was ranked 7th most peaceful country globally, and Slovenia keeps getting safer every year. There is a minimal cost of violence in the country, and very few assaults—most criminal cases concern thieves (about 90%).

It also is a very sustainable country focused on staying green. In Ljubljana, for example, the city-center is reserved for pedestrians. The River Ljubljanica is very clean, and there is a lot of effort put into recycling and waste sorting. The capital was chosen Green Capital of Europe 2016.

Slovenians are very concerned with global warming and pay attention to the way they consume and waste. It is a significant upside, and you can feel it in the ambiance of the country.

Slovenia is a Great Country for Everyone

Now that you know all of Slovenia’s upsides, the only thing left for you is to prepare your luggage, book a hotel, and let Slovenia amaze you. After seeing Slovenia’s wonders, you will keep asking for more, and, just like us, you will stay in the country for years.

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