Where to go for a PicNic in Ljubljana?

When the sun is beating in Ljubljana, the perfect thing is to go for a lovely picnic in the numerous parks of the city. Ljubljana is one of Europe’s greenest cities, so you will always find new places to eat a delicious picnic. For a lovely picnic in the nature […]

Slovenia Insiders Hints: 48h Trip to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, and it is the first city you must visit if you are a tourist in the country. Ljubljana is the heart of Slovenia, both geographically and culturally. There, you will be less than two hours from every dream destination in Slovenia, and you will get to […]

All You Need to Know About Ljubljana Street Food

For the longest time, Slovenia and Ljubljana did not know what street food was. Since its introduction to Slovenian culture, Ljubljana’s street food scene is one of the best in the world. With Slovenes’ knack for quick and easy meals, street food has become a part of the current zeitgeist. […]

What Does “Ljubljana” Mean?

Sometimes we are so used to the names of things around us that we don’t even think about the meaning they hide inside. There are a lot of them, you need just to look around. If you question yourself with geographic names, this becomes even more interesting because usually, they […]

Is There Public Free Wi-Fi in Ljubljana?

If you are a tourist in Ljubljana or simply living in the capital, wi-fi access can be very important to find your way around, work, or entertain yourself. Ljubljana is a relatively small capital; however, they care a lot about everyone having access to free wi-fi. There is public free […]