Ljubljana International Expo: The Biennial of Graphic Arts

Ljubljana has many art events throughout the year, but almost nothing is as prestigious as the Biennial of Graphic Arts. It’s one of the longest-running biennials in the world, working as an exhibition of contemporary graphic art. Ever-changing, it reflects the continuous growth of Slovenian culture. The Ljubljana Internationa Expo […]

Travel Through Ljubljana by Boat on the River Ljubljanica

The Ljubljanica River is among the most fascinating natural wonders of Ljubljana. The beautiful river runs steadfast, witnessing the history of the people of Slovenia. If you want to make the most of your visit, a boating trip on the Ljubljanica is the only way. The Ljubljanica River is a […]

Cankarjev Dom: The Cultural and Congress Center of Ljubljana

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, among the best event places is Cankarjev Dom. Known as the Cankar Hall or Cankar Center, it is the largest Slovenian congress, convention, and cultural center. It is central to many of Ljubljana’s most significant events and houses many different activities you’d surely love. […]

BTC Ljubljana: Full Guide to The Top Slovene Shopping Center

If you love shopping and find yourself in Ljubljana, BTC Ljubljana is the best place to visit. Known as BTC City, it’s the biggest shopping destination in Slovenia. It’s a premier destination for anyone who wants to shop, dine, and forge unforgettable memories. BTC City is among the biggest shopping […]

Discover the Ljubljana National Gallery and its Paintings

If you find yourself visiting Ljubljana, among the places you’ll see is the National Gallery. The Ljubljana National Gallery is Slovenia’s top destination for historical art. It contains much of Slovenia’s history, especially from its early days. The National Gallery or Narodna Galerija holds the country’s biggest collection of fine […]